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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Za'Raziel

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Species: Human

    Family: Her parents were killed in a raid when she was very young, but her younger brother survived. He is still living, though she isn't sure where he is because she gave him away to be a servant to a wealthier family - he was given the task of being a playmate to their son, a preferable fate than being a slave.

    Personality: She is very quiet and demure on the outside, speaking only when ordered to and obeying every order. On the inside, however, she makes sarcastic replies to everything in her mind and is constantly plotting her escape. She is rebellious and intends to slaughter as many as possible when she finally breaks away. Other than that, she is kind and prone to be generous to a fault, even when it puts her at risk.

    History: Za'Raziel was born to a normal enough family - two parents, and later a younger brother. They lived in the desert, in a massive city that sprawled under the behemoth vehicles that had been left there from the War. It was the War that had washed out the world and left them all scrambling for a new way of life. Now these vehicles provided the only shade for hundreds of miles, making them a very popular place to live and do business.

    Her parents were killed in a raid when she was eight. She gave her five year old brother away to a wealthy family before she was captured and taken to the slave market. Her first buyer was kind enough to tutor her and teach her to read, write, and even defend herself with blades and other weapons. However, he died when she was fifteen and she was bought again. This time she was not so lucky, and now she is constantly kept on a chain leash and used as some sort of entertainment - shown off for parties and such as if she was some sort of exquisite statue.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Escape.

  3. Name: Cecilia Triad

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Appearance: Cecilia has shoulder length blonde hair that she always has up in a ponytail when she has it down on those rare occasions she has natural wavy hair.. Her eyes are a emerald color that have a hint of blue when they hit the sunlight. Her body is slim, but considering that she is lifting heavy auto parts not to mention the few fights she gets into she has gaineshe is d muscle mass. She is always seen having goggles around her neck and a bandanna tied around her head to keep falling hair out of her face.

    Occupation: Mechanic

    Species: Human

    Family: None, she's adopted.

    Personality: Spunky with attitude she is one to have a quick tongue to make a comment. She isn't the goody-two shoes, Cecilia likes to get down and dirty. She enjoys working with her hands and explore new things. Especially if it has to do with her work. Rebellious to an extent she is respectful to those that she deems to be respected, other than that she is sarcastic. Cecilia is generous to those she deems close and will fight when she needs to.

    History: Cecilia was abandoned at the age of six within the alleyways of Mech Town. As she wandered the streets she came across the mechanic shop where the owner was in his mid thirties and had a soft spot for kids, so he took her in. During the times she grew up she began to have a love for all machine type items from helping out at the shop. Waking up and smelling the oil and such it was in her blood to become a mechanic just like her father. She did really become his daughter even if not by blood she grew to idolize his job and all that he did for the town. Everyone was grateful to have him around and respected him in a high place.

    As she got older the female realized that he helped build the town to where it was today, as well that he gets called in whenever power goes out in one of the bridge ports. She already respected him when she grew to the age of ten, but as she learned more and more about what he did, she respected him by a long shot. Despite being a female, she never cared for the fashion time of what was hot and not. All she cared for was knowing what she would be working on next. The only thing that mattered to her is helping her father out when he needed it.

    The years went by and when she hit the age of her twenties the old town started to go into ruins. Soldiers started to terrorize the place and start fights just for the thrill of it. The neighboring town wanted to take Mech town for itself, more like the ruler there wanted it. Feeling her blood boil, Cecilia wants to take town the ruler and end the chaos that he's brought to their town. She's fought off some of the soldiers as is when they start messing with the shop so why not just end the problem then. She was beginning to grow a bit bored of no excitement happening and her prayers have been answered.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To rid the neighboring town of the ruler.
  4. Name: Wintermute Indigo
    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Height: 5' 0"
    Gender: Female

    Abilities: Wintermute is a Neuromancer by birth. She has the ability to manipulate a body's nervous system and associated parts such as the brain and spine. In her world she is a freedom fighter with the ability to rewrite a human mind. She is capable of "inception-like" feats without actually entering someone's mind, she literally sends her own signals, or controls existing signals in the body. She can manipulate the nervous system to cause an insurmountable amount of pain, cause no feeling, or even make your eyes see something that they aren't actually seeing. Essentially she can manipulate the body's message system with ease. Her willpower is naturally immense and may know no bounds, this allows her to penetrate any non-telekinetic's defenses with ease, and she is even able to penetrate most telekinetic's defenses unless they are specialized in neuro defenses (different from mental defense).

