Create a Character Challenge #20

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:

    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Feyt

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Species: Human

    Family: Father- King, Mother- Queen, Brother- Prince

    Personality: Caring and kind, very pacifistic and a hopeless romantic

    History: Born into the royal family, she's always had everything handed to her her whole life. As a young child, she was only ever allowed to play in the castle's gardens, but as she became older, she began wandering further away from home whenever she went outside. She found a small hole in the castle walls threw which she could get out and go to the forest. Once there, she discovered a small plant which would glow vibrant colours. Later, she found out that the plant was the last of its kind, being a plant with magical healing properties.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To protect the plant and ensure its safety and growth.

    Appearance: Dark red hair that falls in small curls down to her back. Her eyes are a bright green colour. She stands at 5"5', weighing 100lbs with a very slim figure.
  3. Name: Yaara Sudran "Ancient Mother"

    Age: As old as the forest itself.

    Species: Sentient Tree

    Family: All of the trees in the forest are her children.

    Personality & History: Caring, nurturing, and very protective of her children. She is wise and learned of the ways of both forest and man. She will always do what is best for her family, though at times she has taken pity on the race of man and has aided them in their times of struggle. She lives for the purpose of balance, so that man may never tip the scales and upset the balance of nature and technology. This task she lovingly and loyaly forever is responsible for upholding, as charged by the goddess of creation. From the moment she was planted in fresh soil at the beginning of time, she has strived to understand all that there is to understand and to become the medium for both progress and simplicity. She is the stand upon which the scales balance, though should they ever begin to tip in human's favor, she must interject for the sake of the true natives of this world: nature. Yaara Sudran has many agents, both wild and human and she speaks both tongues. She is the only sentient plantlife, as her children are far more simple, but this also makes it easier for her to maintain peace in nature. Her human agents are magical folk who value the earth they walk upon as she believes all humans should.

    Current Goal/Purpose: There have been two great wars between nature and man. Yaara Sudran fears a third may be brewing. Humans have grown insensitive and ungrateful for all that nature has provided them. They are encroaching on her forest, needlessly chopping down her children, according to her most trusted human agent. She understands that sacrifices are a necessity; that the humans need use of her children and those in her kingdom for shelter and food and warmth as much as they all need the dead of the humans to nurish the soil. But taking without cause can not go unpunished. She will begin the assemblage of her warriors...

    Appearance: A thirty-foot thick, too-tall-to-climb, mighty tree with roots lifting above ground and reaching far down into the soil, bark rough and lightly coated in moss. Her top spiders into many large branches that are always in bloom with leaves and blossoms, regardless of year. Her branches show her age, crooked and lumpy like an old woman hunched with arthritis. She sits on an island surrounded by a spring with the purest of waters. Looking into the spring is like gazing at a star-filled sky.
  4. Name: Sidero (evil nymph) Keita (forest)

    Age: no beginning and no end


    Family: she claims no family

    Personality/History: Cynical and mischievous. Sidero revels in the darkness of the forest, lurking behind every tree, finding anyway to cause strife in the life of another... be it animal, human or some other species; she does not discriminate. Sidero finds it easier to disconnect from everyone.. she can't hurt people if she gets close to brush them away first. Why? She didn't know. Sidero claims her mother cursed her.. that her name guides her life; she is drawn to the mischief.. drawn to the darker side. Everyone believes that William Shakespeare's character Puck in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was just that... a character, but that isn't the truth. Puck, the mischievous little elf, is Sidero's hero; she was there.. she saw his genius.

    Goal/Purpose: Create as much strife as possible. Make every encounter with her one to remember.. one that strikes fear as she plays her most detailed tricks on those poor souls. Her goal is to make the forest a place for everyone to fear.

    Appearance: The shows cast by trees, the dark nooks under bushes... the shadow that flashes by in the corner of one's eye. If she chooses to materialize in front of the eyes of a stranger, she uses the leaf litter of the forest floor as clothes, covering only the necessary parts... her hair mimicking blackness of shadows.. eyes a piercing green as though the sun were shining through the leaves.
  5. Name: Galda

    Age: Ancient,but not quite as old as the gods she serves.

