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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:

    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Kitomie Kiskir

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25


    Family: Raole (Brother) Age: 15


    Kitomie is usually found wandering around Hisaragi Forest. He loves to hunt using his mastery archery skills and he never misses his target. During the day, he loves to scope out his main prey. At night, he prepares for his hunt. Kitomie often scolds his little brother, Raole. Hkis brother is known for causing mischief and annoying the villagers. He often gets very upset with his little brother and even grounds him. Even so, he still loves Raole and also the fact, that he is his only living relative.


    Kitomie and his brother were out on their daily scouting throughout the forest. They were searching for their next meal when they heard the sound of a woman's voice call out to them. The two stop in suspicion at first, although they didn't see anyone in sight. The voice continued to call out to them and trailed off in the Northern direction. Kitomie and his brother exchanged looks, before following the voice, keeping their weapons at the ready.

    The path in which they walked, seemed different from the others. It was unlike anything they had ever seen. Along the rows of the path grew roses, but these roses were black. Resembling something like death itself. Raole became filled with fear, but Kitome only reassured him that it would be okay. He was also now skeptical of what waited ahead of them. The voice continued to linger in the air and seemed like it was far, yet close.

    The paths end slowly came into view and A woman appeared before them. She didn't have a physical body and she floated, just above the ground. Kitomie and Raole raised their and aimed them at the woman, but she asked them to lower their weapons. They could not feel any darkness radiate from the spirit and did as she said.

    Soon after, she had explained to them that her city of Yuire had been destroyed by creatures from another dimension. She called these creatures the Weirts. Bat-like creatures, that preyed on cities and devoured humans. She had told them of the tragedy that had befallen her city and asked for their help. Kitomie agreed to help her, in return she explain more of what the creatures were after.

    The spirit agreed and made haste in opening a portal. She notified the two brothers that the portal linked to her city. Kitomie and Raole stepped through the portal, and were hit with a blinding flash. When the light dispersed, they found themselves in the ruins of the city. Without any further hesitation, the two brothers began searching the city.

    Current Goal/Purpose:

    Kitomie's goal is to fulfill the spirit's request and find out clues to tracking down the Weirts. The purpose for this is so that he and his brother could stop the attackers at the source. That in return, will finally help the spirit rest peacefully.

  3. Name: E12 or Eladen

    Gender: Female

    Age: Appears 24

    Species: Humanoid (Half human half robot)

    Family: Deceased centuries ago.

    Personality: Truthful/Honest, Genuine, Tough, Brave, Skeptical, and ambitious.

    History: Eladen was 24 years of age when the planet she lived in was colonized by machines and powerful cruel robots. They invaded houses and killed millions of humans, mostly those old of age. One day, the robot guard found her families hidden basement and killed them but decided to kidnapped her. They took her to their spaceship and experimented on her body resulting in her being a humanoid, they called her E12. After that, she was another person. She couldn't disobey her creator's orders and was sent to kill the same people she have known since she was born. No one knew the robots and machines intention, they only knew they were there to kill or kidnap. At last, one lucky day, Eladen had the chance to kill her creator, earning her free will. But there were more and they were all after.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Eladen's purpose is to destroy the ruler of the robots and save what was left of the humans in hiding. In order to achieve this, she also needs to hack into their program and shut down what it is that is keeping them alive. After all, they are robots controlled by machines.


    robot fem.jpg
  4. Name: Tac-99S

    Gender: Male

    Age: 30

    Species: Humanoid

    Family: Unknown

    Personality: Conservative, adventurous, hard-working, curious, and quiet.

    History: Tac:99S was originally a human named Tony Arbous. Who one day signed up for something he had no idea had another meaning behind. Confounded to work within the factory until his final circuits blow out, Tac always tries to find a new way out. Constantly exploring the factory in search of the end of the maze. It was that one day, where a couple of the other workers within the building caused a giant mix up in the inventory and it took everyone to come and fix it, giving Tac the perfect chance to escape. It felt so good to be out of that miserable factory, but Tac saw the world had changed while he was kept inside for so long..

