Crazy, Twisted, Unknown Love <3

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  1. A brown haired boy leaned up against the outer pastel blue wall of the school. His class had gotten out earlier for good behavior, and most of them had left, but he seemed to have been waiting for someone. Finally the school bell rang and everyone else came piling out of the high doors of the building. A smile appeared on his slightly tan face as he saw his friend come out with the rest of them. Waving from afar, he ran over and stopped to the side of the stampede of students with his friend. "What's up? Mr. Craig rambling on again?" He questioned when the noise died down a bit.
  2. In the back row if Mr. Craig's class sat aboy with red hair that fell to his collar. Class was to be letting out at any minute and he was incrediblly bored. The teacher was rambling on and the bored boy was playing with his pencil while staring at the clock. Even when the bell rang, the teacher continued to ramble for a moment before releasing the students. The boy made his way through the sea of people with difficulty to the outside of the building where his friend stood waiting. A smile spread across his pale face. "The sky is up, the ground is down and just like always Mr. Craig was rambling on and on," he replied. He ran a hand through his hair and looked around. "So what's up with you dude? Did you get released early again?"
  3. "Yeah, not for my behavior though. Ms. Keinn lets us out even if one of us is throwing spitballs and the other is hitting him in the back of the head." He shrugged "I guess that's just her version of 'good behavior'." He laughed and his emerald green eyes, which always broke the scheme of the rest of the colors, looked at him. "We going to the skate park as us-" his sentence was cut short as two girls came over to him. "Hi Mark" "Hey!" They both said in unison. "Er, hi." Replied Mark, looking slightly tuned out. "We were wondering if you're free tonight?" The blonde one bursted out. "Ugh, no, I'm busy all weekend, sorry." The two girls looked disappointed, but smiled and giggled then left. Mark was obviously uninterested, but his friend knew it was a lie. His weekend was completely free~ he even said so himself earlier.
  4. Jackson shook his head and glanced at his friend. Without a doubt he was envious of the teacher Mark had and couldn't resist lightly and playfully punching his friend's shoulder. "Still, you are efffing lucky to have a teacher who frees you from the hell-hole early. I'd give anything to have her over Mr. Craig. I don't even have enough fingers to count all the times he's kept us late with his rambling," he said, his light brown eyes shifting to the girls that were walking over. Once they had walked away, Jackson looked at his friend curiously. "So those chicks not your type or something Mark?" he asked, wondering why Mark seemed to be constantly turning girls down. Did he like a specific girl or something? "Listen, buddy, if there's a specific girl you like I can try to hook you up with her? Seriously Mark, I'd like to see you in a happy relationship." As he spoke he remembered Mark asking about their usual plans. "Of course we're going to the skate park."
  5. Marks mind started going crazy. Pictures flashed through his brain at a speed so fast they look like a bunch of moving colors and he almost felt dizzy. He looked over at Jackson. At first his face was a kind of poker face but soon his pink lips curled into a smile and he ran his hand through his thick but short brown hair like it was natural, like a model. Closing his eyes he said simply "I like someone, yeah." He opened his eyes and grinned sideways to his friend. "But they'll get the hint soon, don't worry." It was strange Mark didn't say 'she', but before you could ask questions he snatched up his black and orange skateboard and dropped it. Putting one foot on the center he asked "coming?"
  6. Jackson watched his friend in curiosity, as his face seemedto change. His emotions must have been strong and had him wondering who the chick was to be making him act the way he was. Whoever it was, he really must've liked her, that was for sure and Jackson wanted to know who she was. Was she hot or cute? Did she wear glasses? Was she someone Jackson knew? He grinned and dropped his green and black skateboard, putting his foot on the center. "Of course of I'm coming. So this chick, you gonna tell me who she is or anything about her? Because I'm dying from curiosity here Mark. If all elese, if I guess something right about her, then will you tell me that I guessed right? And what are your big plans for letting her know you like her?" Jackson questioned his best friend as he got a little ahead of Mark on his skateboard.
  7. Mark skated ahead. "Ask away." He said simply. Compared to Jackson's fast-paced and Intrested voice he sounded very calm~which was not like him at all. Mark tuned out for a few moments thinking about how Jackson kept saying "she"...why did it have to be a she? He went back to reality and got ready to take the blow of questions. He knew Jackson was going to ask a lot.
  8. Jackson skated faster to catch up with mark and started his questions. "Does this chick wear glasses? Is she hot? Is she cute? Is she smart? Is she in any clubs? Is she in your clases? Have you known her long? Is she stuck up? Is she a gamer? Is she in band? Do I know her? Does she have long hair? Does she have short hair? Does she like skateboards? Does she sit with us at lunch? Is she a cheerleader? Is she popular? Is she an actress? Does she hang at the skatepark? Is she a jock? Does she like horror movies? is she short? Is she tall? Have you told me about her before? Are you sure she likes you back? Do you think your plans will work to win her over? you sure she's straight and that she won't break your heart? This question is kind of weird, but you never know man... Am I related to this chick? Am I totally guessing wrong here? Because if I am I'll have to think of some more things." Jackson stopped talking for a moment to take in a deep breath after talking without air fr far too long. "Does Miranda know her?" Connor asked, referring to the girl he had been dating.
  9. "No, yes, yes, yes, no, no, yes, no, no, no, yes, somewhere in between, yes, yes, no, no, no, yes, no, yes, medium height, probably." He stopped at that and coughed. "are you sure she likes you back?" "er, uhm, sorry, I forgot the rest...." He looked at the ground and went a bit faster...Why did he have to say that?
  10. Jackson thought about all of Mark's answer and thought about all of the people he knew who fit those things. While he was going over the different possiblilities in his mind, he noticed the way Mark almost seemed upset. His brows furrowed and he sped up so he was next Mark. Something Jackson had said had bothered Mark but what? A frown crossed hi face. "Hey buddy, you okay? Are you feeling a little insecure or something?"
  11. Mark laughed and put in a fake smile. "What you talking about Jackson? I'm just a little tired is all." He stopped at a gate and opened it, picking up his skateboard and heading inside to the skatepark. As he looked around the half-full park, his heart started to hurt as a thought came to the front of his mind. "Are you sure she likes you back?" No, I'm not sure he even knows how I feel. And probably never will either. Mark gulped and leaned against the fence. "I can't keep this up much longer." He spoke to himself extremely quietly.
  12. Jackson stared at his friend, a frown full of doubt on his face. He wasn't quite sure he fully beilived his friend. He picked up his skateboard and walked up next to Mark. "I don't know Mark, you seem pretty bad off. If you aren't feeling well or something we can leave and do something else at my house if you want," he said. That's when he heard something, and thought it was Mark, but he wasn't quite sure. It could have simply been the wind or it could have been on of the many other people that were there. Jackson decided to ask anyway. "Did you say something?"
  13. It took Mark a few moments to realize Jackson was even there. As he turned to him, there faces were accidentally very close. Mark's face went up in flames. "I-I have to go." He grabbed his skateboard and ran off quickly. my hearts beating so fast. Damn it, Jackson, I hate you! ​He closed his eyes and ran all the way home.
  14. Jackson stood, staring at the spot where Mark had been, and just blinked. What the fuck is going on with mark? he thought. Mark had been acting so strange since he brought up the topic of the girl he liked, and it was annoying Jackson. He could understand acting somewhat weird, but Mark was acting just.... downright strange. Jackson started walking, deciding he would go to Mark's and make sure that Mark was okay, just in case. Yeah, Mark most likely needed his alone time, but Jackson was worried about his friend. A beep from his phone made him stop in his tracks as he looked at the new text message he had just recieved. It was from Miranda.

