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This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

This week's image:

No character sheet, though. You'll just have to fill in whatever details you think are important!


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Oh, I love character creation:D This concept is taken from my own invented world and races but the character is new:)

Name: Zhantla Huor'ke
Gender: Female
Race: Fjaeryl

Appearance: Zhantla is quite tall for her race reaching almost 4 inches, her hair is brown and green resembling moss and grows to her hips, it looks wind blown and messy, falling as it wants with no brush work, her face is thin with high cheek bones and a sharp features over all. Her large eyes are a vivid lavendel with a deep blue hue at the iris and out from the top of her head sprouts a pair of long and slender antenna. Zhantla's skin is a dark olive and from her slender back a pair of wings sprout, they are large with rounded tips, the edges are black as is the intricate pattern on them, the wings themselves are a mix of moss green, brown and gold. Zhintla has wide hips for her race, thin waist and chest with thin limbs and nimble fingers, . She wears a simple dress woven of silk, open in the back and reaching her knees with no shoulder straps, it's sewn to resemble a leaf. A belt rests on her wide hips , made of mushroom spores and spiders web, woven to a delicate belt, on her feet she has simple sandals made of woven grass and in her hair feathers and beads are woven in.

Personality: Zhantla is a curious and mischevious woman, she's open, friendly and also very polite and while she's loyal and deeply loves her friends and family she isn't very physical and it takes quite some time for her to act normal with hugs and cuddling. She likes to help others but sometimes help from her result on a devious trick played on you, she do take her job seriously and will do whatever it takes to protect her city's culture and heritage. Zhantla has some spunk as well, her anger is triggered by insults towards her family and friends and herself as well but also crimes against nature, she is quite good at martial arts and the use of Umbars. She doesn' t seek out violence though and she can not kill another living being, she does get quite cold and indifferent when irritated and when real mad she explodes into rage. Zhantla doesn't like having her faults pointed out to her though and will, just as with sorrow or fear, react with anger. Her pride and strong belief in herself have gotten her into trouble as young, she also wants everybody to be happy and tries to compromise whenever there is a fight going on, and while she likes bickering and friendly arguing Zhantla feels emotionally bad when others fights for real.

History: Zhantla was born to a happy family, she had two older brothers that was over two years already, almost adults counting in their years and no one had believed her parents would get another child. She did get a little spoiled by her parents sure, but not so much and her brothers was kind to her though they teased her, she got along best her oldest brother Kian. In school she like all other fjaeryl children learned the old ways to protect nature and to live in harmony with all living beings but also to use technology in the right amount to use what they need while not overusing technology. As an adult Zhantla works as an architect, helping the city to grow and also to help preserve the city's older buildings.

Quick racial history: The fjaeryl is a species of Fae that has always lived as one with nature, while their cousins the draiku live in similar places as the fjaeryl though less warm the quai lived underwater, but all three races has evolved with time as all the other aces in the Twin Worlds have done. The fjaeryl still live in their large jungle like cities, in reality they are not always found in jungles but their mushrooms are overgrown reaching several feet above ground. By time however they realised that they too needed to evolve unless they wanted to go extinct just as the water dragons had so many years ago. So they learned as all others did to use technology and now their cities are a marvel to behold, a mix of the old ways of nature and the new ways of technology.

The fjaeryl people have their own weapon called the Umbar, it is a beige/grey dual wielded weapon shaped like a flat dhiaden horn with the handled formed out of the same material, it's incredibly sharp and each weapon is made for every fjaeryl so all Umbars are unique, either with a slight change in design or decorations. The area is quite smooth, resembling a horn's surface, and it stores poisonous mushroom spores in it's small pores that enterce the enemies bodies.


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These make for nice drawing prompts too.

Age: 17
Gender: Male
His race is some elfish hybrid. I really don't have a name for it.

Personality: R lacks social grace, but sometimes means well. He's really only nice to his group of friends, often very cold and curt with strangers. He's very bored and this quickly turns to destructive things being played out. He's in a family of three not including himself, with a mother and father and a younger brother. He thinks of himself as immortal in a non-delusional way, he simply wasn't exposed to death and as a result lives as if he himself is unable to die, taking a lot of unneccesary risks for kicks.

