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  1. Hello there. After playing some of my favorite retro rpg's, I really feel the need to make a roleplay with similar elements. Start simple, meet people, get stronger, save the world (or country). Problem is that I can not make a roleplay on such a scale alone though. One mind is simply not enough to write a satisfying story. So here I am, requesting some help. This is planned to be a 1x1, but It can turn into more if requested. Up to 4 if all players desire that.

    What you can expect from me
    • I can and will post numerous times a week, if I am interested enough in an RP and won't be suddenly ditched.
    • My posts will !Never! be one sentence. I do not feel that is fair to anyone to work with and not right of me to do. I expect the same of you.
    • I generally write about 1-3 paragraphs, which should give you enough to work with. I probably could do more, but I prefer quality over quantity. That, and I doubt that you want to read flashbacks and all thoughts that come through my character's mind.
    • Genre based; I am a huge fan of magic and special powers. I tend to use these a lot honestly. This rp will be no exception.
    • Grammar and punctuation is generally a decent thing of mine but I will probably make mistakes. I will do my best to keep them to a minimum though.
    • When I see a problem, I will notify you of that as early as possible. It won't happen often, but if it does, it will be some bigger thing that has to be reworked.
    • No kids or pregnancy in this roleplay, I just don't find them remotely that fun to work with. As side chars, sure, but not as mains.
    • Don't expect me just to move the story line forward, we need to work together.
    What I expect from you
    • Story line is a must, but I can't write the whole thing on my own, so bring in your own ideas too. Smaller events, big schemes, characters to love and hate. Let's make a tale to remember.
    • I'd at least like the common courtesy of my partners posting at least 1 paragraph per post. Just don't give me a one/two liner/s, cause then I won't post back. The same is the case for when you throw an extreme amount of over 6 paragraphs at me that is filled with useless information.
    • In terms of Magic and Fantasy, don't be afraid to use new ideas. As example: Don't limit your char to the 4 basic elements. Not only are there more elements to explore, but a giant load of powers in general.
    Now for the plot.

    Most of it is very raw, so please bear with me. It is designed for 1x1, and has to be changed if this turns into a small group roleplay. I also appreciate any input you can give me.

    Genre: Adventure, Romance(?), Fantasy.
    Timeline: Custom medieval
    Pairing MxF

    The plot starts with YC. One night, YC sees something moving outside, moving towards a special area. A cave/temple that is forbidden to everyone from his/her village/city. Later that night, the person comes out, and returns every night. On the third night, YC's curiosity gets the better of him/her, and s/he sneaks in after him.
    S/he eventually finds that person, researching some weird looking spellcircle on a big wall. S/he gets absorbed in watching the symbols though and does not notice how s/he triggers an ancient trap. A stone block falls from above, as big as a head, but just before his/her head would get a fatal wound, that person would suddenly rush to her and push her out of the way, taking the damage in her place.
    The person is on the ground, blood staining his hair, and a voice echoes in the room. It says to YC that s/he could save the person's life by doing what it says. Little does s/he know of what chain-reaction she triggers with that.
    It is a Pandora's box scenario, which would bring negative changes to the world. Their quest from this day would be to stop what is happening and restore their world back to the way it was.

    Now then. Any questions? Go ahead and ask. I will try my best not to bite you.
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