Create a Character Challenge #12

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:

    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. To the President of Highland,

    You are ridiculous and foolhardy to believe you can get rid of this haze by yelling at it. It is not a sentient being, and we are beginning to wonder if you are sentient or not. Everyday we hear your voice over the speakers telling us to endure just a while longer until you have found a surefire way to clear this haze, but our families and friends are dying. We can only endure so long. Mister President, we assure you that you will face great danger and opposition if you continue to be useless in the fight against the haze. We advise you to stop talking at the haze and find a real solution.

    Sincerely, Earl Grey Black and Jasmine Green

    Name: Greyson "Grey" Urlenith Cole a.k.a. Earl Grey Black

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Species: Human

    Family: A younger sister (Cloud; 15) and younger brother (Sebastian; 17) are the only immediate family that Greyson has. Everyone else is dead from the thick, poisonous haze that keeps increasing around the country. He has a large extended family in another country, Greensky.

    Personality: Stubborn, passionate, brave, insensitive, brash, hardy, protective, reliable, playful, flirtatious, and somewhat of a playboy.

    History: Grey has never known a home other than Highland. He was born and raised there, and has always lived a healthy life despite the mysterious and deadly haze that has steadily grown thicker throughout the years. Grey lost his parents and first younger sister to the haze when he was thirteen, but learned to protect his remaining two siblings (they were four and two at the time) from the haze. When Greyson was fifteen he met a girl around the age of his younger brother, and she became like his family. School was mandatory, of course, but unfortunately Grey was kicked out at age sixteen for his bold and reckless show of his discontentment to stand around and watch people die of the haze while the government did little to help. When he was twenty, the girl that had become like his little sister and friend disappeared due to his recklessness. Two years later she returned, but their relationship was strained for a while afterwards. Eventually the relationship was repaired, and Greyson was the one to first figure out he was in love with the girl he once lost, though she refuses to let him love her (he rather enjoys teasing her about that). Now Greyson is the leader of a group of rebels that keeps growing. The rebels stand for all that Highland once stood for: happiness, equality, justice, and life. Together they take matters into their own hands, rebelling against the government that secretly wants to kill off the weak and poor by giving reliable protection from the mist only to the wealthy and powerful. Greyson himself (and his friend "Jasmine") becomes a figure of great authority and power amongst the rebels, and eventually amongst the citizens of Highland. But to the government, he is a threat they will stop at no cost to dispose of.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Save and restore Highland, keep the people of Highland (and those he loves) alive, evacuate those that cannot live in the harsh conditions to Greensky with the help of his extended family. Oh, and get the girl. Of course.

    Appearance: A little short at 5'7, and although he seems muscular enough, he is still smaller than other men. But he is lithe and quick to make up for it, and is strong despite his small appearance. His hair is long, shaggy and black, giving him a very youthful appearance (further enhanced by full lips that always seem to be smiling) that causes most everyone to underestimate his intelligence. His eyes are seemingly innocent, always staring in wide-eyed observation at everything around him. They are hazel, a mix of silver, gold, and blue. Usually he is dirty; he has little time to bathe, and secretly despises baths. Under all the dirt, he is still golden tan. His hands are rough from work, and his skin is always marked with bruises and cuts. Many permanent scars are scattered across his body; several larger ones on his back and front, one obvious scar crossing his right cheek and ending just under his bottom lip, small scars on his legs and arms. He hates the color purple and refuses to wear it, but he loves red.

    Name: Aurea "Ree" Gardner

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Species: Human

    Family: A crazy pair of old men, the Gardner brothers, adopted her when she was young. She sent them away to live with Greyson's extended family in Greensky. The Gardner brothers liked flowers and plants... just a little. Her father was a government official, but disapproved and started to rebel against his leaders... when Ree was about seven, her family (mother, father, older sister, younger brother) were killed. She escaped and hid in a lush greenhouse. Her memories of the days before that come and go.

    Personality: Irascible, violent when pushed past her limits, but quite sensitive. Energetic, determined, delicate, suspicious, protective, jumpy, bitter, outgoing, tries to be funny but fails hilariously, scatterbrained but a quick thinker. Horrible planner.

    History: Ree was born into a well-off family in a higher class. However, she was forced to hide her true identity after her family was murdered by the government for her father's rebellious ideas. Not that hiding her identity was difficult; sometimes she remembers, sometimes she does not. These days she writes down every memory from every dream or flashback that occurs. After the murders, she hid in a greenhouse that happened to be tended by a fifteen-year-old wild child trying to make money to support his two younger siblings. His name was Greyson Cole, and she hated him for the longest time for ratting her out to the Gardner brothers. Eventually, though, they became almost like siblings. When the Gardner brothers were busy or needed her to hide, she was sent to live with Greyson for a while, and she got along with his two younger siblings well enough. They were one year and three years younger than her. Then times got even more troublesome after Greyson started the rebel group and spurred rebellions across Highland. Ree was lost for about two years, from age twelve to fourteen, when Greyson lost track of her while she was under his care. He had foolishly taken her along with him on a riot. She returned when he was twenty-two, and he had thought she was long dead. Unfortunately, Ree had suffered from the haze enough to make her lungs weak and susceptible to further damage. She hated him for a while longer, though it was more of disappointment and distrust. After a while the relationship went from strained and brittle to something much different, and although Greyson was well aware of his feelings for Ree and Ree's feelings for him, Ree refuses to see her own feelings. She keeps herself busy and away from Greyson by evacuating citizens of Highland, leading them through the dangerous road to Greensky. It's a stupid and reckless job for a girl with delicate lungs.

