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  1. ----&& н e l l o , м y p r e t t ι e ѕ

    Hi! First and foremost I'm looking for a 1x1 roleplay over
    email or Skype with someone 18 and over.
    I don't care if you're a male or female, but as I
    am 24, almost 25 it just... makes me
    uncomfortable. Ech.

    -- a b o υ t м e

    I'm 24, GMT -5 (Eastern), I'm married,
    and have two dogs. I also work a full time job that
    requires 12 hour shifts with rotating weekends. I'm
    often times able to get a short post out during work
    or after I get home but it isn't a guarantee. That being
    said, I should be able to reply at least once or
    twice a week to you, given you want a decently long post.

    -- l ι м ι t ѕ

    I have no limits when it comes to gore,
    violence, or cursing. I do have limits when it comes
    to closed-door affairs, however. Please request a list
    from me; I'll be more than happy to provide it for you.
    Some include the usual: no pedophilia, no scat, no vore.
    I have no triggers but please let me know if you do. I'll respect them.

    A Warning:
    I prefer roleplays that have darker elements.
    All of the aforementioned (gore, violence, cursing, and... activities)
    will probably - hopefully - be in our roleplay.

    -- r o l e p l a y ѕ t y l e
    First, post length.
    I like to think I mirror my partners but that isn't always the case.
    I've been known to put out 1500 - 2000 words or just 200.
    It depends on my muse, how inspired I am, and what you
    give me. I'm prone to mistakes and know some of you are,
    too. I won't call you out on your typos: as long as it's
    understandable and remains in character (if it's a canon
    you're playing), I'm good. Also, I reply on my phone, so

    Second, response time.
    As aforementioned, I'm a busy woman.
    There are times that I can stay on the computer all day
    for a couple days in a row; there are times I can't reply
    for a week or more. I'll try to let you know when I'm
    unable to post, but life happens unexpectedly.

    Third, ditching.
    Let's get real: everyone does it. I've done it.
    I'm ashamed of it.
    But it happens.
    I'll send you a complimentary 'hey, how are you', but I won't
    chase you down. I expect the same courtesy of you.

    Canon x OC > OC x OC > Canon x Canon

    Fifth, doubling
    I feel awkward not doubling. I'll do it, though,
    and most of my best work is with a single character.
    If you wish to also play a female or oc, I am more
    than happy to double
    . If you just want to play a male
    or canon, that's fine too. But if we both want to play females,
    I'll insist we play doubles. My pairing of choice is MxF but
    I'm happy to do FxF and slightly unsure about MxM.

    -- g e n r e ѕ
    ** - craving
    ++ - AU friendly
    am not interested at the moment
    bold - who I'd like to play


    **/++ Dragon Age
    **King Alistair x f!OC: post-Origins through Inquisition
    **Cullen x f!Amell: Origins through Inquisition ( <-- super craving)

    Who I can play:

    Morrigan, Inquisition!Leliana, Wynne, Carver, Bethany,
    Hawke, Fenris, Sebastian, Varric, Cassandra, Bull, Josephine,
    Dorian, Solas, Abelas

    **Dean x f!OC

    Who I can play:

    Castiel, Sam, Crowley, or Bobby with primarily hetero pairings.

    NOTE: I am trudging my way through season 8. No spoilers, please!


    Apocalyptic/Post apocalyptic

    The world's going to hell in a handbasket.
    Let's make the best of it. Bring me your zombies,
    your lunar misalignment, your diseases, your anything.
    We can work something out

    Arranged Marriage.
    Preferably medieval/historical, preferably fantasy.
    Who's kidding, I'll listen to anything.

    **I'll love you if we can mix this with Dragon Age or
    Supernatural somehow <3 <3 <3**


    It fascinates me. I just made my way through
    Ruta Sepatys' Salt of the Sea and it's sparked
    my muse. Happy to entertain any pairing ideas.
    Won't go into detail due to triggers: PM me (:

    I'll add more as I think of them.

    Looking to play a 'Taken' like scenario with either me
    playing sole female or doubling. Buyers would be
    brothers if doubling, high up in whatever foreign country's
    mafia we choose.

    There will be dark materials. Do not contact me
    with this unless you're willing to deal with
    violence, probable/inferred rape, violence, and gore.

    -- c o n т a c т

    Please don't post here. I probably won't see it. PM me, plox.
    Email: write.with.meee@gmail.com
    Skype: writewithmeee
    Website: writewithmeee.weebly.com for more generic plots!
    Original, I know.
    I look forward to hearing from y'all! ^^​
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