Craving Kidnapping: Multiple Variations

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So I have four variations of kidnapping ideas I'd like to do. I'm afraid all of them ask that my partner play two characters. Each only has me playing one character, but I assure you I'm more than willing to somehow add in another character to make things fair. I'm flexible. I'd like a real life picture or celebrity faceclaim to be provided for my partners' characters, and I will always provide them for mine. If you need help finding a picture or faceclaim, I'm willing to make suggestions. For this, I prefer that both of your characters are dominant towards mine. I would like your characters to love mine in a really twisted way though. Also, your characters are married to each other in each of these. I hope that's not a problem. Only one of these involve the kidnapping happening at the beginning. The others will build up to it.

1. A husband and wife become obsessed with a female high school student who lives down the street after her parents invite the couple to a dinner party.

2. A gay couple is in a relationship with a male college student. The younger man has wealthy parents who find out about his gay polyamorous lifestyle and threaten to disown him. The young man is desperate to stay in the prestigious college he attends and decides to end his relationship with the older gentlemen. The young man isn't aware that the two are unstable and have become obsessed with him.

3. A husband and wife are stalking a male teenager who attends the high school they both teach at.

4. Wives watch a college campus waiting for the perfect young, beautiful female student to abduct and do whatever they please with her.

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Ill do the first one with you. As long as you understand i only play females lol
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