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Thank you for being brave enough to read through yet another request thread.

Before anything, this is NOT a smut-filled request thread.

Here is what you can expect from me as a roleplayer and what I expect from my potential partners:

1. Though I'm on pretty much all the time, I may not reply right away, so feel free to politely remind me.
2. I am only interested in M/F romantic gender-paired roleplays.

3. I ask that third person be used during roleplay.
4. Roleplay content must be kept PG13 - PG14.
5. Be courteous.
6. I roleplay over private messages only.
7. Please no one-liners; I'm tired of putting in the effort for a decent post to get little in return.
8. If you have many triggers / limits for violence then I'm not for you.
9. For character images I prefer them to be anime or hentai style.
10. Please note that I am only familiar with the TV series of the animes.
11. Never control my character/s without my permission first.
12. Do not ask to name my character/s.
13. I would prefer to do all original characters for our roleplay; it's difficult for me to portray Canon Characters properly, especially when it comes to romances.


Looking forward to roleplaying!

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I hope someone suits your interests! Sadly I do not have interest in any of these fandoms. I can provide some optional ones or OC driven content, but I do hope you get what you're looking for.
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