    Personality: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?...Now you are."
    Wintermute is a calm cool and collected woman. She often remains silent and only speaks when spoken to. She cares little for males and if they aren't specifically aiding her, she most likely will not communicate with them unless it is of dire importance. She has good judgement and she is a part of the resistance so she fights for the people. Aside from that, she loves using her powers. It gives her a rush to hear her enemy's scream in pain inflicted by her special abilities, or rewriting someone's memory simply by controlling the nervous signals flowing through their brain. In her spare time, though, she is a digital artist.

    Background: "A mind is a terrible thing..."
    A dark wind blows on this subzero continent. A candle glows in the snow hazed distance. Not too much farther. He thought to himself as he drudged forward through the thickening blanket of snow. Drider better keep his word on this one. The man kept moving forward clenching his coat and shivering towards the friendly beacon...

    It was particularly warm in the desert market that afternoon. Wintermute and her partner, Seah, walked beside a man as he shivered, holding his coat tight around him as if to keep the warmth of his body from escaping.

    "What's going on with this one?" Seah asked in a quizzical tone, to which Wintermute simply smiled.

    "He think's that his mission was to go to the frozen wastes and find a man with a candle. So what he sees right now is a candle in the distance and he thinks that he is in the frozen wastes, haha! He is cold, lonely, and it's dark. The candle is just close enough for him to not give up, and it will always lead him in the direction we are headed." Wintermute so loved to explain what she was doing to her victims. She had deafened the man to real world noise, changed his vision, and replaced his memory of the mission location with the frozen wastes.

    The man simply kept on walking and shivering as his skin reddened in the blazing sun. Wintermute and Seah were sent on this mission: to intercept one of Drider's hackers. Drider...the AI who was slowly taking over the world...oppressing humainty...killing them and replacing them with made Wintermute sick. What's worse is that Drider has gained quite a following. Governments rule under him, he pays hackers to find information about the rebles, and armies of men flock to him as he sings songs of safety to those who slaughter the rebel scum. It's become a sick, frightened cult of mindless flesh bags no longer deserving the right to be called human.

    Hours had passed since finding the man in the desert and he would most likely keel over soon from dehydration. Winter wanted to bring this guy in alive to extract information from him. Drider claims to be everywhere, and it is very possible that he is in many places at once, but he has to have a central brain somewhere. The past four years of Winter's life has been spent fighting against and searching for Drider.


    Winter stopped and looked over her shoulder. There wasn't any visible sign of anyone. The man kept walking.

    "I said halt! I have a gun aimed right at you. I'll be taking that man, he was meant to see me. We have business with the great Drider! You wouldn't want to cross Him would you?"

    Wintermute laughed under her breath as Seha kept walking with the man. Winter could sense the man's nervous system, she could see the messages from his brain getting carried throughout his body. For threatening her, she would toy with him and make him her puppet.

    The man suddenly dropped his gun and deactivated his camouflage. In a quick blur the man became visible and aware that he was no longer in control. He was a wiry man with shaggy unkempt hair, another hacker no doubt.

    "Ah! What? What are you doing!?"

    The man took his right hand and grabbed his left index finger. With one quick motion *snap* he broke the digit. He didn't scream in pain though, he couldn't feel anything. His nerves wouldn't send any messages of pain, Winter wouldn't let them. One after one the man yelled in terror as he broke his own fingers.

    "Help! Ahhh!"

    *Bang bang bang*

    Three shots rang out from where the man and Seah had continued walking. Three camouflaged men fell to the sand with a thump. The hacker's guards were nothing more than chump change. Seah is an excellent marksman.

    "Oh my god! Oh my god! Please spare me! Please! Show mercy! I'll do anything!" The man begged for mercy as his right hand clenched his left pinky finger.

    " want mercy? Would you like me to release my hold on you?"

    The man nodded "I'll do anything! Please!"

    "Fine." Winter released her grasp on the man...then the symphony of agony began.

    "Ahhh! It hurts so bad! Ahhhhh!" The man screamed as feeling returned to his once possessed hands. Pain coursed through his left hand and fingers all the way up his arm to his shoulder. It was an instant wave of suffering that came over him and drowned any other thoughts in his mind. One second he couldn't feel a thing, the next he was suffering fracture pains.

    "Quit your whining! You wanted this, you got it! Now get up, scum! You're coming with us, and I swear to God almighty, if you brandish another weapon at me, you'll be committing suicide right here in the market!" Winter's words were sharp like the tip of a spear. The man knew she wasn't afraid to kill him.

    " name's..." The man began to speak as he picked himself up from the ground.

    "I don't care what you're name is. Just move!"

