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  1. Hello there! :)

    I'm looking for some new partners to RP. I only do MxF or MxM, and I'm generally ok doing either genre, but I do have some preferences in specific plots. I normally reply at least once a day. My UTC/GMT is -3. I'd rather go for PMs rather than threads. English is not my mother language, so I may make some grammar mistakes from time to time. It's not something that should be a trouble, but if you are a grammar nazi, you might not want to RP with me :(

    Finally, I don't do smuts. I can do, and crave for, some sexual content, violence, gore, cursing and whatever. Just no explicit smuts.


    - I need people that write something in between 1 paragraph and 4. According to your writing length, I'll adapt myself.
    - Let's add some romance, please. I don't want any RP based on romance, but at least a small dose of it is a must :bananaman:
    - I want active partners. Fast replies are aweeesome, but I'm okay if you give me an answer every one, two or maybe even three days.
    - +16 roleplayers please
    - No anime physics.
    - Don't start a RP with me and leave me after two replies -.- At least tell me if you get bored or you have some sort of problem that disables you to keep writing.
    - I won't do first person roleplays because, for some reason, I just can't.

    Don't be afraid to ask me about your own ideas. I don't bite. Normally.


    - They are obviously open to be improved or modified

    Plot #1: Every Batman needs a Robin. (MxF) (Vigilante x normal girl)
    This is an idea that has been on my mind for a long time. It's about a human vigilante (someone like batman, or green arrow) with great skills that has to take care of a city full of crime. (He could also have some super powers, but he needs to be vulnerable in some way). Of course there's a girl involved, but instead of the vigilante saving her from some bad guys, she will be saving him. He gets really bad injured during a fight and is left unconscious on the streets. The girl finds him, and as she knows calling an ambulance would be the same as delivering him to the police, she takes him home and takes care of him by her own. Later on she will keep helping him cleaning the city in any way she can, even though he will refuse at first. Anyway, this would have a lot of drama, adventure and action.

    Plot #2: Lovers, enemies. (MxF MxM) (shifter x shifter)
    We will have two shifters that meet and immediately like each other in their human shapes. Anyway, as they are obviously hiding their abilities, neither of them knows much about the other's true self. In the same time, one of these characters will be using his/her other shape for criminal reasons, while the other one will be trying to stop him/her. What will happen when they realize who they are with?

    Plot #3: Locked Mulan. (MxF) (I'd be playing the female.) (prisoner x prisoner)
    This setting is based on the third season of Prison Break. The Yarlon is a south american prison where its guards have lost control during a rebellion, and so they decided to just leave prisoners inside to do whatever they want. They obviously have the perimeter well secured, and everyone who tries to step outside without permission is immediately shot. As they still have trouble controlling men inside, they made a deal with the man in charge to keep things calm and deaths to their minimum, and they'll start allowing female prisoners inside. One of our characters will be the first girl to get inside, but as she knows about this place, she'll make her best to look like a man from the beginning. In there, she'll meet the other character, who'll help her defend herself from other prisoners. She'll trust him enough to rebel her secret? Will they be able to escape before things get ugly?

    Plot #4: Gifted or Cursed? (MxF) (meta human x normal human)
    Character A has spent all his life as an experiment subject for a program called Meta Humans. This was an idea for the american government to create new biological and intelligent weapons for their own interest. He/ She manages to escape thanks to the powers he/she is starting to develop. As the experiment tries to hide from the ones after him/her, Character B appears, and decides to help after some thinking. They both need to understand Character A powers, at the same time that they run from the agents after them, while being careful to not get killed by the same powers that help them out of hard situations.

    Plot #5: One face, two souls. (MxF) (girl with double personality x boy)
    The female character has a dissociative identity disorder, a syndrome for double personality. The problem is that the two personalities locked inside her body can't be more different, and she doesn't remember anything that happens while the other one takes control. She was born as a sweet and caring girl, but her hard family problems made her develop another facet where she doesn't care about anything or anyone, not even herself. As this changes from an annoying problem to a dangerous one, her boyfriend/ best friend tries his best to help her. After some research on her condition, he realizes the best way to help without locking her out was joining these two personalities with one feeling, which would be the love she feels in her main personality for him. Meanwhile, the dark side of the girl becomes more destructive and dangerous to everyone around her. Will he be able to make these two girls become one once again? Can he get close to the soul that he doesn't have anything in common with?

