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  1. hello! i'm hoping i might be able to find someone who would be willing to rp with me. i'll give some info below (copy-pasted from a post on another site because i'm lazy, haha)

    Literacy// literate--HOWEVER i prefer quality over quantity. all i need from an rp partner is something i can reply to. i mean, obviously i want more than just a few words/a sentence, but i'm not going to say you HAVE to write a certain amount for each reply. that's just silly and leads to unnecessary fluff/filler.

    Length and Style// as above, length doesn't really matter that much. as for style, i like both paragraph and script/chat-form. in fact i'm cool with mixing it up for the same rp/same characters, or doing silly out-of-character nonsense in a chat style.

    Interests/Genre// fantasy, sci-fi, horror (though that's one that i don't have much experience with), elder scrolls (mainly skyrim), mass effect. for the listed fandoms, i prefer to use OCs only, or use existing characters as npcs/background characters. i DON'T EVER start an rp with the intent of pairing up characters. i have no issues with romance, but i never want it to be the end goal. it has to be okay that our characters don't hit it off as anything more than friends, or don't get along at all, and there is a chance that when i pick a character they'll already be in a stable/happy relationship.

    feel free to suggest something you don't see here! genres i will not do, besides specific pairings, are any fandoms not listed, basically.

    if a pairing does end up happening, and i stress it has to happen ORGANICALLY, then i don't mind if it's straight, gay, or any other permutation. i'm open to all possible combinations!

    Maturity and Romance// i don't have limits. if you do, let me know. i'll do just about anything, really, just ask. i've gotten myself into a few erotic rps, so don't be shy~ (but please don't take that sort of thing too seriously--i'm liable to be giggling to myself the entire time because everything i type comes out super cheesy and silly to me)

    Extra Notes// i need to add this here, because it's important. i have a tendency to be super flaky. this means i may lose interest in an rp at the drop of a hat--i can assure you that unless i feel like we're not at the same level, it's not you. sometimes i lose interest in my own characters, or the setting/plot in general, or i just run out of steam. i do my best not to drop something without warning but if you think i might have (if i haven't replied in a few days) just try and get in contact with me out of character.

    if you're gonna rp with me you have to be okay with this, and not be too fussed about dropping one rp for another, or retconning the crap out of what we've already done, or even starting over. that's just how i am--if i don't have that freedom i'm not going to stay interested in the rp. also if our characters have a great chemistry (either as friends or enemies or frienemies or whatever) i'm probably going to want to jump around from one scenario to another to build on that without being stuck on one thing.

    don't be afraid to talk to me ooc! i'm generally quite friendly and i want someone i can rp with but also chat with about whatever else. and please excuse my lack of capitalization, i'm just lazy. i promise this doesn't carry over to any rp we may start.
    if you're interested lemme know here or over PM! i'm cool to rp wherever but i won't give out my contact info for messaging services unless you actually plan to start an rp with me. if you have any questions, feel free to ask!​
  2. PMed you dude :D
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