Create a Character Challenge #27

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Loreld Hougaba

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20 years

    Species: Goblin

    Family: Mother, Father, Paternal Grandparents, Maternal Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, 10 siblings (4 Brothers & 6 Sisters), 42 cousins

    Personality: Intelligent, Seemingly respectful, Quiet, Reserved

    Appearance: Loreld stand 3 1/2 feet tall and had a lean muscular build. His skin is a dark green color and he has bright yellow eyes. Multiple golden hoops adorn both of his long ears and nostril as well as black tattoos on his arms and chest. He is generally wearing a long leather tunic, short leather pants (both dark brown) and carries a long staff (stands about 4 feet) ornamented with colorful rocks and feathers.

    History: He is the youngest of 10 children and has been studying under his paternal grandfather to be a shaman.

    Current Goal/Purpose: His current goal is to learn as much magic from his grandfather as possible in order to take over the family tribe. He believes he is the best suited for the job and aspires to be a great and merciless ruler. All should bow to him, and not just his family tribe.
  3. Name: Tueliana Tunnelly

    Gender: female

    Age: 8

    Species: Hobbit

    Family: Father's name is Holman Tunnelly, Mother's name is Lalia Tunnelly and her older sister's name is Arabella and her younger brother is named Jolly.

    Personality: Perky, cute and vivacious, people like being around her.

    History: She was born here in this cabin and lived her whole life here, all eight years of it!

    Current Goal/Purpose: It's time to go to the Shire to do some trading for the things they need for the winter. Also the festival will be coming and she loves to see and do things there. Maybe papa will buy that pony he has been talking about needing all year!

    Appearance: Blond with curls in her hair, dimples in her cheeks and eyes as blue as the sky. Her voice can put a whole quire of angles to shame and she loves to sing and hum while she does her chores.
  4. Name: Sorik

    Gender: Male

    Age: 13

    Species: Human(?)

    Family: Older sister (Karin), Half-Monkey Half-Bat Hybrid creature (Tomar)

    Personality: Sorik is the type to get into trouble fast, and tends to disrespect his older sister at times. Oddly enough, he acts respectful in the presence of strangers, often wide eyed and full of questions of worlds beyond or mere lands afar.

    History: Sorik can't really recall his past all too well. He lives on an island in the care of a young lady who addresses herself as his older sister. He tends to go wherever his legs can take him, land or sea being no obstacle, as he seems to possess amazing movement speed, running, swimming, ETC. The more explored though, the more he found that every now and then, there was some strange new creature to be found. Strange being that, whenever he identified something to his sister, she'd explain that certain features were unusual about them. Of course, the first time he ever introduced one of the bizarre creatures to his sibling was when he befriended a small primate that possessed wings under arms and down to its sides that could be folded away.

    Sometimes Sorik would run into weary travelers that He and his sister would generally help out and care for, Sorik intrigued by the rest of the world, and his sister in the market for a lover while she was still young, beautiful, and capable of producing a healthy baby.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Leave home at an early age. Ditch sister with some nice guy who'll take care of her.

    Appearance: Sorik sports hair that is supposed to look black, but its really just a really dark shade of blue. His skin has a bronze color about it, and he stands at 5,7 with a skinny build (which he works to improve on. He can't leave home being a scrawny brat!)
  5. Name: Mayime (Mah-yee-may)

    Gender: Male.

    Age: Ten and seven winters.

    Species: Skinwalker, songbird.

    Family: His father is the chief of the Cliffside Tribe, his mother died giving birth to his younger sister. He has many aunts and uncles and cousins.

    Personality: Inquisitive and far too curious for his own good. Though his animal is a beautiful songbird, his friends and family often joke that he is a magpie. While the other tribe members are happy with what they know and content to base their lives around surviving one day at a time and their rivalry with a neighboring tribe, Mayime prefers to explore further and further away from the tribe's territory. Ruins do not strike fear into his heart but trigger his need to understand them. He's fascinated with every new type of animal he comes across. Being shamefully slender for a male, resembling a female more instead, he hates hunting, which is fine because he is often left behind anyway, being more trouble than help.