    Current Goal/Purpose: Tac wishes to find out more about how and why the world changed, also trying to locate anyone he might remember before he became the mechanized-abomination he is now. Eventually leave the town for good.


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  5. Name: Alan Graves

    Gender: Male

    Age: 35

    Species: Human

    Family: Niece, not confirmed whether living or dead.

    Personality: Alan was once a man with a give-them-hell, no-looking-back attitude. He followed orders, he executed them, and used his own judgement when it was appropriate to. An obedient soldier, but one brimming with enthusiasm and conviction. However, once he saw the true horrors of war, and not just what he was told to see, he snapped. The gears started to turn, and the world he thought he knew came tumbling down around him. He did not see his enemies as soulless beings - he saw that they too wept for dead comrades, and fought for a cause they believed to be just. He no longer believed his commanding officers were the best for their position - what kind of person orders an execution on a group of small, starving children because they "might reveal the squad's position?" Now, he is but a shell of a man, stumbling towards his next objective, his thoughts lost in a sea of bitterness.

    History: A member of the seventeenth demolition squad in the Alphistrian army, he was renowned as one of the best in his particular group - bar the commander. He knew where charges had to go, he knew how to topple buildings, he was a demolitions aficionado - and he felt satisfaction at what he did. Taking out key positions after being inserted into areas, and allowing the bombers to flatten the rest. However, it took him years of service to come to a realisation - that he didn't want to fight.
    A key town that was essentially a chokepoint in the country was in enemy hands, and the Alphistrian army had to break through at any cost - thus, it was determined that a large part of the settlement would have to be eradicated. And, after the seventeenth demolition squad's havoc was wreaked, the bombers decimated the crippled area. However, amongst the rubble, lay a stuffed toy - a ouffin, pink where the body should be black, with a child's name embroidered neatly onto the chest.
    Amy Harrison.
    His niece.
    The only family he had left, the ten-year-old girl he had promised his sister he would protect, with every fibre of his being.
    And he had essentially, and supposedly, killed her.
    There were survivors, but they were few and far between - some were just dying slowly. And, as he took in what he had done, the horros of the past five years hit him like a bullet train.
    On the inside, he died that day.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To determine whether his niece is still alive, and depending on the result, go home with her, or just give up.

    Appearance: Tall and with a well-developed muscle tone, his once-fierce grey eyes, coupled with oak-brown, crew-cut hair, now possess a dull kind of blankness. As he specialises in urban operations, and works under the cover of night, his standard gear is a black, kevlar bodysuit, with a thin, bullet-resistant vest worn over it if the situation calls for it. Numerous cuts and scrapes are seen on his skin at any time, should you actually see his skin - as opposed to a series of explosions. However, the consistent injuries on him are the scars - a large one from a burn cloaking his right arm, and a jagged, hideous one snaking from the bridge of his nose to the right of his lips.
  6. Name: Wyatt Avant

    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Species: Human

    Family: Don't care. His best friend, Wes Belmont, is always by his side. The Belmont family is his family.

    Personality: Wyatt is the quiet type. Usually first to pull the trigger, last to ask questions. With Wes being the brains to Wyatt's brawn, he doesn't have any problems keeping quiet. It's not like Wes tell's Wyatt what to do, Wyatt just knows what to do. With one hand ever poised above the grip of either of his two pistols, he just doesn't seem like one to mess with. Wyatt doesn't have the best temper either, and he surely doesn't fear anyone. Despite all of his hardened emotions, he is a kind soul, deep down, but usually only shows it towards women and children.

