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  1. I'm sure most people know that reality TV can be really weird and crazy sometimes. But there are those shows that are reeeally out there. For example, there are these:

    "Buying Naked", a show about a real estate agent specialized in nudist colony real estate.

    "Killer Karaoke", a show about people having to sing while being put through painful or shocking situations.

    "Sex sent me to the ER", a show about people whose sexual endeavors forced them to seek medical attention.

    So, what are some reality TV shows you've seen or heard of that you think take the cake when it comes to being super crazy? What did you think of the examples I showed above?l
  2. I'm not gonna bother finding clips, but a couple ridiculous ones come to mind.

    There was "The Swan" back in 2004 that took a bunch of not-so-attractive women and prettied them up to compete in a beauty pageant at the end for $50,000 and various other dumb prizes. It wasn't just like fashion and make up stuff either. These women went through plastic surgery, dental work, and exercise with personal trainers first, THEN the clothes and cosmetics came into it. It was ridiculously stupid and they all ended up looking like prostitutes and porn stars in the final pageant thing.

    There's also one called "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" that has been running since 2008 and is going to have some franchise action going on with seasons of it set up in other countries too. Apparently there's not even a cash prize, it's just a bunch of ridiculous ladies competing for the dubious honor of winning the spot as Paris Hilton's BFF. There have been multiple seasons and different winners, so I guess the "prize" is just a temporary thing.
  3. My favorite is a Russian game show where people "steal" cars, and if you avoid the cops for long enough, the car is yours.
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