Create a Character Challenge #21

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:

    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Dohr Rahv
    Gender: Female
    Age: Appears to be 17
    Species: Unknown
    Family: Mother and Father, queen and king of her specie.
    Personality: The quiet one without emotions.
    History: Dohr Rahv is a creature that is meant to rule her kind once her father passes the crown to her. All her life they have taught her the places to keep hidden from the dry world above. They have also taught her how to talk to every specie in the ocean and use them as spies. But most of all, those species are also friends who are willing to help in order to keep the under water world a mystery to humans and dangerous place for them.
    Current Goal/Purpose: In a mission to find out who is killing her race one by one.
    unknown water specie.jpg
  3. [[ I absolutely love this image, saved it as my desktop background.]]

    Name: Nicktantie

    Gender: Male

    Age: ???

    Species: Humanoid

    Family: N/A

    Personality: Cold as the depths of the ocean. Nicktantie, lives off nothing but pure hatred..Not towards everyone, just a certain group of people.

    Nicktantie was a part of scientists who wished to learn more about the depths of the ocean. So a group of them; including himself ventured out into the Atlantic Ocean to do some research. Nicktantie was always the one who wanted venture below and experience it first hand. A story to look back on and tell his kids and grand-kids some day..However, the charts showed the part of the ocean they were in was filled with a strange radiation..Could this perhaps be the verge of discovering something big? Something that would explain more of the ocean's part history?

    They set anchor and geared up Nicktantie for the exploration. As he suited up, he could feel the boat shaking but it wasn't from the waves of the ocean..It was literal vibrations that he could sense. Asking if anyone else felt what he did, no one did...Was he just imagining it? He'd have to see for sure. The time had come for Nicktantie to sink to the depths and investigate as well as find out if the vibrations he felt before were indeed his imagination or not.

    He leaped off the side of the boat..SPLASH! Turning himself to glance at his fellow scientists before becoming engulfed by the ocean. The sound of his own breathing, bubbles, and his own voice was all he could hear as the light of day began to fade. Luckily he wasn't that deep and still had some light so he could navigate easily around the floor of the ocean he sunk to. His search began empty and leading towards absolutely nothing that could prove any sort of evidence..Nicktantie was almost ready to signal himself to be pulled up to the surface when a bright glowing object caught his attention in the corner of his eye.

    What was this fascinating object?..Where did it come from?..How did no one notice this before? The strange orb that laid there on the seafloor was so beautiful and so alluring that he couldn't resist leaning over to pick it up. He brought it up to the porthole of the mask just taking in the beauty of it. He felt at peace, unburdened, and just like he wasn't underwater..When suddenly it began to blink brightly. Nicktantie was set back for a moment..Unsure if he should let go or continue to hold onto it and take with him to the surface.

    He lightly tugged on the line back up to the boat, done and ready to get out of here..It was just that odd feeling that something bad was going to happen. The crew began to crank him back up, as Nicktantie held onto the object which began to react more than it did..Blinking furiously and sending those vibrations he felt before..So it wasn't his mind playing tricks on him, this item was the source..It must have unimaginable power..It released some sort of energy that shook Nicktantie up and since he was connected to the boat, it sent a very abrasive push that almost tipped over the boat. The scientists began to panic and started up the boat..They weren't going to stick around to be forgotten by everyone else..Actually..they preferred telling the tale that everyone could remember..The one where they just nearly escape some dreaded evil lurking in the depths! But..what about Nicktantie?

    He felt scared for a few moments. Why wasn't he being lifted up? Was the crank broken? How come he felt so short of breath? Not bothering to let go of the object at all. He valued research and was determined to find out all he could about it..Even though it was making things grim looking. His eyes caught sight of something sinking down to him..What was it? It was his air tube..They..disconnected him? Just completely shocked by all of this he desperately tried to swim up and make sure they didn't leave him. At this point he tossed aside the beauty that attracted him for a while..Taking offense to just being tossed aside..The beautiful colors that it had before turned to colors of anger and violence, growing large flailing tendrils.

    Nicktantie looked down to see that and was terrified not only that he wasn't going to make it..but now that he upset something that didn't even have feeling; When it actually did. Stroking with every ounce of his strength. Trying to ascend to the surface wasn't easy wearing a 100lb diving suit. One of the tendrils grabbed his leg, beginning to drag him back down. He wasn't ready to give in just yet..His free leg kicked the tendril, breaking him free from it's grasp..Now was his chance! Nicktantie desperately stroking his arms and kicking his legs..He could feel himself slipping from the world. The light of the surface was blurring and he couldn't hear himself panting anymore..

    His vision shaken, looking down slowly to focus on what it was. There were two tendrils now slowly dragging him back down to the object that was no longer alluring but horrifying and full of anger. How could such a charming thing..turn into such a beast, a hideous monster that wanted to take him down. The other tendrils of the object began to pull the two to an underwater cliff. Who knows what was down there. This was it, his life was gone..Everything he worked hard for in life, the countless times he dove down, and the'friends' he thought he made..Gone. Lifting his head up one last..It was like it beginning again.. When he first down he saw the light fade..And that same moment was happening again...Except now he couldn't see the light, all that surrounded him was the darkness of the ocean.

    His heart was slowly beating, the sound of his own breath flowing around in his helmet. He..was...Alive?..His eyes opened, but his vision wasn't the same. When they were fully opened he found that his eyes were now red and that he had light down here..Wherever here was. Taking advantage of his new vision, he inspected the area to see that the rocks were strangely shaped and that there were fish down here that weren't even in the records...The bottom of the ocean was where he was..."The Graveyard of the Ocean" They call it. He slowly rose to his feet, clutching his hands into fists and looking down at his boots. Why did they look so different?..They had a different shape to them and everything..barnacles and such were growing on his diver leggings. What..Was he?..He certainly wasn't the same man who came down here to search for treasure...No..He had become this abomination..That was somehow still living. A second chance perhaps...Yes..That object gave him a second life..This life..devoted to keeping the secrets of the Ocean's past a secret..and to just let them be.

    But first..He has some..unfinished business...

    Current Goal/Purpose: To keep everyone who wants to explore and discover the past of the ocean away and not land up like he did. And to also find the group of 'friends' who left him in his darkest hours.

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