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  1. Introduction

    I'm Nova. Or Fox or...I haven't really decided yet. Choosing a preferred name is hard, alright? It may change, so call me what you will. With that said, I use they/them and he/his pronouns, anything besides she/her. I've had to write this thing twice now so...sigh. Anyways, here's some information about me and my roleplaying style.

    - In case the title wasn't enough to go by, I'm only willing to do M// where they're both biologically men at the very least. However, with a lot of my partners, I'm more than willing after I'm comfortable to play out F// and M/F side couples. I get weird about it, but hey. Also another thing to note, I generally like playing more 'submissive' kinds of boys and sometimes I like to make them feminine. So it would be sweet to have the more dominant sort of partner in that case, but if not, switches are just as fine for me!
    - I'm typically on everyday and I always have the time to check the site. I don't sleep until really, really late so. That being said, I can respond really fast or I can at least give one response a day, depending on what I have going on. School slows down my response time, but not by very much.
    - I can roleplay in any genre honestly. From fantasy to slice of life. I just mainly like for the roleplays to have romance and also smut if it calls for it, aha.
    - I am very, very picky about my own grammar. I will always double check it and correct myself, unless I was typing moments before falling asleep. It happens. However, I'm not too picky about my partner's grammar. Just as long as you can write as clear enough English and I can understand what you meant, I'm all good.
    - I enjoy getting details into my writing, but I know that plenty of people prefer to keep it low still. So I can write from one to preferably two paragraphs up to over thirteen paragraphs. The more excited I am and the more details I can include, the more I'll write. So, no one liners or dialogue script please.
    - I like to talk. A lot. Sometimes I don't like to. Either way, I'm all for small talk, but if preferred, we can keep it just general plotting. I just like making friends if possible.
    - I only do original roleplays, but I don't mind basing the characters off on certain worlds like the Harry Potter and Middle Earth worlds even. But worldbuilding alone is always fun!
    - I am looking for long term partners, but if you'd rather be a short-term one, that's cool!
    - I am an artist and a writer, so as I get more into the roleplay, I'll definitely draw out of characters and everything, knowing me.
    - I usually like using real faceclaims for characters, but I won't mind descriptions or anime faceclaims instead.

    This is more going to be more on the topic of Liberteen and doing smut now.

    - I prefer to have more plot than smut, unless the smut presides with the plot, then we can just go nuts with smut, aha.
    - I have very little limits honestly. I can be vanilla, but it can run a little boring. I do have my roleplay resume filled out for the most part including some of my kinks, so check that out if you'd like. If you want to discuss kinks more in-depth, feel free to PM me! The only things that I refuse to do are watersports, scat, excessive gore, and furries. Hybrids are my limit. Also, I don't appreciate Godmodding or taking control of my characters without any consent.
    - I absolutely adore lengthy sex scenes that involve the foreplay, the intercourse, and the post-intercourse state. I really dislike rushing them.


    I didn't have really any plots in mind as I do pairings. However, if I do come up with some, I'll be sure to add them. The ones underlined are the ones I would prefer to play as! And honestly, I say human, but for most cases, they can be anything you'd prefer! All of these can be with or without smut, honestly.

    - Alpha/Beta/Omega!verse
    • Human/Hybrid (This can fall under Master/Slave as well.)
    - Human/Ghost
    - Human/Any Supernatural Entity
    - Human/Incubus
    - Demon/Angel
    - Rich/Poor
    - Tattoo Artist/Florist
    - Jock/Nerd
    - Popular/Loner
    - Loner/Nerd
    - Hearing/Deaf
    - Royalty/Knight or Blacksmith
    - Master/Slave
    - Arranged Marriage
    - Human/Merman

    Wrong Number Plot
    Without the Liberteen factor, the way I see this plot going is that C1, my character, tries to call his friend, but mistypes the number and ends up calling or even texting C2 and it just ends up unraveling from there. With the factor though, instead C1 or C2 sends a nude of themselves without checking the number, and in his surprise, the other responds rather positively.


    So these are all that I could currently think of mentioning and..yeah. If I think of more, I'll be sure to add so. And if there's something you would like to do that's not mentioned here, just ask away. If you managed to read through this entire thing, aha, feel free to PM if you're interested! c:
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