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  1. Introduction!

    Hey guys! So, this is obviously a partner request, and thank you so much for clicking on it! Obviously I am craving some more one on ones, hence the title. I usually only do one on ones but recently I have been participating in more group roleplays and I love them both! But currently I only have a couple one on ones going, and I would love to get more started!
    About Me
    Alrighty, well, what to say? I love writing a lot, which is one of the many reason why I joined this beautiful and amazing community! But on to what I can offer you!

    I am very active. I post at least once a day, except sometimes on Friday and Saturday because of trips, but I will always try to let you know if that happens! I always make up for it on Sunday though! So at the most it will be a two day wait, most of the time. I will admit that there have been a few roleplays that I have been in that I haven't been fully into because it's just not interesting to me anymore and there has been a couple I have forgotten to reply to, but I apologize and try to make up for it.

    I write at least three paragraphs and I tryto make them very detailed, though sometimes it is not quite as much. It all depends on what I get from my partner because it is hard to reply to a one liner. I will never give a one liner. I use to all the time and they are horribly hard to reply to, so no more will I do that! Normally, if my partner puts in good effort, I will reply with somewhere between three-ten paragraphs, not even kidding! If you want more or less, please let me know and I will understand!

    I write in third person and I just find it easier. There's not much else to saya about this! Haha

    I do send character sheets before roleplay begins and I expect my partner to also. They do not have to be too detailed, but I usually put effort and detail in mine! I only use realistic pictures also. Sorry!

    I will chat OOC and through PM. I find that it is helpful if we are friends, but I respect that not everyone does. I will probably at least send you a PM every few days and just check in and make small conversation.

    Share your ideas with me. I am far from perfect and I know that you all have opinions and wonderful ideas that I would love to hear! I want you to enjoy the plot just as much as I do. So, I will ask you about your ideas and whatnot throughout the roleplay.

    I prefer playing female, but I can double up and I will play male if I like the idea enough. I am pretty open with this too.
    Okay, I know that we all hate this, so I will just get to it!

    Be active. I know that we all have lives, and I understand, but I don't really feel like waiting for weeks to get one reply. So maybe not everyday, but two or three times a week maybe? If you can't, I understand. This isn't really big for me, I just thought I'd bring it up.

    Please no one liners! Put some thought and detail in it! Enjoy it, have fun! A paragraph or two at least..

    If you will be gone, let me know so that I don't think you dropped! And if you do want to drop or you aren't liking it, please just let me know! Thanks!

    Let me know your ideas. I don't want to be the only one contributing to making this story ours. It wouldn't be ours if I'm the only person who puts effort into it! Haha

    Be able to write in third person please. It gets confusing first person.

    And be willing to exchange CS and use realistic pictures, please. Thanks!

    A Summer In Italy
    Two best friends are finally graduating from high school. Despite how these two argue like a married couple, they couldn't care about the other more. Character A is the bad boy of the school and it always getting in a lot of trouble while Character B is the good girl who is always passing with straight A's, though despite how different these two are, they couldn't imagine their lives without the other. When they graduate high school and have to think about college and being seperated, they decide to spend their last summer together in Italy with Character B's aunt. Now these two are always fighting about something, but have the relationship where they are mistaken as a couple because of the way they act together. When they go to Italy, feelings they had never felt before starts to shine. What will happen in A Summer In Italy?

    Hopeless in Seattle
    Character A has been fighting cancer for as long as she can remmeber. That is until she turns eighteen and decides that she no longer wants to go through chemo and radiation, so instead she wants to live her life. That is when she meets Character B who is the towns bad boy. He doesn't know anything about her cancer, and she doesn't tell him. But after much hesitation and being forced, the two become friends. The boy takes her on adventures and helps her learn how to live her life and become free and happy while she shows him that sometimes life doesn't have a happy ending.

    I have a lot of plans for this if anyone is really interested!

    Road Trip
    When scientists find the best roadtrip outline, two best friends decide to take off on a break. They had always imagined and planned visiting every state in the USA, and now that they knew how, they were thrilled. So they took four months off of work and school and decided to spend the entire summer being free and doing everything and anything they wanted. They lived in the moment. Not only did they do all the crazy things like experienceing Mardi Gras and skydiving, but they fall for each other over the course of time without realizing it. They are both oblivious because of how close they are already, until one night when everything changes.
    (We can talk more into detail about this in PM if you are interested and have ideas.)

    Star Crossed
    So I based this off of a show I watched a long time ago, but you do not have to have seen it to roleplay this one! I just want to take the concept, which I will explain, and make our own with it!

