Craving for a High School Romance

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  1. Just need anything to do with High School Romances

    Pairings I have in mind~
    ~ Student x Student
    ~ Student x Teacher
    ~ Student x Exchange Student

    Meh you can add pairings if you would like~!

    Things you just need to know
    ~ I would like my partners to be able to play more than one character - will totally ask you to play two or three characters. Normally only two.
    ~ I want paragraphs for most replies. Small replies don't help the story to move along we both need to help the story to get going~ So.... NO ONE LINERS PLEEAAAASSSEEEEEE~!!!

    Other than that I am pretty cool with anything~!

    Comment below or PM me~!
  2. I could be interested, could you elaborate?
  3. I'd be interested in the rp with you if you're still looking :)
  4. Shoot me a PM if you're still interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.