    History: The day that the Tetra attacked the planet of Theran was just like any other day for Wyatt and Wes. They were running their usual last-Saturday-of-the-month extortion routes. Reid's Corner Market had already been visited, no casualties. Calista Rocheford wasn't so lucky. She had missed payments last month, and Wes wasn't happy. The Belmont organized crime family didn't take late payments if there were no payments, it usually did not go over well."

    "Please! Please, Mr. Belmont! Just one more week! I Swear on my mother's grave!" Calista was holding onto her child, an eight year old boy named Michael, desperately. Tears rolled down her face as Wyatt raised an eyebrow at the groveling woman. He reached his hand out and placed it on the woman's shoulder, preparing to separate her from her child. This wasn't an unusual sight when someone forgot to pay their monthly dues. Actually, she's lucky that Wes liked her. Michael woud have disappeared last month if she wasn't favored...but Wes always had a little more mercy on beautiful women.

    "All right Ms. Rocheford. Calm down now. We would never hurt little Michael, and you know that. And we wouldn't want to..." Wes scratched his chin briefly thinking of how to phrase his next statement. ​"Take him on a little vacation if you know you will have the necessary funds in just a week." A grin crossed his face as he handed his coat to Wyatt. "Let's just got have a chat in the back room and work this out. Wyatt here will make sure Michael is entertained." Wyatt closed his eyes and nodded, his face showing his usual emotionless expression.

    Calista, wiping her tears away, looked at Michael with a forced, but still slightly reassuring, smile."It's ok, little bit, Wyatt here will take care of you while mommy and Mr. Belmont have our...discussion. I'll be back before too long, don't worry." She didn't mean that last statment as a direct attack on Wes' stamina, but Wyatt took it that way and chuckled under his breath. He glanced at Wes, who dismissed Wyatt's jeer with a small grin and a wave of his hand.

    Wyatt leaned against the wall and tilted his hat lower over his eyes as Wes walked by and put his arm around Calista, escorting her to the back room of the little shop. Michael looked at Wyatt with a curious stare. "Why does mama have to give you all of our money?" Wyatt closed his eyes and sighed, adjusting his hat so he could look at the child. His light blue eyes peered into Michael's hazle orbs.

    Still showing no emotion, positive or negative, Wyatt opened his mouth to speak. "Your mama ain't done nothin' wrong, son, but your..." Wyatt resisted the urge to call Michael's dad a good for nothin' like he was. "...daddy owes Mr. Belmont a favor. Now since your daddy's passed away, he left your mama all of that debt. It ain't right for your daddy to do that...but when someone borrows somethin', they gotta give it back." His low voice rumbled like thunder as he talked to the child. He didn't expect the child to understand, but that's the best explanation wyatt could offer to a kid.

    Wyatt looked at Michael to see if he had any reaction. Michael was looking down at the floor, twiddling his thumbs. He looked sad, plain and simple. What kid wouldn't be sad? "Hey boy, you like go-fish?" The boy looked up to the tall man and nodded. He wasn't smiling, but it was a start."Com'ere and have a seat." Wyatt pulled a deck of cards out of his jacket's breast pocket. Michael walked over and sat down in front of Wyatt, gazing at the way Wyatt shuffled the cards. Wyatt cracked a small smile. "It's not that hard. I remember when I was your age, watchin' my daddy do exactly this. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. You wanna try?" Michael shrugged his shoulders, showing his uncertainty about trying this seemingly complicated task. Wyatt patted him on the back and pushed the deck of cards in Michael's direction. "Go ahead. Grab the top half of the deck and put your thumb here, like thi..." The door to the back room opened with a swift motion.

    Wes stepped out adjusting his belt. Following him, an ashamed looking Calista was tying her hair back into the neat bun it was in before she left. "Let's go back home for the day, Wyatt. I'm in a good mood, so we'll take tomorrow off and give the rest of our customers one extra week, all thanks to Ms. Rocheford." Wes tipped his hat at the woman. She lowered her head and frowned. "Y'all be good, y'hear?" Wes mimicked Wyatt's accent as he stepped out of the shop. Wyatt stood up off of the floor and dusted himself off.

