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  1. What is the color of her hair?
  2. I don't understand the question 0.o
  3. Just answer it with a color, and then we'll discuss how you interpreted the question.
  4. *Whispers* Is there a picture that goes with the question or do we just pick any color out of our crayon box for an imaginary her?
  5. Burnt Umber.
  6. Mulberry.
  7. Any color.
  8. *reaches blindly into her box of pencil crayons*

  9. The color of her hair is red. I saw her first in a dream, and from then on I have loved her.
  10. I dun choose red, I choose Sepia!
  11. phthalo blue
  12. Oh, there is no picture. Just any color.
  13. I'm so confused. Her hair wasn't red, it was Burnt Umber!
  14. Atomic Tangerine
  15. So Rivernotch picks a colour from what we guess? Or we have to guess the colour?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.