    The man started walking in the direction of Seah and the other hacker. They moved down an alley, away from street view. They hadnt been far from their camouflaged teleporter when Winter met the wiry hacker. By the time Winter showed up, Seah had already gone into the base, Winter shoved the hacker onto a half buried grabage can lid and with a *weroop* the man was gone. Winter followed suit. With a flash, the man and Winter were back at base camp.

    The freedom fighters were scattered about, performing different tasks and conversing new plans. Two armed guards nodded at Winter when she emerged from the teleporter. "Come on." Winter growled. The man, like an injured dog, whimpered and followed her towards a long building.

    "What is...this place?" The man managed to ask through clenched teeth.

    "That's none of your concern." Winter walked into the building, pulling her captive with her. Screams could be heard down a couple hallways, and a glance through the portholes on the doors revealed prisoners. The man made the mistake of stopping to look. Instantly the man felt pain shoot up his legs and he fell to his knees.

    "Ahhh damn...son of a bitch!..." The man was almost in tears now. Winter couldn't help but chuckle.

    "If you really want to know so badly, this will be your new home. It's where we throw our prisoners of war when we are done interrogating them. Some are allowed freedom, it just depends on the amount and quality of information we get out of you." Winter smiled at the betrayer of his own race. "Now get a move on, we gotta meet Seah at the interrogation room."

    The man gulped and, with wobbly knees, walked on towards the inevitable. The corridor they walked seemed endless, with a dimly lit bulb every five feet hanging from the ceiling. It was like something out of a horror movie, but the killer was personally leading you to your fate. The hacker was losing it.

    He couldn't die this way. "Ok I'll talk, just let me..." Suddenly the dingy corridor disappeared and the man was in a grey room. There were a couple chairs and a table with a manila envelope setting perfectly in front of one chair.

    "You know how prisoners are black bagged or blindfolded so they can't see their location or how to get there? Yeah...I black bagged you. Now, have a seat where that envelope sits." Winter sat in the chair across from the one the man would sit in.

    "This...this is do I know we're not still in the desert?"

    "You don't." Winter said with a sly smile on her face. "How do you know that you were even in the desert to begin with? How do you know that you haven't been here all along? You don't know anything. You can't be sure. I could have wired your brain to register false memories. I could have sent false signals through your optic nerves to make you see a false scenery." Winter laughed audibly this time. The man was shaking his head, unable to see the difference between reality and false signals when around this woman. "A mind is a terrible thing isn't it? This could really be a legitimate interrogation room, couldn't it, but your mind will not allow you to simply believe that. It is genuinely funny! sit."

    The man sad down, tears dripped off of his chin. He sniffed once and his head hung low. He looked at the envelope then looked at Winter. Winter nodded at him, approving of his intent to open the envelope.

    With his right hand, he reached out and flipped the lip of the envelope up and reached inside. He pulled out a stack of cash, an old plane ticket, and a piece of cloth. He looked confused.

    Winter looked down at the objects then back at the man who was looking at her for answers. She sighed and spoke in a soft voice. "That's all that I have left of my mother and father. The day Drider's forces took them away for possessing the same power I have. He was scared, beaing able to manipulate electrical signals to the point of controling complex human nerves. What a coward... And you work for that bastard. Who's not to say you weren't the one that killed my parents? I don't think you are, so don't worry. But I don't see why anyone would want to work for that...that thing! Safety? Bah, he offers you no safety, you're nothing but a sac of flesh able to go out and do his bidding. Whether you die or not isn't important to him. He will always find a replacement...." Winter's words were getting harder now. "Don't you see!? You aren't SHIT to him! No human is!" She slammed her fist down on the table. She felt no pain and made the hacker jump.

    *Creek* The door opened. "We got what the man was carrying...he's dead now though so it's up to this one to tell us what it is. Seems he was going insane after being put in that loop so I put him out of his misery." Seah walked over to the table and placed the chip down in front of Winter. She took a seat next to Winter and glared at the hacker.

    "Oh good. I was just having a little chat about 'master Drider.' I'm sure our man here won't have a problem telling us everything we need to know...will he?" Winter tilted her head and glared at the man. He sank back in his chair and sighed.

    "It's an old AI. An AI called Wintermute."

    Winter's heart dropped into her stomach. She stared at the chip for what seemed like hours, thinking of what this meant for the people, for her.

    "I know what this is. I doubt this man even knows. Drider would be the only other who knows. This is the end of him." She looked at the hacker, who looked thoroughly confused at this point. He was no longer needed so she erased his memory. "Seah, please take him back to the desert. I have work to do." Seah bowed and walked the confused man out.

