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  1. Welcome, love. I'm seeking males for gritty modern supernatural RPs involving our original characters and some lore from the TV show Supernatural. You don't need prior knowledge of the show, just be willing to learn a bit. If you're interested please read the thread and PM me! :)

    My RPs are story-driven and sensual, with a focus on collaborative plot development and characterization. I also crave consistent quality writing, so please reply twice a week and type at least 2-3 descriptive, coherent paragraphs.

    Above all, I want a friendly partner who will communicate problems and suggestions. Long term is preferable but I'm happy to either spice up our story or start a new RP if you desire it - just have the courtesy to tell me if you lose interest instead of vanishing. After all, the point is to have fun!​

    1. Please read my preferences to see if we're a good match.
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    YES PLEASE: Various things I enjoy in a story, character, and partner.

    - Creativity: You need to contribute to plot/character development. Don't leave everything up to me!
    - Plot first: Sex is great and will happen, but I write for the story
    - Multiple stories with the same RPer at the same time (schedules permitting)
    - Tasteful sex: Oral, anal and vaginal. Vanilla to passionate to rough/angry sex is fine
    - Scenarios: kidnapping, hurt/comfort, blackmail, arranged marriage and more
    - Sex outside of the bedroom. On the floor, a table, the couch, against a wall, etc
    - We can play multiple characters for diverse POVs, or have one main character each and juggle the NPCs.
    - All characters are 19+ and have realistic proportions
    - My OC can be a feisty submissive, switch, or domme.
    - Seduction
    - Pseudo-rape/dubious consent. A little apprehension or denial is fun sometimes!
    - Virgins or sexually experienced characters
    - Light blood play only if it involves a vampire
    - Emotional connections and romance
    - Tattoos, scars, and piercings
    - Light voyeurism and exhibitionism
    - Role reversal, power play
    - Well written violence
    - Substance addiction
    - Grey morals
    - Rugged/manly men, anti-hero, "bad guy", smart ass, charming rogue, stoic - etc.
    - Athletic, tall, or muscular men. Stubble, light beards and body hair is also nice
    - Secret affection and unrequited love, or even a cliché love triangle
    - Class taboo in historical settings
    - Race taboo in fantasy settings
    - Teasing and denial
    - Foreplay! Licking, kissing, scratching, biting, massaging, a little dirty talk
    - Light bondage (tied wrists, blindfolds, etc)
    - Non-sexual master/slave relationships that may become sexual
    - Stockings, corsets, and period clothing in general
    - Sentient monsters and supernatural creatures
    - Abuse and humiliation are okay as long as it's not too heavy

    MAYBE: Possible under certain circumstances.

    - If you play a submissive character please have a backbone
    - The only "incest" I'll do is between adopted siblings or step siblings
    - Non-consensual sex
    - FxF
    - Pregnancy
    - Corruption as long as it's not the 'innocent virgin becoming a slut' cliché
    - Adultery or multiple sexual partners. I have very few exceptions, ask for details

    NO THANKS: This doesn't tickle my fancy, please don't ask.

    - I don't do degrading smutty stories, zombie apocalypses, Anime, or "slice of life" romance.
    - Aliens, furries, MxM, Futa, or evil characters
    - Anime character pictures. I prefer realistic art styles
    - I do not RP over E=mail or IM
    - Poor grammar, short posts, god-modding
    - Finally, extreme fetishes: BDSM, harems, bestiality, vore, death, bathroom play, transformation, mind control... ETC.
    2. My pairings and ideas. We can modify plots/reverse roles, or brainstorm something new!
    Click Here! (open)
    - Monster x Agent
    - Vampire x Human
    - Demon x Witch
    - Hybrid x Witch
    - Vampire x Witch
    - Vampire x Hunter
    - Demon x Hunter
    - Angel x Hunter
    - and more...

    Agent x Monster: The government has a secret branch dedicated to the Supernatural, which not only houses supernatural creatures as their agents but also funds a eugenics program that has "created" more. Maybe a human agent stumbles upon this secret world by accident, or they join this branch and are partnered up with a vampire, werewolf, etc, to solve crimes in both worlds.

    Witch x Vampire: A witch has been in trouble lately with the supernatural Council due to a particular addiction - to vampire blood. Promising to be on the mend, she informs them she's hired some personal help to curb her habit and keep her safe from the people she owes. However, the Council doesn't need to know that the person she hired is a vampire. I expect the pair to go on adventures of intrigue together as they get to the source of the blood dealer while she battles her addiction.

    Witch x Hybrid: A vampire/werewolf hybrid seeks the help of a renowned witch to try and hone the positive aspects of his dual nature so he can become more powerful, maybe even invincible. His rival, a vampire, werewolf or an immortal hunter, seeks her out too. This can be combined with the above idea.

    Hunter x Vampire: A huntress, proficient in witchcraft, bites off more than she can chew (no pun intended) when she tries to kill an elder vampire, so she decides to use a spell to weaken him from a distance... at a cost. Rather than killing the vampire, the huntress binds them together and the pair are reluctantly protecting each others backs. That may not be such a bad thing though, since a larger threat surfaces.

    Hunter x Angel: A hunter encounters an angel during the course of her investigation. He could be a fallen angel who's finally decided to dabble in the affairs of mortals and feel something beyond the obedience of Heaven; or perhaps he's seeking rituals to stop his transition into a human as he gradually loses power. I prefer the role of the hunter for this idea.

    Hunter x Demon: A hunter crosses paths with a demon, who may be dropping by to collect on a deal they made ages ago. The angels are starting to become troublesome for the demons, more so than usual, and maybe they find a common enemy that requires teamwork to track and eradicate? I can play either the hunter or demon in this idea. Either of my characters would dabble in witchcraft..
    3. Finally, writing samples for your viewing pleasure.
    Click Here! (open)

    Sample #1 from a Viking RP
    Sample #2 from a Mass Effect RP
    Sample #3 from a World of Warcraft RP
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  2. I sent you a pm, but thought no harm in commenting here. I'd be interested in playing with you.