(Crazy 8, Kathrine) A Fairy Tale

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  1. Detective Rob Hood light the cigarette he had and took a long drag on it as he stared down at the mutilated body of a young woman, maybe her late teens or early twenties. Her throat had been slit and her body broken, it wasn't pretty. Rob had seen a lot of crazy shit as a detective in Fabletown in the 15 tears he worked on the upper west side of Manhattan, this was the first murder he had seen. He currently had no leads, but that never stopped him before. He took another drag before he flicked the cigarette and turned to the brutalized blonde bombshell he recognized as Cinderella. "Don't worry kid, I'll find who did this to you."
  2. Chelsea had seen everything from the tree she was sitting in, the older looking detective that was looking at the victim of a horrible and gruesome murder. Though she didn't want herself to be seen she was curious about what had happened to her. Jumping down with ease she popped up being the detective and looked at her dead and lifeless body from behind his large one. "So what happened to her? Do you know?" Her voice was quite as she asked and filled with curiousity.
  3. Rob turned with surprise when he heard a second voice, he was used to doing things alone. "All I know right now is that Cinderella here was tortured and that she may had some sort of relationship with her killer." He said robotically. He caught a good glance of this newcomer. It was a young lady, a girl, maybe in her early twenties. "Did Bigby send you?" He asked, kneeling down so he he could search the body for any clues.
  4. "Maybe...maybe not...maybe I just love seeing a good murder" she smiled saying as she stood on the other side of the body and bent down. In all honesty she disnt even know who Bigby was, she just knows that she was told to come here by her boss's and this, this is what she saw. "So why sisd she have to have a relationship with her killer? Why couldn't this just be a crime of a man's passion?" She didn't know why but she felt like she needed to be here right now, like it was destiny that she came at this exact moment.
  5. Rob looked up at the young lady who had joined him. "Because, she has 34 stab wounds applied post mortem." He said pulling up her shirt to show her the carnage. "Plus, the missing person's report filed 12 hours ago told us she went missing from her apartment with no signs of a struggle, so that must mean she knew the person that abducted her." He reasoned.
  6. "Do you smell that detective?" Since she was a cat she could smell things a most humans didn't notice. "When a girl wants to look nice she puts a bunch of chemicals on her body that make her seem beautiful, but when she put a on to much see looks ugly when she could be pretty..." This girl had on two different sets of perfume which wasn't normal cause she didn't look like she was going out. "You victim has on two sets of different chemicals on right now..."
  7. Rob stood as arched back to stretch. "What point are you trying to make kid?" He asked, he was seriously confused why this girl was helping. She didn't seem like she even would be into this stuff. He pulled out his phone and dialed for the Fabletown coroner. He had done all he could with the body. He made the call before turning back to the girl. "Why are you helping? I do most stuff alone ya know." He said
  8. "She was killed by a female....not a male..." She looked up at him a huge smile on her face. "Now why would a woman kill another woman. Was it jealousy the devil's advocate... Or was it out of the heart, but you cant answer that question until you find her killer." She had completely disregarded the mans question as she stood up and streached. "Women only kill other women for one reason and one reason only...now you just have to put together the puzzle and figure out....why?" She looked ayt him her bright gray eyes glowing with the moon.
  9. Rob looked at the girl with with a confused frown, he always knew why mundie women killed each other, but with Fables, it was a little less clear. He decided to head back to his office/apartment and think things through. He flagged down a taxi and opened the door to the cab, he stopped before turning around and looked back at Chelsea, "Need a ride, kid?" he asked.
  10. "I'm not a child detective...." That was all she had said before she got in the taxi and gave the driver her address. "Why would a fable kill another fable, because that's how their stories were aligned, cause one wanted something the other had, cause it was a crime of passion...." She had breathed out and slipped her hoodie down her white hair reflecting off the window to the taxi. "Isn't it great to solve a mystery....so many curiousities can be solved just by one person, the killer...." Though she wasn't a detective she had always wanted to be one, but she really wasn't know for being the best person around FableTown.
  11. Rob just shrugged and watched the window as the taxi pulled up to the apartment complex he lived at. He paid the driver and stepped out of the car. He turned back to face Chelsea and handed her the card people used to contact him via email or Phone. "Call me if you see or hear anything suspicious." He said before turning back and walking through the iron gate , turning sideways to give her the faintest depiction of waving goodbye.
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