Crazy things we do that aren't all that crazy.

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  1. After earning myself a small audience in the grocery store for doing the baby Groot dance to "Give me one more chance" when it was playing in the store, I realized that people may think I'm a bit crazy. Honestly, at home it's perfectly normal for me to break out dancing in the middle of a song I like no matter what I'm doing, so it's really not all that insane at all, yet everyone was staring at me like I just escaped the psych ward.

    I've also realized that I am one of the very few people who dance while driving without being completely embarrassed about it, which is odd to me.

    If I drop a penny on the ground, I don't pick it up, which most people tell me is nut. I don't see much of a point to it, plus it might bring someone else some luck.

    I try to pet wild squirrels all the time. That one might be slightly crazy, but they're so damn cute!

    I talk to birds that land in my yard....actually, pretty much any animal outside I talk to. I won't even begin to get into how I talk to the animals inside my house.

    To me, these things are all perfectly normal, but others see them as strange.

    So, what do you all do that people consider weird that you think is normal?
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  2. Anything I say to my cat. It ranges from loving insults to flat up gibberish. Seriously. Sometimes I call him 'kaderflzmt' and no I didn't misspell that. My whole family does it, but on occasion I kind of step back and realize how crazy our cat makes us sound sometimes.

    I also belch aloud, even in public, emphasis on the 'loud'. I am quite adept at projecting the sound.
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  3. Its not so much I'm crazy for what I do. Its more people think Im gay for what I do. Cause like you said randomly breaking out into a dance, apparently that qualifies me for not being cray cray but gay gay.

    ...... As for crazy things I do, I peel off those labels on drinks like V8, SunnyD, Mountain Dew, etc. Any drink bottle with a label needs that label ripped off for me, or it feels weird.
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  4. People think it's crazy that I try to pet every animal I see, then find it weird that animals respond well to me. What can I say? Native American bloodline runs strong. Nature and I be cool like that.
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  5. Notsomuch things I do, but some of my phrases and such seem weird/unusual to a bunch of people

    "Metric shit-ton"
    "Shit on a stick"
    "Yeeshka beeshka"
    "Hats" (say the h with phlegm ad the a like in 'astonish')
    "Off we go like a turd of hurtles"
    "Six to one, half doz the other"
    "Fair to middlin"
    "B to the W"
    "F to the Y-I"
    "Let's get the rock out of here"
    (When told to have a good day) "aw fine, I will if you will"
  6. I often refer to my friends and/or family as "my peoples". It often earns me weird looks from people who don't know me as well or are just hearing me say it for the first time. XD
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  7. If you can't figure it out by looking at my avatar, you're hopeless. :ferret:
  8. I use cutlery with my feet when eating out.
  9. When I walk around a corner or something lots of times I grab it and swing my momentum around. It's good fun until my grip fails or something slips.

    Have to leave from being in front of a fan before turning it off.

    Music playing. Then insert headphones. Been a real bitch when it knows and keeps track of my volume.
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  10. This.
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  11. I often verbally respond to TV shows and movies, as if the characters can hear me.
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  12. Upon just having eaten (and regretted) at Buffalo Wild Wings during any sort of play-off game you are now classified as 'fine alone but annoying like a rock in your shoe you can't find when done in public'.
  13. Everything and everyone gets a nickname, even if the nickname has no relation whatsoever with their actual name. Most of them are stupid, make no sense, but some are kind of interesting.

    I'm also in the habit of creating my own swears, depending on the situation.
  14. I accidentally start singing to myself when I'm concentrating on something, which is all good fun until I do it in a library and have a pack of librarians staring me down.
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  15. I do this all the time watching Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I used to do it while watching True Blood, until it started sucking.
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  16. I do both things that @Kaga-kun does.

    I usually tell myself jokes and laugh at them. It happens a lot in public.
  17. ....... I also collect soda cans.. like ones with different designs. That might actually be crazy though.
  18. I go out of my way to go back through the same way I came in at facilities.

    This is anywhere. Through the same door, same side, same whatever. If I can't do this it irks the hell out of me. Crazy you say? You damn skippy.

    My accent gets thicker and more backwoodsy when I'm talking while angry.
  19. Whenever I use tissues or toilet paper or whatever to blow my nose, I don't wad it up, use it once or twice, then toss it. I fold them up and use them in an efficient pattern, such that I can make a single tissue last for upwards of 10 uses as long as it's just light use rather than huge gobs of snot. I've been told that this is creepy for some reason, but it's really not. It's a product of growing up poor as fuck and learning how to make things last out of necessity.
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  20. Talking to one's self. That only one trait that I personally have noticed.

    But friends of mine have claimed before that all of me is some weird anomaly.
    Where with most people they can describe them fairly well, have a rough estimate as to who they'd get along with, roughly guess what they'd be like when drunk etc.
    But when it's me, they're completely clueless. I apparently have enough bizarre behaviors, habits, and tendencies that people can't really place me anywhere other than simply "Anthony".
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