    Species:Mushroom Sprite

    Family: She is connected to all life in one form or fashion.

    Personality/History: She's jovial and motherly. Though she's ancient she has eternal youth. She is an oracle of the gods and tells the fortunes of all that are fortunate to even cast eyes upon her. She trades in kittens hair from which she knits the dreams for nature's animals. She consults the crystals daily and keeps an eye on the forest and the lives of men that way. She has a scampy side and may have the squirrels steal a sleeping hero's hat. She came into being as the gods opened the Life's Box and dawn and evening were born. And so it was with other sprites and ancient life. Never to return to the box,but guide the god's kind. She was in love with a human once and wanted to bear his child,but a jealous tree sprite struck him down from behind with a birch arrow. Which led to the only malice she'd ever shown. Asking a favor of one of her brothers,a fire sprite Gorsea, had the tree sprite assasinated!

    Goals and reasons for being: To take care of nature,guide the heroes, and show man kind how to heal itself.

    Appearance: She may sprout from anywhere with her cloak that makes her to look like a morel mushroom. But the cloak is made from non-aggressive spider silk and can make her invisible. Her hair is snow white and almost as translusant and the silk she combs from baby spiders. She has the face of a twenty year old maiden with kind blue-grey eyes depending on her mood. Porcelain skin the envy of any human woman. She can vary her size anywhere from two inches to 5'2" in human form.
  6. Name: Feznir
    Gender: Male
    Age: Young adolescent
    Species: Nymph
    Family: Mother, Father, four sisters, two brothers. They aren't particularly interesting.

    Personality: He's independent and curious. These two traits has led him wandering into a mystery he cannot yet explain himself. However, he's determined to find the answer. Much of his arises from his desire to prove himself. As one of the last of many children, he always felt overlooked. While some of his siblings were fine with just being full of folly, Fenzir wanted to make something of his life. He wasn't going to live his life as a sheep.

    History: Fenzir was born the sixth of seven children, and while he loves his family and the whole nymph community, he always felt that there was something beyond his loving family and loving extended family and loving community. While he did listen to his elders and studied all there was to study, he had a habit of wandering off on his own (and also getting lost) when he wasn't specifically required to be anywhere. This habit of his also meant he was constantly getting in trouble for being late for everything.

    However, it wasn't long before what his studies taught him and what he experienced differed. From the elders he was taught that a red tree grew for every nymph, and that it was the red trees that sustained their lives. Their fate was entwined with the red trees, and they were the caretakers. What he saw, however, was that the red trees were stagnant. None of them were growing, and he knew. He had wandered to the edge of their forest and back many times.

    When he told his siblings, they hedged. When he told his parents, they hedged. When he told his mentor, she didn't give him a direct answer either. However, he was summoned before the council of elders the very next day. They questioned him about what he knew, why he knew, who told him. It seemed like a day before they finally let him go. When he got back home, his parents were worried. Spending even an hour with the elders was not a good sign.

    The next day, he was brought before the elders again. This time, however, he did the questioning. They told him that he was young, but observant, and that he had earned his right to the knowledge, but he couldn't share it. It was knowledge even his parents couldn't know about. It was knowledge that would take him on a completely different path in life. He accepted.

    He learned that their race was dying. The secrets of the red trees were hidden to them. What they taught children was mere fragments and whispers of the truth. The problem was that the truth had been lost in time. For long, the elders had been trying to retrieve the past, but they weren't getting anywhere. What they did know was that they, the nymphs were in fact supposed to be the caretakers of the red trees, but the art had been long lost. The elders shared with him everything they knew. He met others who were also searching for the lost art. Some scoured books. Others experimented on leaves and such. All of them looked down on him for being so young.

    His parents were deathly worried when he returned home that night, and the fact he told them he was packing to leave did not settle them at all. He bid his good bye to his family. Told them not to worry. Of course they did. The path Fenzir followed was different from his other searchers. He decided to spend time with the trees themselves. The only person who went with him was his mentor -- only who was the mentor and who was the student was no longer clear.