    "You keep those cards, Michael. Keep practicin' and you're sure to get it." Wes tipped his hat at Michael, who let out a small smile. "Sorry 'bout this ma''s business..." He tipped his hat at Calista, who looked angry at Wyatt. "..." Wyatt was used to it. He turned his back and began to walk out.

    "Why?" Wyatt stopped in his tracks. "Why do you do this? You aren't like this, I know it..."​ Wyatt didn't turn around. He didn't take any noticeable movements.

    "I wouldn't expect you to understand, and I know you wont. You work hard, Ms. Rocheford. It won't be this easy next time." Wyatt took his leave without another word. Outside, Wes puffed on a cigarette, looking up at the bright night sky, lit by all the lights of the city. It was nothing special, no stars, the two moons were barely visible, and it was cloudy. Wyatt didn't say anything to Wes. Wes just kept staring upwards.

    "Wyatt...something isn't right tonight...Something is's in the air, thick and heavy, you feel it?" Wyatt shrugged. His shoulders were always weighed down. He carried the bodies of all the innocent people he killed, but his debt to Wes was greater than his own conscious. So Wyatt lived with it. He didn't like killing innocent people, so he liked dealing with beautiful women. He knew Wes would go easy on them. He looked up at the same sky as Wes, focusing his gaze directly on Tithess, Theran's larger moon. The cloud coverage made it look hazy, but it didn't matter.

    After a moment of looking, Wyatt noticed something, a shadow in the sky...a large shadow crossing the moon's path. " that?..." Wyatt pointed up to Tithess. A large shadow loomed in front of it. Wes flicked his cigarette to the ground and stomped it. "I don't believe it...what would they want with our little planet!?" Wyatt was gritting his teeth in anger. He obviously knew what doom was lurking overhead.

    "C'mon, let's get back home. We probably don't have much time...but what time I do have, I won't use it gawking at a Tetra Imperial Cruiser. There's no telling how many more are coming, so we have to get ready to defend ourselves." Wes was serious now. He was pretty scary when he was serious. He didn't scare Wyatt, but he could scare anyone else on the planet, easy.

    "Right. If we go down, we go down together." Wyatt followed Wes' lead. The walked, like normal, back to the family house. Inside, everyone was acting as usual. Donovan was playing poker with Chas and the boys working from inside Stansa Corp. Johnny was smoking a cigar on the sofa with his arms around his two favorite broads, Camila and Dia. The rest of the family were either at the bar talking to Benedict, the bartender, sharing stories or hanging around chit chatting after a long day. It was a welcoming atmosphere, homely, fun. But when Wes and Wyatt entered, everyone dropped what they were doing to greet the boss. You could hear "Hey boss! Hey Wyatt!" coming from every direction. Chas was beckoning the boss and his right hand to come play some poker with him and the boys at the bar motioned for them to come over. Now wasn't the time, and it showed on the boss' face.

    Wes spoke up, "Listen up!" the room fell silent. "Gather your arms. We're about to have to fight for our lives. This is not a drill or a joke. Tonight we fight together against the Tetra." The room came to life with murmors and whispers. "Shuddup! I don't know what they want with our planet. The intergalactic war should be taking place in the Nesby System, so why they are here, lightyears away, I have no clue! All I know is that they are here and we mus..." A loud boom came echoing in through the open door. It sounded distant, but it was a clear sign that the fight had begun. "We...must fight..." Everyone was silent. Everyone knew that the Tetra had a vast military force even though they were an alien race to this planet, never once inhabiting Theran...but why now? Why do they want it? No one had a clue. It was fairly certain that the small planet of Theran would fall this day...and quickly...survival was the only option.

    "C'mon on you bastards! Get a move on! We're gettin' outta town while we can..." This was one of the larger cities on Theran, not the capital of the planet, but close. This city would be targeted early. The Tetra were a fairly ruthless race, usually taking no prisoners. So if they were found, they would be killed. Luckily, This house was not far from the city limits.