    History: Having gotten himself into more dangerous situations than he could count on all of his fingers and toes, Mayime is no stranger to adventure. From the time he could walk and talk, he was exploring and studying and asking all kinds of questions that no one seemed to be able to (or just weren't willing to) answer.

    When he was just ten and three years old, he encountered a large, toothy beast in a swamp and would have perished if it weren't for his rescuer - a strange man with hair the color of fire and skin that made Mayime wonder if he'd ever before gone out in the sun. He definitely wasn't from any of the tribes Mayime knew of and before the boy could ask any questions or even speak, the man was gone. He hasn't encountered this man since, though secretly he's been searching, if only to thank the stranger for his kindness.

    And then just the other day, Mayime climbed one of the highest cliffs that were rumored to be the home of demons only to realize two things: that the land he and his people live on is surrounded completely by water as far as the eye can see...and that there are no demons up there, only ruins on the sister cliff, ajoined by a rope and wood path that swings menacingy in the wind. But a path like that would be no trouble for this songbird who really wants to expore the ruins that are so very different from any others he's encountered.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To explore the one-of-a-kind ruins. To find the strange pale man and thank him.

    Appearance: Short for a male and slender too, Mayime could be mistaken for a woman, especially with his long golden hair reaching to the middle of his back and bound with a strip of cloth, though long hair on a man is common in his tribe.

    This shade of hair is very rare though, as only members of the chief family are graced with strands of sunshine and even then only the first born son. This means of course that Mayime will one day be a chief unless his father chooses to break with tradition and have his daughter's mate succeed instead. Mayime isn't exactly chief material.

    He is very beautiful though, even when compared to the women of his tribe, or maybe it's just his lush-grass-green eyes and tanned skin? Either or, his expression is always kind and calm, despite how excited he can get over a new discovery.

    His tribe members all wear animal pelts which, if adorned properly, will transform them into the creature the pelt once belonged to - a gift from the beast deity long ago bestowed on his ancestors. Mayime's pelt is a square of woven brownish-pink feathers that serves to cover his chest when the ties are around his neck, though generally he leaves the pelt hanging overtop of his loincloth to better cover his girlish thighs.

    Accessories having meaning in his tribe as well. Bracelets are worn by women and men spoken for, earrings are given once a male child completes his first hunt or a female child reaches puberty. Necklaces are only symbolic if made of cut rectangular stone. These necklaces serve as a sign of status. Only the chief family may wear these. So Mayim wears no bracelets, though he wears a stone necklace and, despite his lack of hunting skill, also has his earrings - big, flat, smooth pebbles that dangle, wrapped in twine.

    He is generally barefoot, though his shins are wrapped in cloth because he often bumps and scrapes them.

    He always carries a dagger and a spear with him when he explores.
  6. Name: Mooki

    Age: Six

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Background: Mooki is the first daughter of Hatsumi Ohara and Takeshi Ohara. Her father is a fisherman and is hardly ever home, but they talk using the lights in the light house through morse code. She likes to explore her small little town. She often plays by the beach and collects sea shells. One day she finds a merboy who lives in the ocean by her house. His name is Otouro. He washed up on the shore near her house and Mooki found him and brought him inside, where his flipper disappeared and turned into feet. Mooki must then teach Otouro to walk and then the two of them go on adventures. Of course, Mooki takes him to school one day and the teacher is more than surprised to hear Mooki's story about how he is from the sea.

    After a few days, Otouro's mother travels up on the shore in search for her son. She is quite worried and when she finds out his whereabouts she is outraged. Otouro's mother was not accepting of humans since they polluted her waters with such filth on a daily occurence. However, after witnessing the young love between Mooki and Otouro she decides to let him stay on the condition that Mooki and Hatsumi take good care of him. Otouro's mother returns to the sea and Mooki and Otouro spend the rest of their childhood together. Of course, that doesn't mean Otouro's father is accepting like his mother.

