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  1. In the need for some sexy 1x1's, with plot of course!

    What I like:
    -Dirty, nasty smut! I love it. Thrown in with the plot of course. This must be ok with you.
    -I only play men. M/F and M/M only please, I can't RP women.
    -Quick replies.
    -At least a paragraph with nice details.
    -Someone who can add on to the plot with each post.
    -Characters with strong/crazy personalities. No boring charries that make mine do all the work.
    -Give me some of your ideas too! Don't let me decide everything.

    I just have very vague ideas right now, but comment or send me a PM if any interest you! We can sort out details later.

    Pairing/plot ideas:
    Geek x Jock
    Bully x Victim
    Enemies reluctantly falling for each other/accidentally sleeping together
    Bodyguard x woman who needs protection
    Teacher x Student
    gay boy x popular "straight" boy
    Princess x Pirate
    Assassin x Target
    Alien x Human
    Slutty guy/girl x Shy guy/girl
    Partners in crime
    Man wanted by police x Hostage
    Two drug smugglers
    Bad boy x girl who thinks she can "fix" him
    Ghost x girl
    Imaginary friend who becomes real
    Famous man x fan
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  2. hello there =^^= If it's okay with you, I'd love to rp with you sometime! I really like your plot ideas of Bully x Victim and gay boy x popular (straight) guy too.
  3. Alright PM me and we can hash out the details!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.