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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:

    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Princess Temparna DeeShon Forndis Grayman Delray ( or Arna for short)

    Gender: female

    Age: 19 (tomorrow is her 20th birthday)

    Species: human
    Family: The royal family of Cordenfall
    Personality: Haughty, somewhat spoiled but with a winning smile and demeanor when she chooses to use it.
    History: Born the daughter of King Lordan ReyDan Grayman of Cordenfall and his second wife Lanala DeeShon Elspa of Cordenfall formerly of Werdethland.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Getting the final touches done on here Birthday gown. She then runs into the throne room to ask Daddy if he likes it or not.
    Appearance: Tall, well muscled but not overtly so, black hair, green eyes, white skin and red lips. More chest that she likes but not enough hips(she thinks of herself as too stick-like down there) Well dressed, of course, only the best will do.
  3. Name: Lord Fasamir Delvadran

    Gender: Male

    Age: 34

    Species: Human

    Family: Queen Helna [42] and King Tirion [56] Delvadran of the royal family.

    Personality: Lord Fasamir is a rather ignorant and arrogant. He only cares about what he wants and when he gets it. Fasamir is the type of person that would his own mother just to get ahead or buy something. Basically whe nit comes to people, if he can find a way for them to get himself ahead he'll befriend them.

    History: When the King and Queen realized their reign would eventually end they decided it was time to have an heir. Young Fasamir was born and treated like royalty. He was so very spoiled as kid and still is to this very day. As he grew older he began to want more than just toys, vehicles, and animals...He wanted countries. His parents never got the chance to take over countries due to their inability to rule. Fasamir saw this as a opportune chance to surpass anything they ever did and possibly become more wealthier then they ever were.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To rule countries and far surpass anything his parents ever did. To have everything he ever wants.

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  4. ninja-anime-059.jpg
    Name: Sakura Ohda

    Personality: Strong, kind, driven, compassionate, strong-willed, stealthy, wise, soft spoken

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24 (she is actually two hundred years older than that)

    Occupations: Ninja, Monk, Assassin

    Backstory: Sakura remembered this place well. Her father had died here in the great war with Hideyoshi. She had been the one to do it. She had been seventeen at the time. It had been over two hundred years since that time. The memory haunted her like a ghost to a graveyard. Sakura was against her father, but even so she had always loved him. Lord Ohda was a canninving man and had bedded several women besides Sakura's mother. Lord Ohda never claimed Sakura to be his daughter so that he could marry her at the young age of eighteen. She fled at the age of fifteen and sought help from Lord Hideyoshi, Lord Ohda's enemy. Hideyoshi agreed and trained her until she was seventeen and then sent her off to kill Lord Ohda. On the way there she had come across a sorcerous who granted her an eternal life she did not want as a punishment for the horrid deed she was off to complete. When she arrived at throne of Lord Ohda, he had welcomed her, smiling his disgusting lustful smile when he saw a young woman he wished to bed. Sakura grew angry and remembered that she had come here to kill him and did not hesistate to do so... She grabbed a dagger she had hidden in her yukata and she drove it through his heart... killing him instantly. Now, two centries had passed and the horrid memory haunted her even now. She looked at the throne, the place where her father once sat, with a sadness she could not shake. A tear slid down her face. She now understood why her eternal life had been a curse. She would forever live with the pain and guilt of her father's murder.
  5. Name: Hubris
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Species: Half Elven, Half Human
    Family: Oldest son of the Royal Family Guards, Father is the Elven Knight, Drahstin of the Royal Family, and his Mother is Maria, the Master Healer of the Royal alchemists. Two brothers both knights of the Royal Guard, a younger brother aspiring to join Hubris as an archer.
    Personality: Kinda, Intuitive, quiet when needed but can laugh with the rest of the men. Serious about his job and duty as the oldest son.
    History: As a child Hubris always enjoyed throwing rocks against buildings and trees, etc and try to hit the same mark each time, eventually he got quite good at what he did, and his father saw potential for him to become the Master Archer of the royal guard, his father got one of his close friends to teach his son how to string and draw his bow. At the age of 14 Hubris was able to shoot an arrow, and in the next shot cut the feathers of the previous arrow. after many years of training and hard work, Hubris was place in the chair of Master Archer at the age of 25, now he trains and instructs the rising archers in a manner most seem unorthodox for a man of his title
    Current Goal/Purpose: Become the most skilled archer in the land, and raise many to follow his path.
  6. [​IMG]


