Create a Character Challenge #33

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: J'saad Sy'thrr

    Gender: Male

    Age: Early twenties

    Species: Utr'ryha(Sand leopard)

    Family: Younger brother R'heem

    Personality: J'saad is a fun-loving and inquisitive lad as are most of his species. However he shone with a light that remained unparalleled even by the most ferocious of partiers on board The Blue God. From an early age J'saad and his brother R'heem were always at odds when the elder felt the tug of adventure pulling him into the heat of battle at bars and in school. A hotblooded warrior of the K'ithinni Jhvah Desert that frequently prayed on unsespecting maidens; wooing them into his private quarters.

    History: Born just outside the bustling city of Nah'havii, J'saad spent his earliest years tending to his burdened mother and father, or watching over his younger brother R'heem at work. By day the boys served as local desert snake meat vendors and by night he became a crafty and light footed theif that haunted the wealthy bazaar owners. He'd been caught only once and beaten bloody by a big, ugly foreigner with a nasty vocabulary. Consequently the young cub vowed never to return to the bazaar unless armed. These reports led only to further disciplinary action taken by his father in the form of Ch'hival, or "Sand boxing," a custom handed down in families to be passed upon unruley children.

    Soon J'saad's parents recieved the Imperial letter stating the eldest son was old enough to attend the military school located east of the palace, and it was then, on his 14th birthday, that the young Sand leopard was cast into a world of brutality. Instructors yelled in his face and scoffed at him for his stealthy methods, but were surprised by his skill with a bow and scimitar. One instance as many would recall involved 16 year old J'saad in the tavern where he'd come to plunge his sword into the overstuffed gullet of another Sand leopard for bad mouthing his first year sibling. Between nights of drunken debauchery and endless seeming drills his first deployment couldn't come fast enough until the day he turned 18.

    Packed into the sleeping quarters with two dozen other warriors of the Imperial army, J'saad set out on The Blue God quickly making his way up the ladder only to lead a mutiny against the oppressive and ruthless captain. With what handful of the crew was left he continued on through the Great Inidree sea as an unmarked pirate vessel that attacked neighboring harbors, that dotted the coast, and the ships sailing out of them. Death and slavery aplenty on The Blue God await the brave warrior who dare take arm against J'saad "The swift sands" Sy'thrr as he cuts along the waters seeking the ship his brother may be on.

    Current goal/Purpose: The advancement of wealth and location of his brother R'heem.


    Height- 6'2"

    Weight- 180lbs

    Build- Lanky

    Primary fur color- Gold

    Secondary fur color- White

    Markings- Gray spots that resemble the marks found on jaguars. A long scar that reaches from the top of his right cheek bone down to the bottom of the jaw.

    Clothing- Only a tattered white dress shirt commonly worn by men in the Victorian era and black pants that are respective to the same time period. Three gold hoops that run along the outside of his left ear and a self applied tattoo of a Utr'ryha(Snow leopard)phrase on the left forearm. He keeps his hair(not fur)reletively short so the hastle of styling is removed, but allows his dark brown beard to grow and tripple braided it. It has been decorated it with sky blue clay beads.

    Misc: All of the Utr'ryha walk upright like humans, but resemble large cats. Much like the Khajiit from the Elder scrolls series. Their tails are long and elegant and their claws razor sharp.

    I know this character is based off of a game race, but it just fits.
  3. Name: Captain Nadia Gerbert
    Gender: Female
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    My mother was a wench who served at the bars in Mel’berry tavern. My father was the captain of the ship I now look after before he died. I have no other siblings as I was in fact not planned at all. My parents weren’t even together at the time. They got drunk and here I am now.
    I like to think of myself as very outgoing. Maybe sometimes I’m a little too brave when it comes to dangerous situations; though in the end it seems to always work in my favour. Love? Well that means nothing to me. My father lived his whole life without feeling any love for another human so why should I need it? He died an honourable man and I shall follow in his footsteps.
    I was raised on my father’s ship hiding in his room from the crew. It was said that having a female on a boat is bad luck and I guess they were right. My father grew sick and soon enough died. No one knew what the sickness was but whispers went round that it was a curse. No one knew who could be the new captain of the ship until I cut my hair short and pretended to be a male and took his place as captain. To this day my crew still don’t know I’m a female but we still go on great adventures together across the world.
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    See every sight in the world that my father didn’t see.
    I have very short black hair and light blue eyes. I’m a fit shape and medium height for my age.
  4. Name: Jennifer Romero

