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  1. Hello everybody. New guy here, looking for something fun to jump into, whether that be a group or 1x1 rp, I don't really mind. Just really craving something involving modern times and elements.

    I have no preference of content, really. I like supernatural, fantasy, horror, humour, drama, slice of life, (though I haven't actually done that in ages and ages). I can't stand it if romance is the only plot mover. I'd prefer something with an actual story.

    Although I mostly play females, I enjoy the challenge of playing a male every now and then if the plot calls for it or I get a good idea. I like making unique characters with some kind of believable oddness about them, I suppose, ha. That in itself sounds odd aaaand I think I'm rambling now. Oops.

    Anyway, I'd love to hear from you guys.
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  2. I'm interested in maybe a modern super hero roleplay.
  3. Im intrested too. I like to move stories along with a lot of fun action and unexpected events. Send me a pm and maybe we can do something.
  4. Modern superhero roleplay sounds good to me too! I'm in!

    Here are some other themes that i would like to use, that i think go well together with modern:

    - A new drug brings out the users talents to extremes. It has been developed in secrecy by the government, but can it be used against them in the class struggle that is waiting to happen?

    - When the closed off section of the city jail one day is found empty everybody panics. The inmates have found a secret passage to the tunnelsystem that connects all of the citys parts, but what is lurking in the darkness of the underground? And if they survive, will these well known criminals ever be able to show themselves on the surface again?

    - Success! Mankind has found a way to communicate with nonhuman-animals through raising the average intelligence of all species to that of the common human. This has resulted in global vegetarianism, animal rights and a way to get in touch with our roots and common goals as earthlings. But as the conflicts between the species start to increase, who will dominate in the end? And who are these shapeshifters that people are talking about?

    As you may notice these are just concepts. I'm new to this site and to roleplaying. I mean really new. So please support me with advice and a guiding hand to start it up, then any thinkable adventure awaits!