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  1. Hiya!

    Sorry for the lack of colour here. I was just waaay too eager to get this message out there so I could possibly start some roleplaying!

    I have been inactive for a while because I just started uni two months ago, and I'm doing a triple major so I may have a lot of work on my hands, however my evenings are free so I'm fairly active and ready to respond every day, especially the weekends!

    I prefer detailed partners, or someone who can give me a mknimum of two paragraphs per character. I tend to do more or mirror my partner's length so long as it is more than two paragraphs. (Also, by detailed, I mean literate. No point writing random words to make it two paragraphs if it's repetitive and doesn't make sense.)

    So, down to pairings! I'm looking for either of these (bold is who I want to play):

    Ron x OC
    Ron x Hermione
    Draco x OC
    Fred/George x OC

    In turn, I'd be happy to play just about anyone else from the Golden Trio era! Now, for plot, I wanted to go off of either the Half Blood Prince or the start of The Deathly Hallows (for Ron and Draco). For the Weasley twins, we could start from either those to or even Order of the Phoenix. I really wantes to rp out them finding horcuxes so I'd say I'm most craving Ron right now but I'd honestly be ecstatic with any mentioned above.

    If you'd like to rp during a different time period we can do two separate roleplays, I'd be totally fine with that, so just let me know! Please PM me if interested and thanks for checking out my thread!

    OH! And since I'm here, these are other fandoms I'm inteeested in so feel free to PM me about these too :)

    - Percy Jackson (looking for Percy)
    - The Hunger Games (looking for Finnick or Gayle)
    - MCU (looking for only Steve/Cap)
    - Now You See Me (looking for Jack Wilder)
    - Game of Thrones (looking for an older Bran or Jon Snow)
    - The Mortal Instruments (looking for Jace or Simon <33)

    That's about it! Also, Mature themes are totally fine by me, so long as they don't become what the RP revolves around.
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  2. Still searching~
  3. I love Harry Potter!! I'd love to do a rp with you. :)
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  4. I could do Ron x OC or Ron x Hermione with you if you're still looking.
  5. Awesome! would you care to send me a PM with your preferences? :)
  6. Definitely still looking and have been craving a Ron x Hermione lately haha. Please PM me ?
  7. I PMed you
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