    Jackson, I don't love you. You're moving way to fast in my opinion and I just don't like you like that. You're cool, but I'd rather we just be friends.

    Jackson stared at the phone for several moments straight, his mind completly off Mark. His jaw was clenched and he was infuriated and immensly hurt. He loved Miranda and she didn't love him. Then it dawned on Jackson. Maybe Mark had already found out that the girl he likes doesn't like him back?

    Either way, Jackson continued walking toward Mark's house until he stood on the front porch, knocking on the door.
  15. Mark was lying on his back on the couch. His parents were away on vacation, so luckily for him he had the house all to himself. Controller in hand, he was playing Marvel VS Capcom 3 and almost freaked out when he lost. Just at that moment there was a knock on the door. Mark stood and opened the door unknowingly. Seeing Jackson, he almost dropped the controller and his face got red again. damn it! I just got Jackson off my mind "wh-what..?" He stammered. "I-I told you I don't feel good." He was obviously edgy, and really upset.
  16. The second Jackson saw Mark's expression his frown deepened. With the way Mark was acting and looking, Jackson was slightly concerned. Right now, Jackson wanted to make sure his best friend was okay, but he also needed his best friend. It may sound selfish, but jackson was hurting and he wanted to goof off with his best friend, and have Mark say the things that normally made him feel better. "I know you said you don't feel well, but I just wanted to check on you and make sure you're okay and that you aren't, like, dying or something. So you aren't dying, right?" Jackson start to chew the inside of his cheek, an extremly bad habit he has when he's upset and shifted from foot to foot. "Plus, right now I could kind of use your words of wisdom right now ole' pal of mine."
  17. "Yeah, we'll the wise wizard is out today." He muttered. Glancing outside he saw how cold it was. The wind was sharp and pushing the trees aggressively while the sky was a dark, dark grey. Mark sighed. "Just, come in, you're going to catch a cold." He stepped aside to let Jackson in. To be honest he really ​wanted to be alone right now, but he couldn't just let Jackson get sick, right?
  18. When Mark told Jackson that "Wise Wizard" wasn't in, his shoulders slumped slightly. He wanted his friend to be there for him, but at the same time, he understood that his friend obviously wanted to be left alone. he was about to turn around and go to his own home when Mark told him to come in. When jackson looked up, he forced a smile and walked in. "Thanks for caring about my well being, Mark," he said. He realized that his own best friend cared more then the girl he loved and that hurt. He bit down on his cheek harder and forced back tears. Jackson was a man and men don't cry.
  19. Mark tried not to look at Jackson, desperately trying to co himself down. "Just wait here till it clears up. Then you can go." Mark left back to his spot on his couch and started to play with the game again. Was it obvious he was avoiding Jackson?
  20. Jackson just nodded and sat down on the floor, his eyes locking on the tv screen. "Do you think cupid is a basterd and that love is assinine?" he asked. A couple tears had started to fall without his knowledge. He could tell that Mark was acting weird, and almost seemed to be avoiding him. If his friend was hurting he wanted to know. He would always be there for his friend. "You know Mark, you can talk to me about anything, right?"