    Kiara Donatella




    Vampire - Ancient






    Darkness seems to dance around this creature like a cloud of smoke, choking the air with the dark desires she always seems to portray. Green eyes glowing with mischief and a daunting desire to create chaos, she watches from the shadows, her smile haunted with the fear and terror of a child. And yet, she lets none know of her true desires. Instead, she holds herself with a demanding presence, her gait much like that of a feline. She is cold, hard, and seductive. She is a dominant creature, demanding one's attention with her bouncing curls and growling aura of both hostility and welcome. Be careful, for at first, she may appear warm and inviting...until those haunted eyes glint with glee that she has caught you in her trap.


    It has been more than a century or two that she was created. And it has been more than a few thousand years that this....prison...was created just for her.

    "Don't let the throne fool you, child," A whisper drifts to her ear, "Watch out for the chains above, for you never know when they will come down and take you again."
    He was right, of course. Sure, she lived in style. The stone floors were elaborately painted, and the drapes were always and blue, two of her favorite colors. But the chains above always reminded her of her imprisonment.
    It wasn't fair for the oldest Ancient to be kept like this. She should have been able to stop them. And yet...she was never able. Why?

    Kiara sat at her throne, her small, velumptuous body curled close to the warmth of her current human slave. He smelled fresh of the outside, and his heart beat purely as his deep blue eyes looked at her sadly. Was it truly right of her to keep him there?

    "But mistress," the leader of those that kept her within the confines of her...temple...said in an almost whiny tone, "He is only human. And he gives you life, does he not?"

    She stared again at her human, smiling sadly as she watched his eyes grow distant again, filling once more with tears of both fear and sorrow. "No, he shall be more than that. Bring me an extra next time you go catch them, Phillipe. I am to make him mine forever."

    "But...mistress - "

    "Shut up! Do as I say, or so help me I will break free of this....establishment."

    The vampire bowed and exited. And yet...the chains once more began to rattle. Her time would come again soon. least she would have one to love and least she would have one to share her imprisonment with her. Finally.
    She turned to him, smiling sadly. "You know what I am to do to you, then?" Slowly, he nodded, his eyes again lighting with fear. "Do not will not hurt."
    He allowed her to push his head to the side, but she remained gentle, and she kept her promise. It didn't hurt at all.

    The next morning, he lie across the floo just before the throne. The room was empty and dark. She was nowhere to be found. The chains had stolen her once more. But where to?
    Her body appeared from the shadows as the wall moved out of place then back in. She was paler than normal, even for a vampire, and she reeked even more of blood. But that blood was not his. Tattered and torn, she whimpered, reaching for him. He came, his own chains rattling as he lifted her and set her in her throne.

    "Thank you...I's time we got to know each other. But...I don't even know your name." She looked up at him with a sad, tired smile, reaching to his pale face in a gentle caress.

    "My Alaric."

    That was the final good memory she would have. Pain would only ensue......

    ((Sorry the picture's so big...I couldn't find any proportionate pics that were smaller...))​
  7. Name: The Azure Throne

    Gender: Female (personality and symbolism)

    Age: 500 years, older than the castle it resides in.

    Species: Area-wide Spellcraft

    - The Wizard that created it. He has been dead for 400 years.
    - Arguably the Asul-na-Dugo Royal family, but they're (mostly) unaware of it's existence as anything other than a defensive charm. It's a one-sided love.

    The Azure Throne is a potent magical spell that has gained sentience to better gauge and understand threats that would potentially harm it's charges, the Asul-na-dugo royal family.

    Over the years of watching over them, that understanding of human interaction shaped it's biases, likes and dislikes. It's personality is like that of an overprotective mother, although it has no capability to nag, it is very particular about letting it's charges leave without being properly prepared for trouble. Certain things find their way to the right hands, such as a forgotten key, or a fancy hat that makes its wearer all the more presentable.

    It is also particularly touchy about forbidden love and extramarital affairs, especially with the younger generation of Azul-na-Dugo Bloodlines. This manifests when certain 'accidents' occur that delay trips or otherwise reveal trysts or 'weaknesses' in family members.

    The Azure throne is also very political, clearly preferring one heir over the other in many instances. Sometimes it indirectly settles feuds with those same 'accidents'. However, it truly (although one could argue it was 'programmed' this way) cares for the continuing growth and glory of the Azul-na-dugo bloodline.