    "We, travel on foot, Johnny, you take Chas and the boys and head north out of town. Me and Wyatt will take Benedict and them at the bar and head east. Do not get in a vehicle, they will be targeting them first, for sure...We meet at the know the go!" The room set into motion. Benedict pulled his shotgun out from behind the bar and slung it over his shoulder. The rest of the boys had their weapons on them. Benedict nodded at Wes and Wyatt signaling that he was ready, so the group left. Out into the city, part of wich was already ablaze.

    The sound of gunshots and screaming could be heard echoing through the streets. People all over were peering out their windows, most of them not knowing what was causing all the commotion. A few bright citizens had packed their essentials and had started driving out of the city. That was a bad decision. In the distance, a giant beam of light fell from the sky, no doubt destroying the highway...and it's inhabitants...The whole situation was bad...

    As the group of Belmont family members and their Boss, Wes, head through ally ways towards the edge of town a screeching howl could be heard coming from the street. It was a Tetra raid party, no doubt. Soon, the sound had an ugly face matched to it. Coming barreling down the same ally was a Tetra soldier. He was not a pretty sight...He was humanoid in shape and only a foot taller than most humans. His features were dark and mangled looking though, but that's how all Tetra were. Their dark blue and green complexion was ugly at best.

    Before anyone else had a chance to react, Wyatt had already drawn his pistol and landed two shots in the attacker's skull. The energy revolvers Wyatt wielded were custom made. It was an interesting concept, an energy revolver. Where most revolvers had six shots, Wyatt's chamber had six slots in it, but each slot held a small energy clip. Each energy clip was good for six shots each. So each of his revolvers could actually shoot 36 shots.

    Another Soldier came after the shots Wyatt let loos. Benedict laid him out with a blast from the past, a modified Remington 870 shotgun had smoke rolling out of the barrel. In this ally, it was easy to defend yourself, but the group couldn't stay forever. Wes decided it was time to move. "Make a break for it!" Wes held his fully automatic tight and ready to fire as he ran into the street. Everyone followed his lead, blasting and picking off any Tetra Scum that might be in our way. As enemies and friends alike fell in the heat of battle, no one could afford to stop. As bullets and energy beams whizzed and hummed, a somewhat beautiful macabre serenade took Wyatt into a different world. All he saw were his targets, and his quickshooting style took each one of them down with ease, before they could even react. It was like time slowed down for this sharpshooter. Before long, The group had dwindled down to three boys, Benedict, and the Wes Wyatt combo.

    "We're gonna make it, boys! The end is there!" Wes sprinted, running on adrenaline now, Wyatt followed as did the rest of the group. Everything seemed clear, and it looked like the safety of the tunnels was close enough to touch.

    Pow! A shot rang out from the distance and one of the boys fell. Sniper...Pow Pow, two more boys fell. We couldn't stop. We hid behind a house. The tunnels were right there. The Tetra wouldn't come into the tunnels, too dark and cramped for them. Besides, they were more worried about decimating this city. Benedict looked at the both of us and smiled. "It's been a pleasure, sirs." and with that, he ran the oposite direction, drawing the fire of the snipers.

    Wes and Wyatt squeezed their eyes together at the man's sacrifice...and then they ran, they couldn't let Benedict's attempt at saving the Boss be in vain. Wyatt and Wes ran harder than they ever had in their entire lives. Shots rang out as snipers shot at Benedict...then the Remington sang it's final tune as Benedict was hit. He went down shooting...

    The safety of the tunnels embraced Wyatt and Wes. Chas had made it, along with two of his boys. "Johhny didn't make it. He died in one of those bastard's hands...spat in their face before getting his crushed..." Chas looked at the ground, finally able to mourn for his lost brothers. One tear fell off of his cheek. "I don't know what happened to the broads...I think they just accepted their fates. They stayed behind." Wes walked over and put his arm around Chas. Wyatt just stood there.