    Current Goal: Prevent Otouro's Father from returning Otouro back to the sea.

    Mooki's Personality: young, adventourous, kind, genourous, mindless sometimes, pure of heart

    Appearance: Anime_Girl-schoolgirl_022297_.jpg
  7. Name:




    Mother [Balama] and Father [Yatako] and the other tribe brothers and sisters.

    Personality: Yamalo finds himself always curious and always intrigued. He's very attracted to shiny things, or very large structures. Yamalo becomes very defensive when his tribe is under attack or when his personal item, the tiny skull, is touched. But most of the time, Yamalo is very passive and enjoys eating and lounging around, yet when he's not doing either he is out on some sort of adventure.

    Born within the dreaded mighty tribe of Bakalos. Yamalo's eyes peered open and the first thing he saw was a tiny skull in the room that he never let go of from that day forward. When Yamalo was 6 years old, the Bakalos tribe began to train him to be a mighty warrior and make use of his surroundings. This training lasted for 8 years, and afterwards was assigned to pass one final test, fighting the jungle tiger. This was no ordinary tiger, their senses were heightened and their unique fur color matches the leaves and ferns. Yamalo set out deep within the jungle carrying only a spear and his trusty tiny skull.

    He came face to face with one of the tigers just an hour or so later. The tiger lunged at Yamalo, quickly, he reacted by shoving the tip of the spear through the paw. The beast was left to try and bite or swipe, but just wasn't in range. Yamalo felt a strange kick in his heart, something was telling him not to kill the animal..But instead try and soothe the beast. Yamalo sat in front of the tiger staring at it intently, while it was relentlessly trying to land a hit on him, but just couldn't. Eventually, the tiger tired out and stared back at Yamalo. It was as if the two had bonded in a way that was unheard of. After about half an hour, Yamalo lifted the spear out of the tiger's paw, being cautious just in case the beast did decide to attack...It didn't, it's first instinct was to tend to the wound, then walked off.

    Even though he didn't kill the beast, he felt as though he had an unusual talent that none of his tribe seemed to possess. Yamalo returned to his village to inform the people of what he did, but few believed him, one of which was the chief of the tribe. A great gift was bestowed on Yamalo, and he must continue to use his gift. So, from then on out, Yamalo left the tribe in search of something greater..Bigger animals.

    To bond with animals and learn their ways.


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  8. Name

    Festus Mcgrew










    Tend to metaphorically feed a few teaspoons of dirt before giving a bit of sugar.
    Very grumpy and mean but has a heart of gold.
    Not many are lucky enough to see his really good side.


    Most of his life Festus mined for gold before being forced to retire after a terribly failed performance test.
    Nowadays, he spends his days terrorizing locals with his vast dynamite stockpile.

    Current Goal/Purpose

    Live out his life in peace.


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  9. Name: Heliona Tropi

    Maga (water): Like life ones, she has a natural affinity toward animals and plants, but only aquatic ones. She can hold her breath for hours and even assume a mermaid form but is not quite a mermaid, having to return to land or risk drowning. She can also manipulate liquid water and use it for defense or offense. She calls upon Wundmar, Luthena's only son, for her powers.

    Father: Akaikos Tropi (49)
    Mother: Galena Tropi (50)

    Hometown: Alieina, Aeribbean Sea
    A mysterious island located in the middle of the Aeribbean Sea, it is home to one of the oldest existing Magi civilizations.
    Coordinates: 6.07 Degrees North, 9.36 Degrees West