    The Azure Throne was made by a powerful wizard who made an oath to the first Azul-na-Dugo king. The King asked the wizard to protect his children and his children's children for all time. The Wizard knew that no spell could be so perfect and last forever, so he created an enchantment that would develop it's own methods, just in case it encounters a problem the Wizard had not considered. He also made it understand human interactions, and learn from them, to foresee dangers and weaknesses that cannot just be perceived as physical.

    The enchantment was born when the Azul Throne Room was made to house it, and thus it was called 'The Azure Throne'. It's actual 'being' actually encompassed the entire castle. Among the capabilities of the enchantment is to telepathically control objects within the castle, although to a limited degree. At first, it was used to trigger mundane traps and to activate other spells or defenses in the castle. It eventually was used to send warnings to the right people, such as vases just suddenly falling over when an assassin was creeping around at night.

    It was via this spell that the castle was secured from threats, as armed enemies met grisly 'accidents' within its walls. It contributed to the peaceful and unchallenged reign of the Azul-na-dugo bloodline for over 400 years. Thus, with no warnings or bloody 'accidents' occurring every other time, the family forgot about the 'Azure Throne'.

    In this era of peace, the enchantment began to learn a different set of idiosyncracies. From its purely mechanical and warlike outlook, it slowly began to see its charges as more than just things to protect from assassins or raiders in the night. It began to truly see them as people. It began to understand that certain things were more painful than the daggers and the arrows of warriors bearing the crest of enemy nations. Frauds and Charlatans with honeyed words were more than enough to bring a man low.

    It began to understand that it's limitation was enough to bring these subtle threats to heel, and it used it to great effect. It revealed frauds, it shamed venomous rivals, and it stopped 'prince charmings' from performing their nightly visits.

    It began to see itself as a mother watching its children grow, and that is its sole joy in its continued existence.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To continue protecting it's charges, The Asul-na-Dugo Royal Family

    Appearance: First post in thread is the location of it's 'Keystone'. Destroying the throne room would dispel it forever. In truth, it encompasses the entire Azul Castle.
  8. Name: Akira Fushimata

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Species: Human

    Family: Ikari Fushimata (younger brother, 16), Kaéde Fushimata (younger sister, deceased at 4)

    Personality: Quiet most of the time, Akira tends to get very opinionated whenever he happens to observe anything he sees as 'mistreatment', and he is known to get quickly violent at these times. However, Akira is aware that no matter how many people he saves or helps, there will always be millions more who will not get that basic kindness, and the constant knowledge of this fact makes him a sad character to talk to, even downright depressing at times. There is a deep bitterness that lives in his heart, and most people find it hard to communicate with him, let alone relate to him.

    History: Once, long ago, (actually, it was only twelve years ago), there was a Kingdom to the south of the world. It used to have a name, back when empires would rise and fall almost regularly, but now, when most lands have disintegrated into their original cities, it is simply known as the Final Kingdom, for it is the last one left. Or, it was.
    Twelve years ago, when Akira was only fifteen, a military force from the eastern city of Lichbane came to the walls of Final Castle, demanding that its royals be given up and the Kingdom disbanded. Lichbane did not speak for only itself, but many of the cities dotted around the countryside, and many more beyond; despite those who supported the continued existence of the Final Kingdom (for its citezens were free to leave if they desired, or join from other lands), the Castle could not stand against the force sent to destroy it. Even though the Kingdom maintained the largest military on the planet, and most of it was situated at the Castle, these soldiers from Lichbane - and its sister city, Sunglory, and many other cities besides - had incredible power the likes of which the Final Kingdom hadn't seen, and of which the Fushimata bloodline had never even dreamed. They were quickly overwhelmed.
    Akira was ordered by his mother and father - the King and Queen of Final Kingdom - to take his twin siblings and leave. Ikari and Kaéde were bundled together on a horse - Ikari in front - and ordered to follow Akira out of the Castle and to the nearest friendly city, Jaybird. Akira obeyed, willing that his family survive and knowing that they would never see their parents again. It was too dangerous for the City Alliance to keep the royal family around - after all, they were the last royal family alive.
    Somehow, the enemy knew of their escape, and when Akira (on his own horse) and his siblings burst into the devilish country that shrouded and defended the back of the Castle, they were ambushed. It was only Akira's quick thinking that kept them alive, but just as they made their escape, Kaéde was shot from behind with some kind of energy bolt. She was alive when she fell from the horse, and Ikari tried to go back for his twin sister, but Akira made the four year old leave her behind. He could see that she was already dead - her body just hadn't realised yet. Weeping for his sister and his parents, Akira fled the scene. Logically, he knows that th tragedy wasn't his fault, that his sister would have died no matter what he'd done; that if he'd stayed, then everybody would have been killed. But to this day, he is plagued by the guilt that maybe, if he'd tried to save her, just maybe the medical expertise of Jaybird city could have saved her.