    Gender: Female

    Age: 245

    Height: 5ft 8inches

    Weight: Just above 11 stone

    Family: Her family were slain by raiders when she was but a child, she was with the other children in a day care type of house when the attack started. Thanks to the handler at the day care, they were able to get the children to safety, moving to a large city called Mudri. Though the village was put to ruin and burnt to the ground.

    Personality: She has a heart of steel, having dealt with too many losses in her past, she learnt to keep herself to herself. As a pirate it wasn't easy either, though there were those few times, where some of her humanity would shine through, becoming her old self, rough though kind, blunt though with good intentions.

    History: Jen was born in a small colony, living inside a few ruined buildings and creating there own unnamed village. With only seventeen people in total, it wasn't considered much of a village, and they never worried about calling it anything else but home. Jen was born a Technopath, with the ability to operate electronics at a touch. While at home she was dependant upon keeping the radio functional, in worries that HOPAPH, (Human Organisative Protection Against Paranormal Hostilities), would be coming near to collect there runaway mutants. The humans believed there were spreading righteousness by slaying the unclean, or so she was told. Her village was attacked by raiders, and all she can remember is waking up in another city, chock-a-block full of strange creatures.

    She met a young teen, who grew and wanted to lead a rebellion against not the humans, but the mutants who made them appear as evil. One auch group threatened his very existance, an unruly woman by the name of Shadyne, wielder of Umbrakinesis and not her own sanity. Shadyne held the largest clan for miles, held only through the fear of her followers, not wanting to face her in battle, nor in her torture chambers.

    The young boy grew to be 'Arlemar', and he infiltrated this large dark clan, by passing the guards with stealth. And just as they came close to her tent, just as they were standing above her, about to end her tyranny... someone tripped. Her eyes snapped open, and they were flung from her tent. In the confusion, Shadyne grabbed Jen and ran, fear coursing through her own mind and fleeing the area. Jen was captured, and for days... Weeks... Hoped Arlemar would come and rescue her, but although she kept telling herself they were trying, her hopes began to sink. Shadyne had traveled far, dragging her along, all the way to the Covens of the Vampyres. No-one ever wanted to come near these beasts, feasting on flesh, and moving unnaturally. Shadyne bargained Jen to them for Immortality, and so they conceded, granting Shadyne the right of Vampirism. Jen was sold to them as a body of snacks, used if and when they pleased for their hunger. Her own will began to be drained, and everynight she would sob herself to sleep, wanting it all to be over. One time she tried using her powers to escape, but upon realising she was more than a human, they offered her the Vampirism and to join them, promising all pain would cease. She saw her chance... She took it.

    Later, after being turned into a Vampyre, she found her Technopathy had begun to change, be more erratic from the change. After a while, she regained control, and found it was easier, thanks to the quick mind these beasts seemed to have... She seemed to have now. She lived with them not for long, before running away, from one terror to another. She found news of Arlemar, being trapped and forced in an arena, unable to choose anything. This brought her suffering back, and she ran towards where he was kept. She remembered the words she had been told... "After you are turned, you will suffer one whole year of your humanity. But do not worry, over time it shall become easier." She did not know what he had meant by that, but she wished to see him one more time before it happened.

    When she arrived there, she couldn't believe her eyes. Arlemar had been brought into the arena, designed like a magical collaseum, by powerful magic wielders. He was then turned into a... She didn't know if it had a word, but it looked evil, demonic and filled with blood-lust. She noticed the collar kept around his neck, and told herself that was the reason he couldn't leave. After watching the horror they put him through, striking him with fire, and even lightning, he didn't seem to die, but something was there. She travelled to the Magi, the ones in control, and tried to barter his freedom, though every word she said seemed ineffective. The Magi were trapped in amazement by their new toy, wanting to push it to its limits and learn from it. Jennifer only had one option, and she offered it.

