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The sun shined brightly over the land, illuminating everything for miles. It was beautiful. Something to be appreciated. Integra sat underneath a tree near the lake and watched the reflection of the sun on the water. She was hidden beneath the shade of the tree that cast out shade several feet in front of her.

She stood up and walked towards the edge of the shade. Slowly, she reached out into the sunlight, inching herself forward until her left hand was in the sun. She took a quick breath, the feel of the sun against her skin was always an odd sensation. She pulled back her hand and stepped back, thinking for a moment and then she took off her blouse so that she was only in a brassiere and trousers. She stepped out of her shoes and walked back into the sunlight. Her body shivered as the sunlight washed over her body. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan.

Integra's father used to make her stand out in the sun for hours at a time. He would watch her from a distance, not allowed to be in the sun without being fully clothed or causing serious damage to his skin. Sometimes she would be naked, sometimes not. He said to her that it was vital for her to do so: it would create more immunity. She would never tan, and her skin would not start to burn or melt, but her skin would become irritated and turn a bright red.
She stood there for several minutes, memories of her father filling her mind. She stretched out her arms to her sides and let her head fall back and looked up at the sky. It hurt to look at the sun, but it was too beautiful to look away. Transfixed, she was oblivious to her surroundings.

"Miss Graye." Came a deep voice from behind her. "Miss Graye!"

Integra snapped her head to the side to look at the man behind her, her teeth bared as she let out a low growl. When she remembered where she was and who the man was standing there, she retracted her teeth and turned around to look at him.

"You ought to learn to control your instincts." He said as he looked at the ground. "We can't have you doing that in front of the other students. Put your clothes back on and follow me."
Integra nodded, put her blouse and shoes back on, and followed behind Professor Snape. "Where are we going?"

"To meet with the Headmaster." That was all the information he gave her. They were to go over her itinerary for the summer. Severus had to admit, this was certainly not the way he planned on spending his summer. It was enough being a spy and having to return to duty- now he had to babysit an unstable creature! It was going to be a long summer.... [cue Snape, you can take over from here.]
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