Create a Character Challenge #26

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Sakura, Chika (Written: 桜散花)
    Called (by strangers): Sakura-san
    Called (by friends and family): Chika/Chi-chan
    Age: 20
    Species: Maga (Specializing in life magic)
    Father: Takashi Iruka (60)
    Mother: Takashi Arietta (55)

    Hometown: Chiba, Shimane
    A large city on one of the few independent islands in the Sea of Calropa. It possesses a culture unique from the three countries that surround its sea.
    Coordinates: 26.8 Degrees South, 3.96 Degrees West

    *refer to the first post's picture for a visual of the place*

    Geography and Climate: The city of Chiba is located on the northern end of the island of Shimane. Piers and boardwalks cover most of the coastline. The city is enclosed with a set of high hills, the hills serving as residential areas and the locations of public schools. Beyond the hills are more villages connected to the main city by railway lines until about 20 kilometers south of the coast. Then there are farms growing various crops.

    Due to its position on the northern end of the Sea of Calropa, there are many mountainous islands and the coastal mountains of Composina, there is not much cold air to interfere with the winds coming the Desert of Calropa to the north. These winds mix with mild air from the sea itself to create a climate that rarely gets cold. Summers are hot and dry, temperatures on average being around 32 degrees (89.6 Fahrenheit), though it is not uncommon for it to exceed 35 (95 Fahrenheit) during the day in the warmest month of July. The fall months generally slowly decline from 32 degrees in late August with cold fronts caused by the advance of the Draconian Sea's cold water into the Sea of Calropa. This makes fall the wettest time of year, with temperatures falling from around 27 degrees (80.6 Fahrenheit) in September to 20 degrees in late November (68 Fahrenheit).

    "Winter" is mild, with almost as much rainfall as fall. Average temperatures in the coldest month are 18 degrees (64.4 Fahrenheit) during the day and 16 degrees (60.8 Fahrenheit) during the night Snow is practically unheard of in the city, citizens only remembering the last time it snowed through folk lore based on a blizzard that swept the whole Sea of Calropa some 500+ years ago after the eruption of a major volcano caused a minor dip in temperature for several years. Spring comes early in Late February and is sunny. Temperatures rise from around 21 degrees (69.8 Fahrenheit) in early March to 30 (86) by early June. Rain becomes progressively less and less common throughout due to the increasing influence of the desert winds.

    Gov't: Chiba serves as the capital of Shiamane's current government. In Chiba there is an electoral body consisting of twenty members who are elected by anybody over the age of 16 every four years from each prefecture (sort of like a state) on the island. There are five prefectures on the island, with the city of Chiba and the surrounding villages counting as one of them, making one hundred members. This group of 100 creates laws and ordinances concerning all of the prefectures and also vote to appoint a 101st member who acts as an executive who approves or vetoes laws. Vetoed laws can be pushed through if 70 of the 100 members vote in favor of the bill in addition to the 50% vote required for the executive member to consider it.

    Then there are local governments for each prefecture. Ten members of a prefecture council and a mayor acting as executive are also popularly elected within each prefecture. While the main council handles federal matters such as civil rights as well as diplomacy and infrastructure throughout the country, prefecture councils address issues within the prefecture such as education and the recognition of languages (there is currently a divide between the use of the traditional Karogo language and Common-Speak)

    50% Magi, 30% Mud-bloods, 15% Humans, 5% Sylphs

    Religion: Luthena is recognized and prayed toward; however, the local mythology has mixed with the worship of Luthena to produce a religion considered odd by the rest of the world. Luthena is recognized not as a beautiful woman, but rather a fierce female wolf with white fur who carried a golden disk on her back. Further, there is a series of folk tales and myths about the creatures of the forest and many deities based off of some of the more fearsome ones, Kakikami being the most noted one. He is essentially depicted as a large, bright red salamander with smoke or flames coming out of his mouth. When it is particularly hot or unseasonably warm as often happens during winter and spring, they assign blame or credit upon Kakikami's flames. It is based on a rare, fire-breathing salamander that is known to live in the the mountains of the Kaki prefecture in the inland part of Shimane.

    Personality: She is a quiet observer. However, she is not objective: Her world tinted rose. Her somewhat dingy hometown to her is a sparkling city by a glistening sea, the wild creatures of the forest nearby miracles of Luthena. As long as someone or something is not absolutely despicable or tries to hurt her seriously she will find some way to pity or like it/him/her unconditionally. She is extremely gentle, a quality of hers that attracts the small creatures that she communicates with. If threatened with conflict she will either try to talk it out or if the conflict is violent, flee. She is not the kind of person who puts up a fight if she does not have to.

    The only problem is that people don’t normally get to see this side of her. What most people see is her mask of a young, emotionless woman who performs her work diligently and with cold calculation. Outside of her job as a beginning healer, people see her as someone who is somewhat spacy and disorganized as well as hard to talk to because of her interest in animals, magic, the architecture of the city, and little else. This is due to her not so much liking people but rather the good deeds that they do. The principle of good takes precedence over people themselves in her mind. She is therefore not drawn to people but rather the potential good she sees within them.

    History: She was born on Shimane (information above). Her parents were both healers in the city of Chiba on the northern coast of the island. During the summer they would trek to the southern part of the island to go to the beach and the forest for a week or two. Those summer beach trips are normally what she's most likely to recall about her childhood, for they provided a glimpse to nature, something she loves to this day. Either that, or the animals and sea creatures she would often communicate with there. For the rest of the summer, her parents would open up their house as a restaurant. In fact, the first picture mentioned in this thread is her at around the age of 15 eating one of the many things her parents made.

    During the rest of the year, she would be attending school, where she eventually was placed in a program that focused on magi who were supposedly defects. What they did not know was that she had quite an affinity for natural things the whole time she was supposedly "powerless," communicating with the butterflies and birds near the window quietly while the teacher droned on about some technical skill such as sewing or cooking. Luckily, she did not stay in the program for long, her healing powers and finally coming later than normal at the age of 13.

    Being a late bloomer and the new kid was quite challenging for her. Her new skill was much larger and possessed a lot of kids who were much more skilled with their magic and had "cooler" powers than she had. ("Ever dreamed of having" would be appropriate if her imagination weren't so big.) The first year or so was a struggle until she found a niche and made a couple friends. She then excelled in her studies of healing magic, becoming a licensed healer and graduating from the Chiba Medical Academy at the age of 19, a year earlier than most Magi.

    As of lately she lives in an apartment complex closer to the coast a ten minute walk away from the hospital and potion shop she works for. Her parents still live in the same building they did during Chika's childhood, making them about 45 minutes away from her by walking.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To possibly emigrate to Tropos to get better acquainted with the world.