    Current Goal/Purpose: He's trying to discover the red trees' secrets -- how they grow, why they've stopped, and how to save his people.

    Appearance: He's young. He still has his baby fat, or at least he is still chubby. His skin is tinted red. His eyes and hair are brown in color. He has wings, but he has always had a hard time flying. Part of it is his weight, but he likes to say it's due to his connection with the ground. He is a mere 9 inches tall.
  7. Name: Terra

    Gender: Female

    Age: The beginning of time

    Species: Faun

    Family: None

    Personality: Doesn't talk much. Unimaginatively intellectual and wise. Kind to her species but ferrous against humans. Empathetic with animals and very serene.

    History: Terra has been on earth since the beginning of time when it was first made. She was made for the sole reason of being 'The Watcher'. Her job is to protect her kind by keeping humans away from the Land of Fauns. She hasn't been out of the land for millenniums because everyone who puts in danger their species, will be killed.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To watch the land from intruders.

    faun girl.jpg
  8. Name: Willow Minuet

    Gender: Female

    Age: She stopped counting when she hit 39, and that was decades ago.

    Species: Human witch

    Family: None living

    Personality: Willow has long since given up being warm and fuzzy to outsiders. She is withdrawn and defensive, more apt to lash out over some imagined offense than to offer shelter from a storm. Paranoia over her own death has forced her to become fiercely protective over her territory, causing many deaths of hunters who unknowingly crossed the invisible lines.

    History: Willow was orphaned at a young age and apprenticed out to a midwife since the local orphanage was already overrun with little ones. She learned many skills and grew to be a kind young lady with a special skill for dealing with children. A bard visited her town and brought with him tales of dark powers and witches, telling them all that the riots which had stolen her parents away were all started by warlocks who were still running rampant.

    Rage and sorrow took over her heart, and from then on, Willow devoted her life to witchcraft. She sought out a mentor and honed her skills until she was unparalleled. Her talent caused a target to be painted on her back, and assassins were sent time and time again to steal her life away. One got too close and she fled, into the nearby woods. None who went there had ever returned, but she had no other choice.

    She could find no wildlife to kill for food, and none of the bushes held berries. The trees were devoid of nuts, and none of the plants were familiar to her. For days, she couldn't even find a stream. Finally she began using a spell that sucked the life out of plants, sustaining her. For over a year this was how she survived, always walking on, always looking for a way out. At the end of that first year, she came upon the spot where she had first used the spell. In place of a plant, there were bright red crystals growing from the rock. She found that these gave the same effect as absorbing the life of plants, if placed against her skin. It only lasted a few days, but she had an entire trail of them around the forest. She made a necklace to hold chunks of the gem, and built a cottage deep in the mystical wood.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To stay alive, no matter what.

    Appearance: witch_by_zephyrhant-d4lskke.jpg
  9. Name: Mae Rivella

    Gender: Female

    Age: 35, looks 21

    Species: Selkie

    Family: She has no family as when she was born, she was lost by her Selkie Parents during a massacre.

    Personality: Deceptive, vengeful, flirty, murderous

    History: Mae was born to two very healthy Selkies who had the values of peace and prosperity unlike the majority of Selkies who lived. It was her first birthday, and she wasn't even at the age of transforming ability when her parents were killed along with 98% of her community. She hadn't known where her parents were, as their corpses had traveled downrange from the original killing spree. Mae was 13 when she discovered how her parents died and since then, spent years looking for her parents. When she finally found the location of their bodies, she stole them from the museum where they[SIZE=2] had [SIZE=2]been stored for years. The notes and lies on the display en[SIZE=2]raged her as she la[SIZE=2][SIZE=2]i[/SIZE]d[SIZE=2] [SIZE=2]their[/SIZE] [SIZE=2][SIZE=2]S[/SIZE]elkie bo[SIZE=2]dies to rest in graves near [SIZE=2]Mae's home. Since then, she would lure everyone who traveled that road to their graves and make sure the last thing they saw[SIZE=2] was her parents graves.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Current Goal/Purpose: To annihilate all humans by way of eating and skinning them underwater where she will lay the corpses, anchored down, at her parents graves.