    Current Goal/Purpose: He is questing to find the answer as to why Final Kingdom was considered such a threat, having found that it was not just military power that the City Alliance found daunting. His parents never told them, and he's determined to find out what they hid. To this end, he has arrived back in the ruins of the Castle that was once his home.

    Appearance: He stands an impressive six foot two inches, built lean and hard. His skin, though originally golden due to genetics, is now a rich dark honey-brown, matching the dark colour of his hair. Hair which hasn't been cut in years, and dives down his back in perfectly straight lengths, reaching to his waist. It is usually kept tied at the nape of his neck to keep it out of the way, but it's a mightily impressive and sometimes beautiful sight to see when it's loose. His eyes are a bright chocolate brown, mixed with generous hints of red, and if caught in the right light they look dark red, or flash scarlet. His clothes are simple - loose, warm leggings and a black long-sleeved t-shirt, with a loose, white robe that ties at his waist over top. He wears bandages tightly secured around his hands, wrists, heels and ankles, but he wears no shoes, preferring to go barefoot. He also carries a thick dagger, designed to block larger bladed weapons more than deal damage though it is still formidable, and an enormous longbow, complete with a quiver of twenty-four arrows. His accuracy isn't perfect, but it's good enough for him to hunt well; his skill with the dagger is hard to match.
    Akira has his horse carry his camping gear. Ikari is far away, in an Academy somewhere in Dartforth city, far to the west. The Academy is special, but Akira doesn't know why, nor does he care much. Ikari abandoned him for it.
  9. Name: Aeona Alptraum
    The Glorious Queen
    What Non-Humans tend to call her: The Dark Queen
    65, although she actually appears to be in her mid thirties
    Cursed Human

    -Requiescant in Pace-
    Father: King Josef Kuchke (Died in 1750 P.L., age 65)
    Mother: Isabelle Robinson of Kuchke (Died in 1751 P.L., age 55)
    Older Brother: William Kuchke (Died in 1750 P.L., age 25)
    Eldest Brother: Emmanuel Kuchke (Died in 1750 P.L., age 30)

    First Cousin: Greta Kuchke of Alptraum (43)
    Husband of First Cousin: Cyrus Alptraum (50)
    First Cousin Once Removed: Elizabeth Alptraum (24)

    People tire her out. Whether by their quotidian conversations or their many imperfections, she knows not. Because of this, she tends to appoint more charismatic and skilled officials to do work for her. Her skill for discerning who has skill from who does not has been one of her most invaluable traits in the trajectory of her life. Another trait she possesses is an attention to detail almost worthy of a diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder, this coming through in her constant use of formal speech and diction, even with her living family members. However, she is never hesitant to manipulate someone herself or stomp on other people's hopes to get what she wants if she has to do it herself.

    In tandem with her ruthlessness is a disturbing intelligence. She has almost a clairvoyant ability to predict and envision situations and plan accordingly when left alone to focus. While she has not been done wrong, yet, it would be quite unfortunate if one did so. Because of how aware she is of her manipulative abilities, her loyalty is extremely hard to gain. If it is proven that one is not deserving of it after she entrusts one with it, off with that person's head! She does not give second chances.
    Hometown: The Dark Queen's City (D.Q.C, Formerly West Nordika), Western DQE
    Coordinates: 49.2 degrees North, 132.84 Degrees West
    The main economic and political center of the Dark Queen's Empire, it is renowned not just for being her majesty's home, but also for its beautiful architecture and advancements in technology.
    Above: The Queen's Castle during winter along the Blue River, 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) from the coast and downtown area.

