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  1. about me
    My name is Katy, I'm twentyone, and I like reptiles and horror movies.

    I have profiles and sample posts, just ask me about them (because they're currently stored on another website).

    I try to mirror when it comes to my posts, but I always give something to work with.

    Right now, I'm only looking for an m// plot.

    I enjoy having a romantic aspect in my roleplays, but it isn't necessary, and it's always better when it comes in a dysfunctional flavor.

    It's very important to me that my roleplays have some aspect of violence and dark themes.

    I loooove OOC talk, and have some IM systems to do it over.

    I'm very negotiable, so I'm not gonna do a section about "what I want from you". Tell me what you want from me, first ;3

    Please check out my roleplaying resume!


    plot cravings

    slender man (open)
    I'm hardcore craving a good ol' slenderman plot. I'm talking like film students and small towns and lost time. I have a character in mind who has a history of poor health and comes from a suspiciously small and tight knit town. highlights: camera distortion, lost time, small town conspiracies, horror, psychological horror, ect.

    drug abuse and mental illness (open)
    I have two characters that I'd love to use in rp dealing with drug abuse and mental illness. We would double in this scenario (or decide on one of the characters for me to play). One is a recovering mental patient, and the other has a history with severe drug abuse. highlights: difficult pasts, emotional instability, lots of crying, horrible people doing horrible things

    Shoot me a message if you're at all interested in doing an RP ;3 I'm open to whatever other ideas you might have as well!

  2. Still looking :D
  3. Still looooooking :D
  4. Helloooo =3

    I'm really interested in your drug abuse and mental illness rp. Sounds like a rp I would be perfect for!
  5. Hey! I'm really on the mood of doing a Rp as the one you seem to look for. The plots didn't interest me, but your keywords certainly did. Pm me if you are interested, and I can give you a few samples and stuff (:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.