    This is my father's work...the Anti-AI. It didn't matter how Drider found this, or how it came into the possession of a hacker, all that mattered was that it was now in Winter's possession. Finally, to unleash this thing on the net and reset everything back to zero...that's what this world needs...a reset. Winter's father was a brilliant hacker himself, he developed this AI solely to reset the world. It would travel through the net, destroying everything it touched until there was nothing left. Then it would aid in rebuilding, sharing the same thoughts as Winter's father. All winter would have to do is say the kill word and then boom, the AI destroys itself. This was the end for Drider and a new beginning for the world. She had to get the Anti-AI to the World Server Room.

    Current Goal: Unleash the Anti-AI at all costs

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  5. Welp. I failed this challenge. Only because the picture did not inspire within me a character but rather a plot.

    I'll give it some time and thought and maybe be able to create a character to fit this plot but for now I only have plot.

    Empherinigonite. The new oil. The new natural gas. The new coal. The new all of the above. A solid mineral, Empherinigonite was mined all over the world. Not Earth, but a different world. A planet in the nearby galaxy of Andromeda by the name of Emporia. The whole of Emporia was desert-like, resembling the oil rich countries of Saudia Arabia and Iran and Iraq. When humans had discovered it, they travelled to settle it and to mine it for it’s riches. Empherinigonite burned cleanly and it burned slowly. It powered everything more efficiently than oil or natural gas ever had. It was the solution to Earth’s unsustainability.

    Living on Emporia, life ebbed and flowed around the mines. Earth’s mine trucks, though large, weren’t big enough. Empherinigonite was being mined faster than the trucks could carry it.
    Joe Hammond was the engineer who had come up with the design for the new trucks: the first machine to be powered solely by Empherinigonite. A machine of that size and the calibre would never be able to exist on earth. Earth simply did not have the natural resources to sustain it. But here, where Empherinigonite was abundant, such a mechanical giant was no trick to design.
    With each tire more than ten stories high, those who had settled on Emporia lived in fear of the trucks. A single tire could crush an entire home and everyone in it and the driver of the truck would not even know it. Regulations had to be set and drivers could only follow certain paths. For the most part, the mining occurred with little incident.

    Until the aliens decided they were going to take back their planet...
  6. Name: Brady Ying
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Species: Human
    Family: N/A
    Personality: Very outgoing and charismatic. Brady is a very easy person to become close to, if you let it happen. A can be a bit over sensitive and hates to lose.
    History: Brady made a fortune in the silver mining business. Thankfully, it never went to his head. Over 65% of all of his profits have gone into charities to find cures for diseases, cleaning up neighborhoods, keeping art classes in school, and many more. Most of his days are spent trying to run his huge business. When not working, he is about and about trying to enjoy himself.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Make the Galaxy a better place.
  7. mage_knight_apocalypse_art_1.jpg
    Name: Purinsu

    Gender: Male

    Age: 12

    Species: Draconum (Dragon)

    Family: Him and his Dragon family lives in near by cave next to a food market tent.
    Purinsu's father is a fighting elite warrior and his mother is a high level mage. His father tried out for Mage Academy but dropped out because of his doubts. The only thing that he has to show for his mage rank is his training robe.

    Personality: He's full spirit and hope. He believes anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

    History: He has a history of getting into trouble because of his curiosity and he's very argumentative which causes his race to have a bad name, but he is originally known for his helping habits.

    Purpose: His purpose is to be a Mage and a fighting warrior. He wants to to be remember as a hero that changes the world for the best.

    Appearance: Purinsu is a 4 foot 3 inches tall dragon that wears only spandex like shorts and a emblem on his chest.

    -Face: His eyes are blue with a thin like iris (eyes like a snake). His horns a comes up diagonal out of the back of his head and curbs upward a little bit at the tips of his horns. His snout is regular length.

    -Body: His whole body is scaly and blueish greyish color.

    -Chest: He has emblem on his chest that marks his mother's mage rank.

    -Arm and hands: The muscles on his arms are about the size of an average human muscle bit has a little more strength than a human. His hands/claws have 5 fingers on each hand and the nails are an inch and half long.

    -Legs and feet: Even though his legs are "jaggered- like" He stands like a human sometimes, but majority of the time he legs are halfway bent and he stand on the balls of his feet like a dragon should stand. He often practices on walking and running the human way and the dragon way to prevent losing his dragon habits. The muscles on his legs is the same as his arms, but just a little bit smaller in diameter. On both of his feet has three toes with his nails being 2 inches long. On his heels, has a 2 inch nail the points straight out.

    -Wings: His wings are still little bit thin, but still useful for flying short distances. He's the only dragon out of his family that was able to produce wings. thanks to his mother's side of the family. (Her great great grandfather)

    PS: I know this dragon is green but its close to what I can find at the moment. ^^;
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