R is from a society that lives off of the force of the mushrooms, a life force that's electric and just attracts life to it. Their society is entirely dependent upon these organisms. They have figured out how to share information through this power source, pretty much like the internet. These mushrooms have become basically large computers, holding a very tight grip on the population.

R is a part of a group called jaCKER, a handful of young and well equipped young orb dwellers. Fueled by boredom, they found a weakness in one of the older mushroom's defense. They begin to change small things within their own orb that they belong to. Things like a shift in temperature, and sometimes even messing with the schedules for the rail that connects each orb to one another.

As they continue to look deeper and deeper into what was put into rule by previous generations, They quickly find a conspiracy much larger than themselves as they begin to question their origin and where the mushrooms actually came from.

I was thinking about having R use 'R' as an anonymous handle for something, I was thinking kinda having them be a hacker group but... it's a bit more complicated than that? It's more physical in a sense? I was also thinking of having the axes they have use a cyber blade, a green one! And that it absorbs information or somehow lets them use the mushroom. I'm not entirely sure. I'm really tired and I should've slept, but I wanted to draw this out. :| I like the idea of a cyber-biological society....


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Historical, fantasy, magic, horror, supernatural, survival, vampires, demons, pirates, mutants, ghosts, romance (FxF, MxM, MxF) (Romance should be part of the plot and not the whole plot in itself), etc.
Character Name: Terishia Nivada
Human, her ancestors came from Japan but since the above world ended all nationalities has become one.
Age: 24
Place of Birth:
Archi, the capital city of the under world.
Current Residence:
Torri, the first city that was built under earth.
Her mother Araka and father Torsou that still lives in Archi and her two brothers Kali and Corr that lives shortly outside Torri in a litle vilage called Tameian.
She is about 1,62 metres tall and have black hair wich goes down to her chest. Her skin is almost white and she has asian shaped eyes, her eyes colour is brown. On her left shoulder she have a tatoo of a blue butterfly. Her clothes are often in brown colours and because of the heat she always have as litle cloth's as possible. Jeans, tank top, cap and sandals is her ideal wearings. She almost always have butterfly earrings and a bracelet with a kross on. She puts up her hair in a tail if she are outside but never when she are inside.
Current Goal/Purpose:
Is going to find a way for all the people to live above earth again.
She likes action and often walks out of the cities to find something fun to do, she likes a good adventure and often find something that interests her. People relies on her and trusts her, they often goes to her if they need help. Terra loves to help people but that often gets her in to trouble, she doesn't mind though, if she have trouble then she gets in to a new adventure.
General History:
Terra was born in the capital city Archi, she grew up with her twin brother Kali and bigger brother Corr. When she grew up she (as many other children) often got to hear the stories about how humans once upon a time lived above earth instead of under it. It had gone fivehundred years since the earth got uninhabitable and all the humans was forced underground and build a new city. The gigantic muchrooms that grew everywhere wasn't edible but they had a special chemical structure which made them shine which was nessesary for the humans to live in the dark. Terra and her brothers loved the stories about the above world and about how humans came to this new world, many humans longed for the above world, to be able to run in the grass that they had heard so much about but never seen. To be able to smell the flowers and watch the skies. But even if they would get above ground they wouldn't be able to do that, because nothing was growing on earth anymore. Many groups went above ground to seek after traces of new lives but still no one have found it.

Terra often went outside the city they lived in to go out on adventures just as they had done in all the story books her mother had read about the above world. One day she found a road that lead to the above, ofcourse she went there and found the earth as it had become. It was a endless desert with dangerous creatures living there. But even though she had seen the above world and knew how horrible it was she couldn't stop dreaming of walking in the grass. She decided that one day she would find a way for herself and all the people to live on earth again.

Present Life:
Terra is about to travel out of Torri to go back to the above world, she wants to find a way for herself and the people down under ground to be able to live on earth. But the way she took last time has fallen and she must find another way to the above, and once she gets above ground she must fight all the monsters that walks on earth.