Create a Character Challenge #22

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:

    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Remaxeta the Chaoscaster

    Gender: Female

    Age: 2500

    Species: God-like deity

    Family: She has none, having killed them all.

    Personality: Remaxeta is a cynical, arrogant woman, who uses her immortality and magic to wreak havoc on others. She absolutely abhors humanity, even though she was once human herself. The only thing humanity has ever produced is war. She enjoys bloody battles, with no sense of honor in them. Brother against brother, father against son, those are the types of wars she loves.

    History: Born in what is now called the Eastern Marches, Remaxeta had very few material possessions. She quickly saw how "distasteful" the creatures called humans were, and began to detest them. Even then, the poor remained poor while the rich remained rich, all because the rich kept them in both poverty and ignorance. At the peak of her youth, she was commissioned by the demons to create chaos. They claimed that this was the only way to fix humanity. In exchange for her actions, they gave her immortality, so that even thousands of years in the future, her actions will still be prevalent. Very soon, she was dubbed the Chaoscaster, revered as a being to defy the very gods that created her. There was only one before her, and eventually, he was overtaken by insanity, and killed like a dog. But this did not faze the already-crazy woman. She continued onwards, spreading pestilence, grief, war, and death wherever she went.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To spread her powers to the nearest city, the capital of the Northern Reaches, and further claim her position as the all-powerful Chaoscaster.

    Appearance: The Chaoscaster has pure white eyes, nothing in their depths to signify that she was indeed once human. Her hair is a deep brown, nearly black,and long, reaching down to her mid-thigh. She is thin, as if she has never eaten properly. Remaxeta's beautiful smile reveals row upon row of razor-sharp teeth, covered by lightly colored red lips. You know you have seen her by her mustard-yellow robes, covering her from head to toe. Her extremely pale skin is just another testament to her inhumanity.
  3. Character's POV

    I hate my hat. I shifted to this place a month ago from earth, expecting it to be full of mages with star-studded blue robes and pointy hats, but aside from myself and some crazy bug-eyed old bat, no one in Qaernt-Takal wears stupid pointy hats or cereal-box-Merlin robes. I'll never follow the steriotypes again. Even if the hat makes people give me a wide berth, I feel like a moron. I guess it couldn't be helped, though. Very little information was given to me about my job in Qaernt-Takal aside from "it's very magical... and medieval, kind of, only with more, well... Star Wars". Yeah. Right. Some mentor he turned out to be. But he's my uncle, and the only other High Mage within hundreds of miles that wouldn't kill me on first sight. They didn't like my eyes.

    High Mages and well-trained Mid Mages are the only ones who automatically see through the shield that makes me look fully human. It doesn't have too much to hide; just red eyes, white hair, and tan skin laced with a network of red lines and swirls. And tiny fangs, but most don't see past the eyes or skin. Forget the fact that I'm five-four. By the look on some mages' faces, you'd think I was ten feet tall. With all their hostility, I have no choice but to trust my insane uncle.

    Even when he forgets to mention that I'll be going to place with dragons, one of which is soaring below me, recovering the spell I'd hit it with when it tried to turn me into crispy barbequed mage-demon. Aside from the dragon trying to fry me, the journey to the bizarre pink castle didn't look like much of a challenge. And then the giant stone face to my right, which I'd assumed was an immobile statue since it lacked any traces of magic, broke away from the cliff and turned to stare it me. Well, at least it's just a head. Heads can't do anything, really.

    Unless they can shoot blue rays out of its eyes, which it did. I smelled something burning above me, and I ripped my hat off to see that it now looked like a tophat. The lasers destroy things, apparently. Okay then. I shoved my hat back on my head and avoided another laser, wondering if the stupid hat had just saved my face by drawing the stone head's attention to the hat instead. Well... maybe it wasn't such a bad hat.

    ((Character sheet coming later.))
  4. Name: Xinlyrmanya

    Gender: Female

    Age: A few thousand, who keeps track these days?

    Species: Dragon

    Family: All deceased

    Personality: She is intelligent and has a habit of making inappropriate yet comical comments at the worst moments. Loyal to a fault and vicious when the need arises, she is the perfect warrior, providing a fighting force to be reckoned with and a morale to keep the others in line.

    History: Ever since hatching, Xin has been searching. She flew all around the world several times in an attempt to find something worth staying around for. Just when she had given up, she met Blythe, the witchwoman. Blythe was kind, but that wasn't what drew Xin to her. The woman had a raw power, and a vision of the world that could be. It didn't take long for Xin to sign on board and collect other dragons to help the cause.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To prevent anybody - especially those carrying supplies - from reaching the castle.

    Appearance: See the one breathing fire in the picture? Yep.
  5. Name: Ms. Ingrid

    Gender: Female

    Age: 30

    Species: Human Wizard

    Family: Sister; head of the Wizard Boarding School

    Personality: Mysterious, kept to herself, loner but enjoys it, and kind to her students.

    History: Ingrid was born into a family of Wizards that were in charge of the Wizard Boarding School, a school that taught children how to be powerful wizards. Since a kid, Ingrid always liked to mix ingredients and create potions which earned her the job of a teacher at the school. She is the youngest sister but doesn't mind it. Ingrid has never married and doesn't plan to due to being awfully shy around men. The love she has for her students was rewarded by she being one of the most popular teachers at the school and also the 'most awkwardly cute'. A title that she doesn't mind but smile upon.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To teach her students how to make potions.


  6. Name: Alendria Orzani

    Gender: Female

    Age: 234

    Species: Elf

    Family: A father who is an accomplished wizard, a younger sister.

    Personality: Alendria is very curious by nature, since she was little the question she asked most often was "Why?". She has always been interested in dragons especially, devoring books about them and pestering the tamers with a million questions. She is very intelligent and has the necessary willpower to reach her goals. She loves her family and it pains her that she has to spilt her time between the taming and her family.

    History: Alendria was born into a rather wealthy family, allowing her access to all the resources she needed for her studies. Her younger sister was born 30 years after her, a normal range for elven families. Life was peacefull and happy, she went to school and studied dragons in her free time.
    Her mother left the family a few years after the birth of the youngest daughter for reasons she hasn't yet been told about but it put a dent into her usually very cheerful behaviour.
    She has worked for various organisations associated with dragon taming before, the most reputable being the Elven university of Tarona.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Currently, she is the caretaker of the dragons of Ursan university, a mostly human magic school.

    Appearance: Standing at 5'2" tall, Alendria is of average height for Elves. She is rather slender, but stronger than she looks because as a tamer,
    a lot of hard physical work is requiered of her.

    Her silver hair is kept short as a longer hairstyle would be impractical and makes maintainance much easier.
    Her eyes are blue, like the ocean.
    Alendrias ears are pointed, a clear sign of her Elven heritage she never hides.

    Usually, she wears blue or purple robes when not caring for the dragons, then she preferes simple pants and a shirt for practical reasons.