Craving (vague plot)

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  1. Ok, well guys I am back again. I have a kinda odd craving and i've never tried it before. I was thinking a really nice girl meets a guy and he falls for her. However, the man is a major player. But when he sees this new woman and he falls for her so quickly he isn't sure what true love feels like and so he isn't sure how to win her over. He tries, but he is always afraid that previous affairs would come back to haunt him. In other words its sorta like Quagmire from Family Guy meets nice girl and falls in love. I am up for others, and suggestions! You may also make alterations to the plot if you like. It's just a vague idea.

    1. I play female
    2. if things get graphic we can go to PM
    3. mxf only
  2. I'm interested :3 msg me the info.