Craving a solid non-romance plot

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  1. So lately I've gotten a little frustrated with group roleplays because I have trouble keeping up, so I thought it might be more fun to give one-on-one's another shot.

    However, I don't want something that centers around romance, because I get bored with those really fast. I'm looking for something with the potential to be a little more intricate, y'know? Perhaps with both of us playing more than one character. I don't really have anything specific in mind right now, though. (At least, nothing that you couldn't find out by looking into my RP resume~)

    I usually write two or three paragraphs per post unless you don't give me much to work with, and I can play all sorts of characters: male or female, good or bad, what have you. If you're interested, make a post and we can discuss possible plots. :3
  2. I've got an idea just for this, if you'll like it ^^

    Two different races have been at war for about 100 years. One of the armies captures a city that is key to finally capturing the capital city. It would basically start as the siege does, and go through the events following it. The invading army's general would probably kill the defense's reigning lord and maybe his eldest son, and then take over the rest of the city. I'd prefer playing the defending race. Mine would be elves probably, 'cause I loves me some fantasy, but yours can be anything, humans, demons, wraiths, anything.
  3. I'm definitely interested! I'm generally interested in well-developed plots with intricate characters. Right now I'm absolutely blanking on ideas, but we should definitely brainstorm!
  4. How about Buddy Cop type stuff?