Cravings of a Fan-Fic Writer (MxF, looking for F)

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  1. Hey everybody, Sora here with a few very basic ideas.

    Bottom line, I'm looking for somebody to write a story with. I'd like for my partner to be open to quite a few things. I've included some examples of strange sort of concepts I'd like to at least try and play around with, but the list isn't limited to only those.

    Ex. Incest, Vore, Inter-Species, Different Sizes (I'm talking like a Normal Sized and a 1"inch tall kind of different), and Bedroom Fun, ect.

    Now then, I have a few ideas based off fan-fictions and stories I've written. I'll leave them in basic parings for now and elaborate in PM's.

    I'm always up for Fandoms as well, ranging from Animes such as Teggen Toppa Gurren Lagaan, to Cartoons like Adventure Time, to Marvel/DC comic books, to films such as Star Wars, I have a wide fanbase. If you're up for one but want to know some of my favorites, feel free to ask :) I play both canon and OC characters.


    Alien x Human (two variants: One where I play the human set on Modern Earth, one where I play the Alien on Modern Earth, one where I play the Human set in space, and one where I play the Alien set in space). *Also willing to do an Alien x Alien roleplay with the 3rd & 4th idea.*

    Human(Inventor, Civilian) x A.I/Robot


    Human x Mythical Creature (includes Nagas, Vampires, Fairies, Elves, Dragons, and Halfling's... I mean like "Half-Elves", not Hobbits. Can be set whenever)

    Story-Book/Film Retellings (anything from Peter Pan, to Treasure Island, to Alice in Wonderland, even to Disney re-done, I'm up for this. I love doing newer versions of old stories that I grew up with).


    Incest Pairings (I'm pretty much good with any of these, just pitch some ideas. I normally prefer being the younger one in the relationship, but I can be older if persuaded. Set anytime, but I'd like to try Renaissance or Medieval)

    Taboo Relationships (Teacher x Student, Boss x Employee/Secretary, Older Neighbour x Younger Neighbour, Doctor/Nurse x Patient, the list goes on).

    "Interesting" Day Jobs (ex. Secret Agents/Spies, Adventurers/"Indiana Jones" Archeologists, Cops, Strippers, and a ton more jobs that people tend to enjoy Roleplaying. I'll also be willing to do mixed ones such as Secret Agent x Dancer).

    That's pretty much it. Send me a PM if you're interested!!
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