Craving a fxm Roleplay.

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  1. Hello all, againn.

    Recently I've had an urge for a female x male based Role play. These are ones I don't usually do, as I tend to stick to what I mostly enjoy (that being mxm) but as I've said, recently I've had an urge for this and would greatly appreciate anyone interested in playing a rather.. dominant, male character.


    Here is a website an old friend introduced me too, which I love. I sometimes read through the plots, and pick out those I like. But I figured it might be useful, for you, the reader, to possibly look through them too. IF there is one you like, we can sure as hell give it a go. As well as if you have any of your own ideas. (I've been working over time myself with writing and coming up with interesting plots, so I'm wanting to take a break from that.)

    I really do hope I find somebody interested. If so, leave me a comment, or just inbox me.

    - Charlotte.
  2. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do aged to perfection
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  3. I will role play with you wow you have a lot
  4. As would I! Sounds like a plan.
  5. Oh my goodness!!
    A lot of your plots are absolutely amazing! I would love to roleplay with you~
    The plots that I read through and found myself really pulled towards are:
    Notes on a Coffee Cup
    Beauty and the Boss
    Semester Abroad
    Last Dance
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  6. Pay-per-View sounds interesting to say the least as well as Beauty and the Boss.
    But I will be more than happy to carry out either of these with you!
  7. see my interest?
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  8. Flight delay could be interesting.
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  9. Any one interested go ahead and send me an inbox!:)
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