    "You did good Chas. You did what you could. Now we're here, we're all that's left, and we have to live." Wes squeezed Chas' shoulder. Wyatt nodded and closed his eyes.

    "We'll make it out of here. Don't worry."Wyatt looked off in the distance, he could see the burning city not too far away. His home was was time to move on.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Survival

    Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, 6' 6" tall, medium build. Always wears his brown coat and generally three belts. One for each gun, and one for extra ammo clips. He has a western style cowboy hat and a ted bandanna tied around his neck. He has a black vest and a white under shirt, dark jeans and brown boots. His face looks a little aged, mostly from a rough life. He has a stubble lined face and is somewhat gruff looking. His hands are calloused and dirty.

    Wyatt (open)

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  7. Year: 2300
    Of Note:
    This is taking place during the beginnings of a civil conflict in the United States in which a race of witch-like people (Magi) are beginning to retaliate against humans for depriving them of their rights, segregating and discriminating against them. The city in which "Oliver Gray" lives is New Vegas, a somewhat filthy, hazy city sprawling over the southern half of the state of Nevada in the United States.

    Pseudonym: Oliver Gray
    Secret Identity: Domitius Erasmus Glaucia [IPA: do'mitjus er'asmus 'glæʊkjə]
    Goes by: Oliver with humans, Domitius with Magi, Dom/Rasmo' with friends
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Species: Magus (Mage)
    Magus Description:
    Magi (plural of Magus) are a group of people who display mutations that give them the ability to manipulate matter around them as well as tap into normally unconsciously used or accessed parts of their brain consciously to activate psychic powers such as clairvoyance and levitation. They began to come about due to the presence of radioactive particles being emitted from poorly kept nuclear plants and other places during the latter part of the 21st century. By the 23rd century they formed a substantial part of the North American population, which was rapidly declining due to such things as lack of resources, environmental pollution, and constant conflict with European countries over what was left of resources such as food and oil. Blamed as the cause of these problems in the United States, Mexico, the Middle East, and Asia, they were soon persecuted, often sentenced to short jail terms and fines for using their magical abilities in public. As expected, conflict has begun to stir up throughout the world with groups of Magi, who are either peacefully or violently demanding their rights against their governments. Outright civil war is expected to start in the United States as well as the feudal territories of Mexico, which has become ruled by drug cartels united only by their hatred for the Magi.

    Physically, they resemble most people, with the exception of odd hair-colors and eye colors. It is also rumored that some tend to live longer, and that some can even siphon off the life force of humans to live longer (untrue, but has been used in a lot of anti-Magi campaigns throughout the United States in earlier conflicts to dehumanize them as "vampires"). Another distinguishing feature is their use of Latinate names, for many often practice Roman paganism or simply wish to emphasize the Neoclassical, Enlightenment principles that they believe should be upheld for them.

    Biological Father: George Carpenter, 51
    Prima Cyantha Glaucia, 39
    "Father": Augustus Clemens Glaucia, 36
    Fraternal Twin Brother: Leo Lotharius Glaucia, 17

    Around humans he keeps a low profile, a reflection of his fear for them. Around humans he rarely reveals anything about himself other than his pseudonym Oliver Gray, making him seem distant and somewhat mysterious. However, one could argue that this is not because he fears his American human counterparts for their intolerance; he is simply timid in general. He has few Magi friends and tends to either be at school or at home, rarely going out on his own for any occasion unless it is to run an errand for his mother or father.

    However, he is not just some dull, fearful person. While appearing to be moping half-asleep, his mind is really going off with near incomparable rapidity. Ideas flash in and out of his mind, making him often carry around a journal where he writes them down. Stemming from this is a creativity and intellect that only his teachers get a glimpse of in his school work, his grades nearly perfect. This high intelligence only comes through to his teachers, however, because of a work ethic instilled in him by his mother at a young age. This combination of work ethic, intelligence, and timidity serves to alienate him from his peers, who are all about having fun and stirring up the humans while they can still somewhat get away with it.