    Geography and Climate: The Dark Queen's City (DQC) is split up along the northern end of the Nordike Bay by three rivers that feed into the Bay. The city consists of many hills, with ones not covered in neo-Gothic buildings and walkways covered by evergreens as well as deciduous trees such as birches, oaks, elms, and others. The highest hill is Gross-Nordike Hill. From the piers along the coast up to about a couple kilometers away from the coast of Nordike Bay, however, the land is mostly flat. Along this flat area are the majority of the houses of the working class residents. On the pier there is a large market area that is made into a sprawling outdoor market during the summer months. On the western end of the city along the coast there is a major railroad station that connects the trails from all the other major cities in the DQE. It also has a few railways that expand into the countries of Istanelia and Ishborga, which border the empire. The wealthier residents live in estates along the hills starting near the Queen's castle about 12 kilometers away from the coast. Farmers also live near the city about 20 kilometers away from the Nordike Bay's coast.
    The DQC possesses a temperate climate that fluctuates much less than places at comparable latitudes. This is due to the moderating influence of the Trident Current, a current produced by the mixing of tropical currents from the Sea of the Trinity and the cold waters of the DQE's sea. Rain fall occurs at a mostly even rate throughout the year, although the warmest months of July and August bring a slightly larger amount of rain due to the northward movement of warm, wet wind from the south. Snow occurs from November to early March, with the first snow usually arriving in late October. Because during the day the temperature is normally above freezing, most or all of the snow that sticks or accumulates normally occurs during night when temperatures can dip as low as -5 degrees (23 Fahrenheit). An average temperature in the winter during would be 5 degrees Celsius (41 Fahrenheit), spring rising from roughly 7 degrees (44.6 Fahrenheit) on average in March to 13 degrees (55.4 Fahrenheit) in May. Summer temperatures never rise above 22 degrees (71.6 Degrees), on average being around 16-19 (60.8-66.2 Fahrenheit) degrees. Autumn is brief, lasting only from September to mid-October. It normally starts off at around 16 degrees (60.8 Fahrenheit) and declines with the occurrence of cold fronts until the temperature is around 5-9 (41-48.2 Fahrenheit) degrees by the end.

    The system that the Queen operates is a monarchy limited by a parliamentary body called Man's Voice elected by all eligible humans over the age of 20 from each district of the DQE (eligible as in willing to pay the bribes and taxes necessary to vote). This in effect means that the Queen essentially has most of the power as long as she can keep the aristocracy happy and silence the voice of the poor humans and the magi. The parliamentary body also has limited powers, only able to pass laws concerning domestic affairs. The Queen, in addition to the ability to line-item veto bills or just outright veto bills from the Parliament (basically, delete particular parts of a bill to alter what it does), has dominion over the affairs of the military and her own court of nobles whom she appoints regarding diplomacy with other countries. There is also a weak judicial branch, only able to uphold the laws already passed. It does not have the power to question whether the law that it is deciding to prosecute someone over is a valid law or not.

    Demographics: 70% Human, 29% Mud-Blood, 1% Other (Mostly Faes or Pegasuses on the outskirts hiding in the nearby forests)

    The worship of Luthena, her children and the angels/deities is banned, as it is seen as a non-Human deity and thus heretical. All must idolize the Dark Queen and embrace science over magic. However, there are still some underground groups of Mud-Bloods, half Magi and half Human, who secretly pray to Luthena.

    Her history is that of a woman whose ambition overtook her, though the whole story is not known at this time and could quite possibly be different than what the Magi and Mud-Blood emigrés of the DQE have told. The girl was born during a terrible blizzard on the night of January 2nd, 1730. By the morning, King Josef and Queen Isabelle had the deaths of over fifty people to address due to hypothermia, including two members of the noble circle that helped them decide matters concerning the other Northlandic countries. At the age of five, her father sent her away to a boarding school in the northern city of Usalle about 500 kilometers north to learn proper etiquette, the proper way to communicate in Common-Speak, basic geography, basic mathematics, cooking and house-hold work that a proper aristocrat's wife would be expected to do. While she wasn't exactly the greatest at cooking nor at house-hold work, she picked up on the other lessons quite quickly. Soon she learned how to play the violin and was on her way to being groomed to be the perfect trophy wife for the next king.

    However, while this seemingly perfect wunderkind learned these mundane things, she also began to find and utilize her ability to manipulate and trick people, creating and ruling over clubs and social groups at the boarding school with ease. At the age of 14 she graduated from Usalle's Academy for Women with the highest honors possible.

