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  1. I am willing to do just about anything for a quality Rp partner, and I only ask the basics; grammar, NO one-liners.

    I will do just about any fandom excluding Big Bang Theory for those that use Sheldon as a pairing whore. If I am unfamiliar with a fandom, just give me some time to check it out and I will give you an answer as to weather or not I accept it or not.

    *B/I is my preferred role.

    Merman/Shark Man(Mer-Shark)
    I was thinking something along the lines of this: In the world of Anaeria, the people of the sea lived in peace, away from the land dwellers and the sky people what with the constant wars the two seemed to have. They were completely at ease, until some of the Cecaelia, more commonly known as octopians - sea people that have the tentacles of an octopus and skin tones varying from a dark grey to a light pink - discovered a new race of 'Mer-folk' while exploring one of the Abysses in the southern oceans. The species were of a more primitive nature, due to their avoidance of other creatures and other such habits of those that dwelled within the deep waters.

    At first the Cecaelia thought that it was best to use the new mer-folk as slaves, although that thought had only appeared from the fact that the Mer-folk had seemed so docile while resting. The cecaelia should have been more wary, for when they had tried to capture the creatures they alarmed them of their unwelcome presence. Unknown to the octopians, these new mer-folk were a highly aggressive and dangerous people whom had turned to cannibalism through their years of solitude. The interruption of their rest caused them to attack, but it was the scent of blood that scent them into a feeding frenzy. The had thoroughly torn apart and devoured almost all of the octopians, very few survived. Although the ones that did alerted the true Mer-folk of what they had begun to call the pozhyrachi - or the Devourers to those of the common tongue.

    Sensing this as a threat to his Kingdom, King Akvari sent a decree that these creatures were to be eliminated. It has been five years since then and the decree still stands. The Devourers numbers have dwindled to a fraction of their previous population however the King has begun to run out of men to deploy for when the men return they are often riddled with madness or severely injured, at least for those that do return.

    Any thoughts, concerns or questions ask. Also if you would like a full overview of the "Mer-shark" species I would be happy to provide the information along with a description of my Character, Akula




    Teen Wolf:

    and many more!
  2. Your Merman/Shark Man(Mer-Shark) intrigues me. I am very interested in doing this.

    I have never done a merman roleplay before, but I have always been interested in trying one.
  3. Thank you very much Raz. If you have any questions about the plot,species or anything concerning the idea PM me and I will give you the information.
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