    If she could beat him in the arena, then they would take her in his place. And so it began, Arlemar was led onto the field once more, looking quite unwell before the transformation. There was something in his eyes, something that bound his free will, and she had to muster all she could for the fight ahead. She found that she loved the man before her, and thought life cruel she had to do this. The fight went on, and on, it seemed to never end and Jen was glad for the Vampirism she was given, for she'd have never accomplished this without it. Hour by hour, the fighting slowed, until Arlemar fell, unable to continue fighting. They placed the collar around Jen, and her mind was taken from her, for a while that it.

    The collars worked upon the emotions their victims held, but they were only there for a year. One year they held her and tortured her, using her in the arena fights, until her humanity was ripped from her. And she was able to easily break the collar and run, by this point, when she heard they had dumped Arlemars body in the vast fields of sand after the fight, she felt no sympathy, no emotion for him. And she left, knowing ligically she couldn't return to the Vampyres unless she wished death. Looking for the easiest way to hide herself, and even possibly leave this entire island.

    Every so often, she would find her humanity temporarily return, her only reasoning for this was a connection her Technopathy to her birth. And these mmoents emotions would flood and she would mourn for everything.

    Species: Vampire/Technopath

    Current Goal/Purpose: Her goal was simple, to stay clear of her past island, and continue with the crew. As a pirate she could live without fear people knowing a solid location where she lived. She travelled now, and as long as she could keep it that way, she was as content as she could be.

    Appearance: She held green tinted red eyes, (The green from her previous eye colour before transformation), and blonde hair that flowed down to her neck. Her physique held a hint of a blacksmith's build, though from the Vampirism it probably looked a lot smoother now, and well proportioned. She wore a yellow tank-top and green jeaned trousers. She also owned a green trench coat, of a multitude of different shades. She usually had this wrapped around her waist, though sometimes she wore it.
  5. Name: Fachnan Pacorro

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Species: Human

    Family: Deceased

    Personality: Serious, free thinking, and a bit naive. He was always the last to finish his studies, but was never thought dumb because of it. Whenever it came time to reflect and speak about what they learned, Fachnan often had the most surprising and insightful things to say. Sometimes though, he would say or ask something that would cause him to be reprimanded. He once asked that if the creator could do no evil, did that mean he had no free will, and asked if that made them superior to the creator. This question of course, went unanswered. Fachnan often felt stifled in this environment.

    History: Fachnan was an orphan born and raised in the monastery that took him in. He was to be raised as a monk, he was both the monastery's brightest child and most challenging youth. He tended to ask hard questions, and was not easily satisfied without an answer. Though Fachnan had many friends and had a pretty comfortable life, he felt that he was meant for more. There were questions no one had answers for here. Though some thought he was being blasphemous and rude, he really did believe in and worship the creator.

    A boat full of corsairs showed up one day. It was the first day they ever had a visitor, other than the family who brought supplies to the worshiping monks. They lived far from other people, amidst sheer cliffs, backed by a single river that went unused. It was an exciting day for the children, but the older men knew that the corsairs were no good. However, they were too peaceful to throw them out. The corsairs simply took advantage of the food and places to sleep. Though they were rude and unruly, they did not bring harm to the inhabitants. Fachnan, of course, asked them many questions. They told him how they traveled the world. Fachnan saw his opportunity to leave.

    The monks asked him not to go. They begged him, but they did nothing more to stop him. They were taught in temperance, and did not want to interfere with what could be the creator's plans. Fachnan joined the corsairs as a simple cabin boy.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Explore the creator's world and learn and see as much as possible

    Tall, with closely shaved hair and green eyes. He was pale skinned, and seemed to be growing out of the more awkward stages of puberty. His lanky frame had yet to fill out with either muscle or fat yet. He wore the brown robes of his monastery. He was average and unassuming, though his cropped hair and marked hands would have some wondering at where he came from. The back of his hands had a figure burned into it, scarred at a young age, too young for him to remember the pain. A rite all the boys went through. The mark perhaps best resembles an F clef symbol.