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  1. What's your best or most recent story of a time you earned yourself some weird looks in a public place

    My most recent was in a cafe, when I was snapchatting and suddenly it turned into like, live FaceTime or something @_@ I couldn't stop laughing in addition to talking to/ adjusting angle in my phone, so it probably looked like I was taking the most spastic selfie ever!
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  2. I stopped traffic on a busy road to grab a turtle crossing it. Does that count?

    Those were some funny looks I got.

    Then there was the driver who cut me off, flicked me off, then screamed at me for trying to make a turn.

    Oh right. That was fear when I got out of the car with my muscle head friend at the red light.
  3. Every time I leave the house in the winter here in Georgia, because I am quite often wearing less clothes than anyone else. It's 45F (approx 7C) outside? I'm in short sleeves and maybe shorts. Everyone else is in multiple layers.

    45F is warm to me. What can I say?
  4. Sometimes just to troll my peeps, I do this obnoxious loud cough that causes everyone else in the room to look at us. I laugh everytime.
  5. Oh...well um.

    I just finished eating a banana, and with there being a bin quite close to me. I thought it would be cool if I kicked the banana skin up and into the bin.

    This was in a busy street mind you. Anyway, so I went to kick it. And turns out, My aim isn't as good as I thought it was. Ended up hitting a random woman in the face with the skin.

    Don't judge me...
  6. I wear the clothes of dead people.
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  7. I take this post as further proof that you are in fact Canadian and need to come join your northern brethren
  8. Soon™
  9. I got quite a lot of baffled looks today over dinner with friends. My very close friend, known to most as my "twin" and I were casually chatting and suddenly broke out into a screaming argument, which ended with me cursing him and all his once and future kin, and him picking up a chair and pretending to be about to throw it to show off his apparent power. Of course, our dumbfounded audience was only more surprised when we broke out laughing and went right back to our previous discussion.

    Yeah... we have a very strange relationship.
  10. Way back in college, my friends and I were waiting outside in the hallway to be let into our class, which was to start in about 10 minutes or so. The hallway was packed with other students as well, and it was one of those situations where the buzz of conversation just died and it all fell really silent. It was at that moment I decided to liven it up by shouting at the top of my voice in a gruff, drunken slur to the style of Father Jack from the old surreal comedy series Father Ted; 'I'm a happy camper!'

    It was exactly like this but louder:

    Anyway, a mix of laughs at the randomness and crazy looks all around. It got the conversations going again, at least :D
  11. Most likely when doing a long ass car drive (16 hours broken up into to days), I didn't brother getting dressed so going into the rest stops to pee in the middle of the date, late day got me some funny looks. I mean hey, why should I be even more uncomfortable then I need to be. Never going to see them again. They can think I'm a werido all the like!
  12. Every time Celine Dion songs play on the grocery store/restaurant/whatever radio, I shout "THIS IS MY JAM!" and proceed to sing along dramatically and horribly off key.
  13. Sometimes I walk to the store, or across a parking lot, without the aid of my car. I keep my head up and pay attention to my immediate surroundings, careful not to bump into people nor scream obnoxiously into my phone. I choose an appropriate side of the street when passing others, and am always mindful to not make unflinching, territorial eye-contact with strangers.

    The American Public ain't seen nothin' like me.
  14. When the grocery store plays a song that I recognize or enjoy, I'll start singing along with it. I'll also dance while I push the cart and use my groceries as microphones. I got some pretty funny looks from people who passed by me serenading a bag of chips after I did some twirly spin-spin dance moves with it.
  15. One time in PE I nearly tripped/fell down so I do this ninja like recovery and some guy just gives me this weird look. I'm thinking "Really? That one kid is basically a legit ninja and people look at him in awe. But I do it and suddenly i'm a freak? >.<

    This next one was from my cat... I accidentally sneezed on him and the look he gave me... o.o Like I couldn't even tell as the face of being insulted/confused/other was all conflicting DX So I'm like "I'm sooo sorry!!!!... And why the fuck are you giving me that look? You sneeze all the time on me so don't sit there and pretend like it's unnatural to you cats >.<

    This next one is from a crow XD-
    The other day I was walking to my friends and I see this crow eating something on the road. So I whistle/chirp twice lightly and the crow quickly faces me with THE most insulted look I've EVER seen from anyone. Like the crow was like "UG! I can't BELIEVE! You just said that to me!" So it grabbed it's food and flew away (kinda pissy like too >.>) So I think I discovered a cuss phrase/mega insult in bird language XD Which is stupid because I was trying to be friendly. DX

    Another odd look was the other day when I was talking to my friend and I ask "So what exactly is a space boat? Like there's space ships, but what's considered a space boat" And the look he gives me DX I'm like "Do you honestly not understand that question?" And he's like "No, I understand it... I'm just disgusted by it." (He's big into ships. Like if you call a boat a ship he'll just sigh at you XD) By his difinition, a ship is basically anything that has a crew, AND can sustain one for long periods of time. Meaning it can carry the resources like food. And as far as he's concerned, there's really no such thing as a "Space boat" as you more or less need a crew when it comes to space.
  16. You sick fuck.
  17. I tend to just play music loudly wherever I go.

    That usually gets me a few, "What is this bitch listening to?" sorta looks.

    Does that count?
  18. A couple of days ago when I was at a small cafe ordering an ice coffee. The other cashier guy was just staring at me and when I would glance up he would look away. I couldn't tell if he was staring at how attractive I am *coughnopecough* or that I was missing some of my eyebrow because I have a bad habit of picking at my eyebrow when nervous.
  19. At home or around friends, when someone says something I disapprove of so much I can't express it in words, I will often hiss to get the point across. First time I did it it was as a joke, but it's become a bad habit.
    Unfortunately, sometimes I forget I'm not at home, such as a few days ago at the store.
    I can't remember exactly what was said, but I couldn't stand the idea of it, so I hissed loudly - only to realize what I was doing, and glance around in horror as about a dozen shoppers stopped and stared in silence for an agonizingly long ten seconds or so before finally moving on. One lady even shook her head disapprovingly. THE FACT THAT MY MOM WAS WITH ME MADE IT WORSE, BECAUSE SHE CAN'T STAND WHEN I EMBARRASS HER IN PUBLIC D:
  20. I don't know if I got looks for it, but me and my friend were sitting eating paella on a bench when this guy and his daughter on a tricycle were moving past us, down these steps onto a flat bit of ground. The girl was going at speed, and on the top lip of the stairs (they were mostly flat and wide, so I'm not sure how it happened) but she flew off the trike, did a frontflip somersault and landed. She had a helmet on, so she was okay, but I may have laughed. Just a little.
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