Create a Character Challenge #13

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:

    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. First one hope it's good

    Name: Kate Ramel

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Species: Neko

    Family: Unknown

    Personality: Kate is a person who is very enthusiastic, when she is around friends she loves to joke around. Whether it is on the job or not she will find a way to make a joke or two. Even though she is in serious about things, she will get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

    History: Kate was born into a wealthy family who cared dearly for her. It was not long after before she could even remember whom her parents were that she had gotten lost and was adopted by the leader of a race known as the Rethna. The Rethnas are a race of angels that had been in hiding long ago and completely forgotten to humanity. Kate, since then, has been growing up and learning how to fight and defend until the time comes that she is sent out to suppress the growing darkness within the world.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To prevent the darkness from gaining control of the land

    Appearance: (with orange fox ears and tail)
  3. Name: Eric Tylie
    Gender: Male
    Species: Cyborg
    Family: None--unless one considers his creator and the maintenance people that work on him as family.
    Personality: Cold, calculating
    History: Created little over a year ago, he is number 2,453,940 in a 3 million cyborg army created by the government in the year 2098 to defend against conflict.
    Current Goal/Purpose: He is on the highway to stop an explosion formed by a bomb that had been dropped by revolutionaries that did not agree with the WG (world Government).
  4. Name: Frace

    Gender: Female

    Age: 103

    Species: Alien

    Family: Deceased

    Personality: Frace is the worst there could be, a ruthless evil creature. She does not care about humans at all, she only thinks of them as 'mud underneath her feet'. Being cruel and vicious is all she thinks about, there is no goodness in her heart. Her intelligence about the human kind makes it fairly facile for her to trick them into playing her wicked games.


    A century ago Frace was just a baby alien in a planet not so far from the Earth's galaxy. Her kind was meant to take the life source of special plants called Menia which lived forever and never withered. After a few years from being born, Frace's planet was destroyed by what she later on believed were the works of humans. That day, before the planet was completely destroyed her family managed to escape in a small ship and fled to a near by system called Terra (Earth).

    There her family had to adapt to the human race and used their ability of shape shifting to take a humans appearance in order to live among them. It all failed when one day her mother was in her alien form and someone saw her. This lead to the persecution and the deaths of Frace's parents. Not only did she learned that humans were the one that destroyed her parent but the same ones that killed her family. This changed her into a evil malignant being made only to hunt and live forever.

    Current Goal/Purpose: The only goal Frace have is to kill as many humans as possible in order to live longer.
    female alien.jpg
    Alien Form
    species woman.jpg
    Human Form
  5. Name: Marcus Lemonte



    Species: Human

    Occupation: Paranormal Investigator

    Personality: Very serious and somber. Though some people make fun of him for his line of work, he remains serious about his job.

    History: Marcus grew up in an orphanage in Massachussetts. He was adopted at the age of 12 by a man and woman who had become unable to have children of their own, the mother having had an accident while pregnant with their first child.

    Even at that age, Marcus was convinced that the orphanage he had been in was haunted. A year after Marcus had left the orphanage, one of the care-takers murdered several children and a couple of other care-takers. When she was arrested, she claimed that 'something took her body'.

    It was that incident that set Marcus on a path to becoming an investigator. He solved countless hauntings and, by the age of 25, had become one of the world's most reknown Paranormal Investigators.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To investigate the 'flashing lights' of a desolate, lonely road in the center of the U.S. He believes that this is a hoax created by people from a nearby town, but perhaps...

    Appearance: mediumlengthhairstylesformen2.jpg

  6. If you ever get the feeling you're being watched, you probably are. By me. I can't remember where I came from or how I lost my body, if I ever had one, so don't ask for an explanation. All I get is the occasional flashback, but those are just like matches; they flare to life and then die shortly after. So I'm left without memories, without a body, without so many things that I wish I had. People take for granted their bodies and their ability to communicate. I watch them take it for granted every day. They throw their lives away, they hurt themselves, they hide from everyone and make enemies on purpose. If I had a body, I would never treat it like that. Then again, you're talking to a mass of particles that has nothing better to do than spy on people. That's not exactly a good thing to do, either. Sometimes I'll float into movie theaters and watch movies. I like that. And sometimes I'll fly down the roads that people drive on to see what there is to see, but I've had to be careful lately. My form goes from invisible to beams of light whenever I move very fast, and people tend to freak out and think it's aliens or something when they see me. Maybe I am an alien, though. After seeing so many lives, I think I have decided who I would be if I could ever have a body and a life. I'm tired of not being able to help people...

    Name: I like the name Mary. It's a very popular name, but it sounds sweet. I rarely see people named Mary being cruel.

    Gender: I don't know. Females seem to have more physical pain throughout life, but the name Mary isn't usually for males. I think females are prettier. I think I'd want to be one.

    Species: Human. Just human.

    Family: A mother and a father, four grandparents, lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. I think I'd want two siblings, a girl and a boy. Eventually I would have a spouse, and some children.

    Personality: I would be the same as I am now, but with more to do. I would help people and be kind to everyone. I would have lots of fun everywhere I went, even at school, where everyone seems to be so bored and angry.

    Appearance: Purple is my favorite color. I would want purple hair and eyes, even if that was weird. I've seen people with that color hair and eyes, but I think it's not real. Long hair is lovely, and I think I would be tall and strong to protect people. I don't know what my face would look like; I don't care.

    Goals: Have friends, love people, have fun, go to school, learn lots of things, get married and have a family, get a real job in a nice city, and just be human.