    So then she returned to the castle, never to be the same. Her arrival home was too early for her own good, her brothers still living in the castle and being tutored by great economic and military leaders of both the Western Northlands. Being the ambitious young woman she was, she soon found herself spying on every one of their lessons, taking copious notes when she could. By the age of 17 she had enough military knowledge from her brothers' tutors to plan out her own revolution and take the throne from her father, but she was smart enough to know that the people liked her father too much for her to remain in power long after. She would have to wait until the right time.
    That right time came upon her sooner than she thought it would. Josef finally succumbed to cancer (a disease then unknown at the time) the night after her 20th birthday. While she did publically mourn for her father, her true sentiments about his death have yet to be revealed. The coronation of her eldest brother, Emmanuel, was to be on the day of the Summer Solstice (June 21st). Seeing her golden opportunity (and possibly the idiocy of her brother; his tutor would always scold him for his forgetfulness and generally carefree attitude), she quickly contacted a magi to concoct a poison for her. On the pre-Coronation Banquet on the 20th of June, one of her servants in the kitchen of the castle was ordered to slip some of the tasteless substance into Emmanuel's soup. Before the banquet even ended, he was slumped over in his seat at the head of the table dead.
    Oh, but what about William? Well, he was already ill due to some stomach infection, so Aeona merely ordered a servant to add the remaining poison to the dough of the bread that he ate the morning of the Summer Solstice, as to ensure that he would not be crowned that day. With her two siblings gone, the system placed Aeona as next in line. She swiftly ascended to power.

    Since that ascent to power in 1750, she has essentially become more of a tyrant than her father ever was. She one-upped her father's ban on magic by creating work camps for Magi and Elves to "increase the efficiency of magical beings in this new age." Further, she has also begun to ban the use of languages other than Common-Speak, as it "reduces efficiency by reducing the understanding between our people."

    Then came the expansion. The Mid and Eastern Northlands were suffering a serious economic depression in the 1760's. The Queen took advantage of this via economic treaties to unite currencies and buying up unwanted territories of land. She then built railroads in the early 70's and supplied an economic bailout to the two Northlandish countries by building factories and improving cities in the two countries. By 1780 the two countries were so dependent on her economically that when she sent plebiscites to the two countries to ask their people whether they wanted her to rule over them politically or not, they could not refuse. The DQE rose, forming the largest political entity since antiquity.

    In the 80's, her old age was beginning to get to her. In one of the work camps that one of her henchmen went to inspect, there was a gifted magi named Jovina. Her gift was that of curses regarding mortality. She could instantly kill someone, make someone young again, or age someone dramatically. The only problem: it required the souls of magical creatures. Obviously, Aeona didn't care; she wanted to remain in power for as long as possible, if not indefinitely. So she invited (forcibly transported) Jovina to her castle and offered her an extremely large estate in the south-western part of the DQE as well as a large sum of money. She was lying, but as always well enough so that the elderly Maga was not aware of it. Unfortunately, or maybe even fortunately, Jovina rejected her offer, knowing that it would possibly result in the eradication of her entire kind, not to mention the end of magic in general.

    So what did Aeona do? Well, she immediately ordered her guards to cut up the old hag. In the proceeding moments Jovina yelled a curse, purple magic streaming from her hands along with crimson blood from the bashes and cuts of the guards' weapons. In the aftermath of the curse, Aeona soon looked in the mirror to find herself looking as she was shortly after she assumed power. However, within five years she had returned to the appearance of her normal age. Finding another Maga of similar strength, she had her tortured and interrogated until she discovered the exact details of the curse.

    She would never get old in theory as long as she killed and absorbed the souls of magical creatures. The more she absorbed, the more superhuman her intelligence and magical powers would become. However, the body will age at a much faster than normal pace. Further, if she ever marries a man she will automatically become her real age again, even if it kills her right afterward. Shortly after learning the details of the curse, Aeona ordered the Maga to be slain, just to confirm the curse's nature. Surely enough, the Maga's soul oozed out of her body and floated into Aeona's mouth, making her become slightly younger and stronger in appearance.

    And from that first victim thousands more came and thousands more will still come. With her consumption of magical creatures also came intense magical powers as well as psychic intelligence like the Maga had declared.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To become more powerful through the consumption of magical creature's souls. Also, to conquer the neighboring countries of Ishborga, Istanelia, Altaios, and Partens.

    Appearance: See Attachment. Citing "The black queen" by CarrieBach. URL:

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