    Geography and Climate: The island is defined by its river-carved cliffs that extend all the way to the coast. Because of this, beaches are few and far in between, usually only appearing during low tide in between the cliffs. Many plants cover the cliffs of the northern coast, the growth becoming thicker the further one travels until at around five kilometers (3.11 miles) south of the northern coast one arrives at a bridge leading to a large, castle-like compound made of stone. The main village covers six square kilometers (3.73 square miles), containing some five thousand inhabitants. The village is planned out in a diamond-like formation around a central pond that provides fresh water. Most of the houses are constructed out of wood and leaves from the surrounding forest, with the exception of government and school buildings that were built on the pond and the public market, which stretches along the northern end of the city. The city is situated on cliffs that stand roughly 100 meters (about 328 feet) above sea level. These cliffs also mark the central part of the western coast. Past the southern end of the city there is a mountain that rises up to 500 meters (1640 feet approximately) above sea level. Due to potential flooding issues, the Magi have devoted the southern end of the city and the southern outskirts to a special irrigation system that channels the waters that come down the mountain into the pond in the center and also into the surrounding rain forest.

    As for climate, the warm Aeribbean Sea and its position well within the Tropic of Apheli guarantees very little fluctuation in temperature throughout the year, the temperature typically reaching a balmy 33 degrees (91.4 Fahrenheit) by noon. Except for the relatively dry months of December, January and February, in which this phenomenon is less common, the combined transpiration of the forest plants and the moist, warm air currents of the Aeribbean Sea combine to produce high amounts of rain. This causes the temperature to fall to a humid but much more pleasant 27 degrees (80.6 Fahrenheit) by sunset. In summer months, the Aeribbean's warmest water from the northern ends of Calropa begin to move upward, bringing with it thunder storms and even a hurricane every 15 years or so. The forest, elevation, and canal system mitigate the effects of these powerful storms, but the shoddy wooden homes still often end up in ruins.

    History: Their town of huts acts barely like it did some 4000 years ago when it was founded. It started as a small village of roughly 500 water Magi who had come as colonizers from the ancient Calropean empire in 3795 A.L. They soon set up an archaic version of the irrigation and draining system that runs to this day. As time passed, the weakened and soon to be conquered Calropean Empire abandoned the colony, allowing a unique culture to develop. The only interaction with other cultures they interacted with were those of the local Merfolk population and Sylphs that often took refuge on the islands of the Aeribbean during the many wars of antiquity. The presence of these two races has never quite disappeared, with sizable populations of them in the water near the cliffs and mountain south of the town respectively. From both of these populations the Magi gained an appreciation of music in their religious rituals. Further, the presence of Sylphs made the Magi come to question gender roles, becoming the first political entity to grant women the right to vote in all elections in the year of 458 P.L.

    The issue of in-breeding would be an issue, but immigration at various points throughout Alieina's history has prevented this. Most come from the Eastern Aeribbean peninsula that now holds the Aeribbean City States, but there are also quite a few Magi from Tropos and other Aeribbean Islands that have ended up here. Immigration of Magi, however, ended around 1200 P.L. when the city decided to cut off communications that had recommenced with the northern territories of Calropa in the 800's due to civil wars the Duchy of Northern Calropa was experiencing. As of today, the island remains quite mysterious to those who do not inhabit it.

    Originally, the island was a mere colony of the Calropean Empire, which meant that it was part of a district containing many Aeribbean Islands headed by a governor on the largest island. Considering the islands to be of little importance for anything other than crops such as fruits and cash crops, the Emperors gave the governor the role of ensuring that sufficient crop yields were met. This caused the colony to form its own little civic group for handling island matters due to the lack of support on the Empire's part. When the Calropean Empire was defeated and conquered, the island was more than prepared to be on its own. The civic group expanded from 20 men to 50, becoming responsible for both economic and social matters on the island. Businesses and farms were regulated to ensure that they did not do too much damage to the soil, swapping crops every year or so and replanting native trees when the spaces were utilized. They also address issues such as rights, guaranteeing freedom to speech, press, peaceful assembly, and religion. As of today the Civic Group, called the Domma, consists of 50 women and 50 men of all three races that inhabit the island who are at least 25 years of age. They are elected once every five years through ballots cast by all of the inhabitants of the island who are above the age of 15. No registration to vote is required, and voting is made mandatory. If one does not vote, then the authorities often issue a week-long exile to the rain forest.

