Craving something hardcore fantasy

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  1. So I recently reread Lord of the Rings

    And now I'm reading the Dragonlance Chronicles

    While playing Final Fantasy X and watching my boyfriend play through Tales of Graces.

    I want a good fantasy roleplay to go with! It can be anything fantasy, fairies, warriors, dragon hunters, curse victims, anything!

    Let me know what you're into and we can cook up a plot together; I've got a hundred and two starter ideas that can be adapted to just about everything

    I would prefer a roleplayer who does not put up posts of one or two sentences - I like to have lots of information to bounce off of - that's not saying I want everything detailed to hell and back, but I do need stuff to bounce off of.

    I also am not a romance-aholic. If it happens, fine, if it doesn't, oh well. The plot will NOT revolve around romance, you'll have to be okay with this to get along with me.
  2. I would be interested, if it were to involve werewolves I'd be even more interested.
  3. Are we talking actual slobbering smelly matted fur bloodthirsty monsters every full moon werewolves or just shapeshifters? My interest is very much dependant O.O
  4. We are talking about actual slobbering, smelly, matted fur, bloodthirsty monsters every full moon werewolves. I find those more fun than shapeshifters. That's just me though. :D
  5. I'm really interested! ^^!
  6. Epic! me too! What kind of century/setting were you thinking of?
  7. To be honest I don't really mind. My preferred eras would be Dark Ages, Renaissance, Victorian or Modern Day. :B
  8. I would be very much so interested! Unless you already have enough people.
  9. Actually everyone who's contacted with me has spoken interest. . . and then not talked to me since O.O

    So yeah! Still looking!
  10. Hello! If you don't mind my huge noobishness, I'd really like to start out my experience on Iwaku with something like this.
  11. I'm sorry but perhaps you might have more luck in the forum specially designed for new roleplayers; it's not that I'm some kind of RP snob or something, its just that I've been roleplaying for years and prefer a certain style that tends to demand a little more experience from the writer =/ Best of luck in your quest though!