    So when our characters were five or six. The female would be a normal human who lives with her family when aliens would have crash landed on earth. These aleins are exactly like humans except for a few small differences that I will tell you if you are interested. Anyway, the government feels threatened by the aliens although they didn't do anything, so they start killing or capturing them all. One little boy ran off and hid in a shed which happened to be Character A's shed. When she goes outside to get something, she sees the alien boy and immediialty they befriend each other. She hides Character B in her shed to keep him safe, but the government finds him the next day and shoots him in front of her.

    Thinking he was dead, the girl moved on from the boy who she befriended and goes on with life while the aliens which are still alive live in their own part of the city where they are watched and kept under restrictions. It is Character A's first year back at high school, her senior year, and the government agrees to allow six aliens, which are now called Star People, to attend the high school if they obey all rules. Character B is one of these students, and he instantly recognizes Character A, but she doesn't. They soon try to become friends, but with everyone against them, will they make the friendship work? And if so, what about the burning passion they feel for the other? Will they jsut ignore that feeling or make something of it!

    Bucket List
    Character A and Character B have been best friends since kinderarten. As soon as they met, they just knew that they woul protect each other until the day they died. It was rare to find these two arguing. They had so much in common and always got along and sometimes found themselves in a lot of troble, but at least they were together. Character B has been completely in love with his best friend since they first met, but he never said anything because Character A never was interested. When the two's friendship is threatened as they begin to think about their future, they decided to complete everything on their bucket list.

    Then we can decide what we want to have happen after this.. PM Me if you are interested!

    Summer Love
    When Character A decides to go to Florida for the summer, nothing is stopping them from happiness. They want to just be free for the summer and have fun, which was why the chose the one state where they could get a great tan, have plenty of fun in the sun, have great food, and meet cute boys. But boys was the last of her worries. In fact, she didn't think about boys at all. The summer was suppose to be boy free and fun filled. That was until she met Character B who challenges her and makes her think twice about her summer without boys. But even if she did let him in, would it all come to an end at the end of the summer?

    Forever Loved
    You and your best friend have been inseperable. That is until he became famous. Even through this you all were close and he refused to let go of your friendship. You became part of his band and it became common for you to be there for everything. You thought that your best friend becoming a famous boy band would ruin your friendship, but it only made it stronger. But when the cameras start taking pictures of you and you end up in the newspaper, will you take a step back, or put up with it to save your friendship with your best friend, though he doesn't see the way that you really think of him.

    It is super hard to explain this because there are so many thing we can do with it. But basically it would be a story of two best friends relationship when one of them becomes famous and while the other is on love with him, though we could decide if they had feelings back.

    For All Eternity
    So I have kind of had this idea for awhile but I haven't put it to use. I'm just going to explain this one. Basically Character A and Character B are together, or working on getting together, then Character A finds a picture of someone who looks like her in Character B's room, though it isn't her. Then she finds more and more and they are dated in different years, years that she wasn't even alive for. When she confronts Character B, he tells her that he is immortal, however we can decided, and when she dies and is reincarnated, he finds her over and over again to be with her.

    About A Wedding
    When Character A's favorite and closest aunt is proposed to, she is more than thrilled to be her maid of honor, including taking on the responsibilities of a maid of honor. But when she finds out that Character B is the best man, it complicates thing. She tries to put aside her feelins towards this male as they are forced to work together and make her aunt and his friend's wedding the best wedding in the world. Not only do they have to work together on this wedding, but they are also paired up for an English assignment.

    I have a lot of plans for this and I know it will be amazing if anyone is interested!

    I have been craving a best friend romance and I just can't let it go! I'm sure you figured that out since half of the plots were involving best friends, but the number one type of best friend relationship I am looking for it a Riley x Danny pairing from Baby Daddy. I know, I know. It is just too cute! The only thing with pairings is I just want to take the characters and how they act towards each other and make our own story with it! So we can make a new plot and everything if you would be willing to do that pairing with me! I will love you forever if we do this!

    I am also craving a pregnancy roleplay. I have a plot for it, actually a couple, I just didn't post them because I thought I'd wait and see if anyone is interested! Alright, let me know!

    Thank You!
    Okay, thank you so much for reading this! Just reply or shoot me a PM if you are interested Also, I am open to any and all ideas you have. If none of mine strike your interests, still PM me and tell me your ideas because I am open to pretty much anything! I have more plots, including a few ghost stories, so just let me know if these don't catch your attention! Thank you all!!
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  2. *pssssssssssssssssssst childhood friends roleplays are my weakness. I can't get enough of them. PSSSSSSSSSST I HAVE ANOTHER IDEA*
  3. Hahaha Hey rant buddy! I have been off literally all day, but am responding to the other one right now! I'll message you! I LOVE YOUR IDEAS!!!
  4. Hi.

    I really liked several of your ideas and I'm interested in talking more if you're interested in working with someone who's new to the site and pretty new to this concept of creative expression.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    St. T
  5. That sounds great! Just shoot me a PM and we can chat more!
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