    His history consists of discoveries that have led him to be the way he is today, whether for better or worse. His first discovery of sorts was when his powers began to appear at the ages of seven and eight. It was during recess at school when some older kids were making fun of him for his glasses. He was so scared that he closed his eyes and wished he was back in the class room. Lo and behold, he opened his eyes to find himself sitting in his seat, which he had pictured in his mind before teleporting. The incident was met with some mild punishment in the form of having to stay and help the teacher clean after school. The Magi schools were well aware that such occurrences outside of their area were intolerable by humans and subject to fines of up to 500 dollars per incident (50 dollars today. Inflation occurred over the past few centuries, especially with the recession around this time.) Fortunately, this was the only negative incident to mark his academic career, being an otherwise perfect student to the scorn and loathing of other Magi.

    At the age of eight he discovered his second power. He was staring at a sapling that his "father" Augustus had planted when he was born. (the government tries to lessen the pollution of its cities by requiring that each family have a living plant on their property for each child that lives in the family's house.) He stared up at a bird, watching it as it took off into the sky. Innocently enough, he too wished to fly and leaped up. Unlike most children however, he did not simply return to the ground; he soon began to float upward until he grabbed onto a tree branch and sat on it, gravity regaining its grip on the little boy. Because his parents knew they would have to pay a fine upon discovering that he used his Magi powers to get stuck, Augustus ascended the tree and rescued him.
    Other than these events, his childhood was somewhat smooth, although always characterized by some sort of vaguely ominous feelings that would not explicitly manifest themselves until his adolescence. The first discovery based on these ominous feelings was one he keeps to himself, even hides from the few friends he has. He does not wish them to know that he is in fact, not attracted to women in the slightest, but rather attracted romantically and sexually to men. He honestly does not see it as something that they need to know right now and is not comfortable with the possible consequences of being open in a country where he is already discriminated for being a Magus.

    The other discovery was another one that makes him somewhat uncomfortable. His parents, unable to bear keeping the secret from him, finally sat him down in the living room when he turned sixteen. Prima told him about his biological father, a prominent politician today, who during the first Magi Revolt of the 2280's with other people in positions of political power took Magae (female plural of Magus) prisoners to torture and rape. The talk was quite dramatic, but relieving in that Prima finally faced an event that had plagued her thoughts ever since Domitius was born. Domitius was at first unsure what to think of himself, and became somewhat depressed for awhile before coming to the conclusion that his biological father was not really his father, for Augustus was the one who actually raised him.

    However, this period was not only characterized by revelations that shook his sense of self. His academic persona was constantly reaffirmed, especially since his grades earned him an extremely rare place at a human academy in the heart of New Vegas. While he has almost no friends due to him being a transfer, little people persecute him. This is due to the government's requirement for Domitius to use a pseudonym, created by a random name generator. The pseudonym was then used in all the places where his real name would go, diminishing some suspicion about his being a Magi. While most would think the blue and purple hair of his to be a dead giveaway, it actually is not due to the large number of young people in this age who dye their hair unnatural colors, fortunately for him a fad that allows him to remain inconspicuous.

    His brother, Leo, is not really that much of a big influence in Domitius' life. They played with each other until Leo turned 12 or so. Since then, Leo's been something of a rebel child, participating in teen Magi underground movements and events. Leo recently moved out of the house after an altercation with Augustus that almost set the house on fire due to mis-aimed fire magic from both parties involved.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To continue his performance in school and to possibly find a legal way to persecute his father and others who committed Magi rights atrocities in the 80's.
    -To try and find out the whereabouts of his brother, for whom Prima and Augustus are quite concerned.