    Plot #6: What's dead should stay dead (MxF) (Relatively short term) (woman x zombie)
    It all starts with a happy couple lucky enough to have found their soulmates, until destiny gets in the middle. He gets a terminal disease that kills him in a month and she's left all alone. Without even considering the possibility of spending the rest of her life without him, she looks into everything, no matter how stupid it sounded, to try to speak with her dead lover or even bring him back. After only two days of looking into every possible way of making that miracle happen, she gets deep enough in the supernatural world and finds a witch powerful enough to break the circle of life. Even if she warns her that things may go wrong, she finally agrees to help in change of some money. The girl leaves, oblivious of the witch's powers, but when she gets home, she's not alone anymore. He's there, and her world recovers its meaning. Even though she needs to hide the former dead man and explains him what happened, they are incredibly happy to be together again. Anyway, a few days later, she starts finding some weird things about him. Besides the fact that his heart no longer beats, his body starts to change. He starts to... decompose, and he doesn't seem to notice it. How long would she be able to keep living with a dead man that will soon become a walking corpse? Would she be able to tell the man she loves to go back to his grave? Pretty gloomy, huh?
    (The RP starts when he comes back to life.)

    Plot #7: Suicide mission (MxF) (agent x president daughter)
    [Might find a few coincidences with the events of Resident Evil 2/4...]
    The world was about to go to Hell. A zombie outbreak started, but the government acted fast enough to put the whole place in quarantine, building big walls all around it. Anyway, the president's daughter was in that city when this happened, and even if her father had already started mourning her, he sent a couple of agents after her out of hope. The other character will be the only agent surviving the first few days inside the city, and the one that lives enough to realize she's still alive. They try to survive together, with the girl being sometimes a burden, while some others a savior. Besides fighting the zombies, they need to find a way out there before two weeks, the time given for people to evacuate before they bombed the whole city. There is no signal to call someone out there for support. The RP can end after those weeks, with both of them dying or living happily ever after, or might continue when they escape, only to find out that the whole world actually went to Hell.

    Plot #8: Winged prisoner (MxF) (princess x dragon shifter)
    There is a rebellion near, and the king is very aware of it. Anyway, there is no way he would lose his throne without putting up a fight. And what would be better for it than having a dragon fighting for him?
    My charrie will be a dragon shifter, who is caught by the king's guard. They pretend to force him to fight for them using violence and torture, but the curious princess has another plan. She, unlikes her father, actually cares for the shifter wellbeing and volunteers to get near enough to convince him without any physical pain. At first, the shifter will refuse any contact from anybody. But, as he realises he has no other way to escape, he takes the princess' visits more friendly. He assumes he could get close enough to use her to get away.
    Anyway, how long will it take for their fake feelings to become real?


    The ones in bold are the roles I want. And the * are the RPs I want the most. Ask for plots about these pairings if interested.
    • Thief x Victim
    • Criminal x Police officer
    • Psychopath/ schizophrenic x mentally healthy person
    • Psychopath/ murderer x Psychiatrist *
    • Robot x Human *
    • Prisoner x Prison Guard
    • Prisoner x Prison doctor ***
    • Runaway x cop
    • Princess x dragon shifter
    • Princess/prince x Prisoner
    • Street orphan x rich girl/ boy **
    • Criminal x rich girl
    • Vigilante x Criminal
    • Castaways
    • Experiment x creator
    • Human x Lucifer


    - I don't do gay couples with straight characters
    - I may make some modifications to character's behaviors.
    - Even if you don't like any of the pairings listed down here, I'd be willing to try another plot inside any of these worlds.

    TV shows

    Game of Thrones
    • Jon Snow x Daenerys *
    • Jon Snow x OC
    • OC x OC
    • Oliver x Felicity ***
    • Oliver x OC *
    The walking dead
    • Daryl x Beth ***
    • Daryl x OC
    • OC x OC
    Prison Break
    • Michael x OC
    Sons of anarchy
    • Jax x OC
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  2. Hiya! I saw this, and a few of your plots caught ny eye! Do you use OCs as well?
  3. That's awesome. I'll PM you to talk about it!
  4. Good evening :]
    I'd be interested in starting a Walking dead OCxOC and/or plot #4.
    I'd love to chat about it :]
  5. I am interested in developing an rp around this pairing Princess/prince x Prisoner ^-^. I don't mind if it is MxF or MxM you can pick either one. I am a very flexible partner. If you are still searching and interested please pm me. ^-^
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