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  10. Name: Merana Winter

    Gender: Female

    Age: 12

    Species: Human

    Family: Mother (deceased), Father (deceased-- or is he?)

    Personality: Merana has experienced much pain in her young life, but has somehow maintained the ability to smile. She wants nothing more than to live in peace with her best friend Thorn, who she thinks of as a father. At least, that is what she says, but Merana Winter has a warrior's spirit, and there are many battles left for her to face.

    History:Only 7 years old when the Harani army ambushed her fathers manor, Merana had to survive in the wilderness for three years. During that time, she became nearly feral, surviving by her wits and instinct with the help of a Greatwolf she calls Thorn. On the night of her tenth birthday, however, she dreamed of the night that she escaped from the attacking soldiers. Her memories came flooding back, and she decided to go home. Once there, Merana and Thorn used all of their cunning and ferocity to harass the foreign invaders, eventually earning themselves the name "Winterthorn," and igniting a local rebellion against the Harani. After an extended and difficult series of events, Winterthorn and the rebels managed to force the enemy back to their homeland, the two of them leave, seeking peace. But the hand of destiny is not done with these two yet.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Running from the tragedy of the distant past, and the fame of the recent past, Merana and Thorn travel halfway across the country to find a place where no one has heard of them, and take up residence in the forest near a town. When she arrives home after gathering some herbs (in picture), Merana finds two children inside, eating all the honey that she had saved up from robbing bees nests. The children's names are Handel and Greta, and somehow both Winter and Thorn know that their peaceful days are over.

    Appearance: With Emerald Green eyes and delicate features, Merana is pretty, but small, her growth having been affected by her poor diet during her time in the wilderness. She is surprisingly strong, however, and extremely fast with her knife, hands, or even teeth. She possesses many hooded cloaks that she uses to avoid being recognized, but her favorite was a red one that her mother made. As she grew older, the cloak was too small, so eventually she resewed it into a tunic. (and that, my friends, is how hoodies were invented.)
  11. Name: Decay

    Gender: N/A

    Age: From the beginning of time

    Species: Fungus troll

    Family: N/A

    Personality: Decay is calm and patient, unfazed by the gruesomeness of death. Instead, Decay as a somewhat optimistic attitude about Death, and has a profound reverence for beauty and order. It has a strong desire to "clean up" the world, so that it can promote beauty, color, and life in the world. It views the world with loving benevolence, though it can sometimes be prone to melancholy, as it loves the living world and is eager to interact, but it is strictly forbidden to come in contact with the living. Therefore, Decay spends much time lurking in the background, always near the living, curiously observing, and trying to the best of its effort to create more beautiful spaces to encourage life to flourish. It has been known to bashfully follow around humans and animals, and sigh wistfully at the sight of a beautiful flower.

    History: Decay was created in the beginning of the world, along with Death.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    As Death ushers spirits into the afterlife, Decay serves the world by helping guide dead matter back into the Earth to be absorbed and the reused by new life. Decay can be found roaming in battle fields, cemeteries, places where animals, humans and other creatures have been hunted and killed or have died, and other places where one might find dead bodies or plant material. Ever curious about the living world, Decay may sometimes creep into places of civilization, touching houses and causing them to rot at their foundations, or touching still living humans and animals causing diseases like gangrene and leprosy. When Decay fails to clean up dead matter in some instances, life may seep back into dead matter and undead creatures like zombies may spring up.

    Appearance: At night, Decay takes the form of a large, towering troll, covered in knobs and welts and lumps. From its skin sprouts colorful mushroom caps and patches of mold. In the daytime, to minimize its interaction with living creatures, it begins to shrink and finally take the form of a single morel mushroom, until the next sunset, where it grows again into its usual form, so that it can stalk the lands alone, cleaning up the messes of the living.