    Law enforcement stands as one of the more odd, backward features of Alieina's government. There is only one court house, with only about 10 lawyers out of the 50,000 villagers. Because of this, lawyers are quite expensive. Serious crimes such as murder or rape do not come with a death sentence, but rather exile. When found guilty of such crimes the jury of 12 will force the culprit on a small, wooden boat with some food, water and a paddle, and push them out to sea. If ever spotted again on the island, a person convicted of such crimes will be restrained and taken by boat out further to sea before being thrown overboard on a small raft.

    Demographics (counting the surrounding cliff-side waters and mountain): 60% Magi, 25% Merfolk, 15% Sylphs

    Religion: This is where the influence of the Merfolk and Sylph come into play. While worship of Luthena is permitted, most do not directly worship her, but rather recognize her as important for producing the deities they do worship. Most worship her only son, Wundmar, who acts as a sea deity. During the dry season, the desert angel Harena is also worshiped. Displays of religion that block the major stone roads forming the diamond of the city plan are allowed in public as long as a permit is given by the Domma via majority vote. To the people of the island there are two weeks of special importance. The first one occurs the week after the Winter Solstice. During this week, the five schools of the city are closed and colorful parades featuring songs praising Luthena and Harena fill the streets from noon to midnight. The second begins after the first rain in March, Merfolk coming up to perform songs in praise of Wundmar and Luthena. However, all three races participate in the festivities of the second week, cooking special seafood to suit the tastes of the Merfolk visitors. During both weeks, citizens as well as performers don outfits made of large, fan-like leaves from the nearby forest's trees.

    While unheard of due to the fact that few inhabitants other than sylphs have immigrated to the island since 1200 P.L., worship of other deities is permitted.

    She's the kind of person that tends to not take many things too seriously at all. Except for her work and the sea, she is quite ready to point out how silly any given situation is from her point of view. People tend to dislike her if they do not know her well, but her friends see her as welcome comedic relief and an unexpected source of advice. Because of this, she tends to deal with dramatic events in her life with little to no emotion on display while she feels just as uncertain and scared as anyone else might be in the face of serious conflicts. She doesn't want other people to care too much about bad things happening to her because she doesn't want to waste anybody's time and energy trying to help her. She is determined to solve her problems by herself.

    Her life has been quite idyllic in comparison to the mess that the rest of the world has been going through. Instead of political corruption and work camps, the sea has carved its place deep into her heart. Her fondest childhood memory occurred in a coral reef a couple kilometers off the northern coast when she was ten years old. She was bored and decided to venture down into the water with her father while he was spearing fish. Out of the blue came a large whale shark. The docile creature played with Heliona for hours that day, even letting her ride on it to the edge of the coral reef and back to her father's boat.

    Along with learning how to spear fish and free dive from her father, she learned about her magic abilities and other academic matters at the School of Magical Arts, one of the five schools of the town. She did okay, mastering the basics of water magic and transforming into a mermaid-like form, but could never quite grasp advanced water magic. This led to her decision to leave the academy early at the age of 16 to pursue a job in fishing. Her life from them on was pretty much the same routine of capturing fish and selling them with her father for most of the week. The two religious holidays did add some change in her routine, allowing her to sing along to tunes that she knew for as long as she could remember. After four years, this routine began to bore her, and she became unsure whether she wanted to try to attend school again to learn more and get a better job or simply leave the island altogether.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To decide whether she is going back to school or leave Alieina. Also, to brush up on her geography in case she does decide to leave.

    Clothing tends to vary. During the two holy weeks she will dawn a dress with a torso made out of silk from the silk worms of the nearby islets and a skirt made of fan-shaped leaves. Other clothing consists of dresses, blouses, and skirts made of cotton, a crop grown on the eastern part of the island. While free-diving she wears tops made of pairs of large, purple sea shells found along the beaches during low tide. Bottom pieces for swimming are made out of silk and resemble mini-skirts in shape. Called Femikalypsi, they are enchanted by the creator to be waterproof.