    Current Goal/ Purpose: Save and restore Highland, get revenge, personally evacuate and protect Highlanders, make sure the rebels are taken care of. Make Greyson happy.

    Appearance: Ree is 5'2 and was once scrawny as well as bird-boned, but now that she cannot exert as much energy due to her weak lungs, so now she is bird-boned and soft. It doesn't help things that she is crafty and charming enough to either steal food, find food, or get cheap food for both evacuees and herself (they love her for it). Mainly, she moved evacuees during the night when the haze is less prominent and the escaping is easier. Her skin is fairly pale because of that and illness. Her hair is always in a thick braid that hits around mid-back length; it's a cool dark brown color. Ree is persistant about being clean, but endures dirt without complaint when there is no other choice. Her face is always serious, small round lips usually always talking but rarely smiling. Perhaps that is why her jokes always seem so bad. It's odd how she can seem so charming although she is seemingly serious.
  3. Name: Andrew Deppen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Species: Human
    Family: None - Deceased
    Personality: Distant, Quiet, Angry, Vengeful, Hateful, Dark
    History: Andrew was born in New LA in the year 2035 E.O.C [End of Christ]. He was born in the slums near the beach, where safety was an issue. The slums and the city were separated by a giant wall. In the Year 2045, the Governor of New LA sent the military to wipe out inhabitants of The Slums. All of Andrew's friends, as well as his family were deceased during the largest massacre in U.S. History. It is estimated that about 300,000 people were killed. Andrew, managed to escape as well as some 300 other slum inhabitants, who stole shuttles and began to blend with the upper society. The buildings were all tall to Andrew. He began to scale buildings with no safety equipment, learning what we call parkour. From that day, he lived on the rooftops of New LA, stealing food and money to survive. In year 2048, Andrew, 14, scaled the government building. While the Governor was giving a meeting, Andrew assanated him with his bare hands.
    Current Goal/Purpose: No real goal, not after he killed the governor. He is looking into rebuilding the slums into a new residential area.
  4. Name: Matthias Lanier

    Gender: Male

    Age: Looks 23 actual age unknown

    Species: Vampire

    Family:All Deceased

    Personality: Matthias is a contemplative individual that is always playing life as if it were a chess game. He is not known to have people around him, except for the very few people that interact with him at uncommon times. He is thoughtful of those that are close to him and seeks to protect the sanctity of the group at all possible times. Most things he does he does for himself and what he can gain the most from. Though he is contemplative and intelligent, often times he can be brash and acts upon instinct.

    History: Matthias was born to a well off family in the 1880's in Boston. When he was in his middle teens he began to collect books upon books, eventually creating a huge library in his wing of the house. Over those years he trained in many oriental religions and martial arts, but at the time he was living this would have been seen as blasphemy for which he may lose his fortune. So Matthias studied in a private secret room. In his early twenties, Matthias was still a bachelor, so to rectify that situation his parents threw a party to introduce him to women that were ready to be married off. The party was to go as such: to get the know the girls there and to either pick one to marry or to have his parents to marry him off to one. While at the party Matthias met a tantalizing young woman who led him to a secluded room away from the party under the pretense of "getting to know one another better," but to Matthias' surprise when they reached the room the woman turned around and pierced his neck with her sharp fangs. She drank his blood to almost the last drop, but instead of killing him she turned him for reasons unknown. The woman trained him as a vampire until the day that he was more powerful than her, and on that day Matthias ended his vampire master's life and began his life in quiet solitude of darkness.

    Now Matthias lives in the underground city beneath the Vatican with all the other dark creatures of this world, where they are kept secret from the world at large except to those that are allowed to have the special knowledge. This is the world now with the last refuge of all living things being the Vatican and the city below.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To stop the world from dieing completely.

    Appearance: Matthias is of average height and weight with the build of a martial artist. His skin is unblemished and pure but pale. He has mid-back length hair that is the color of the purest silver and eyes that are crimson as blood. He wears custom suites that he has accumulated over the vast many years and none being the same. His feat are covered by pure leather boots. On his hips sits two Katana, one black, one white, named Fenris and Aniu.
  5. Name: Johan Lantaka
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Species: Augmented Human.
    Family: Father and Aunt with Eight Cousins.

    Personality: Dedicated to his country, but even more to his best friend. Actually quite the sensitive boy growing up, until the draft forced him to not only join the military but endure gene therapy. Now he seems faster, stronger, and colder to all that knew him. But deep down he still cares.


    Met Rachel on the street one day while she sold flowers at her family vegetable stand four years ago. Due to Johan's uncharacteristic hobbies and interests which most males did not share they hit it off quite well. Despite their age difference they forged a friendship that lasts to this day. When Johan was drafted at the age of 18 it pulled them apart. Every week they sent video messages to one another through an electronic network. When the war went within the borders of their own country, Johan broke the military mandated silence on how the war effort was going to warn Rachel to start getting their families out.

    Now he has gone AWOL, using his military training and augmentations to get back home in time to help those he cares about escape from a losing battle.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Help Rachel and her family escape. Preferably without getting killed.
    Johan (open)

    Name: Rachel Collins
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 16
    Species: Human.
    Family: Two brothers and a mother.

    Personality: Meek at first glance. Even second glance. But she helps out those who need it from behind the scenes through her impeccable ingenuity.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To get her and her family on the last train out of the city.
    Rachel (open)