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  1. Hey everyone I am really craving a breeding rp at the moment. I am looking for people willing to be dominants who are up for playing furries, aliens or even scalies. I am looking for people willing to use tentacles who like to make my char cum over and over again. Make her pregnant and maybe even make her lay their eggs. I am alright with futa characters as well. However I am looking for loving, caring yet perverted dominants, if your up for it and willing to be my chars lover then let me know. She is ready and she is waiting for someone to give her a good breed. Note if you want my full kink list as well I can give it to you.

    Kinks I Am Wanting

    Non Human Cocks
    Foreplay Before Sex
    Collar Wearing
    Light Bondage
    Egg Laying
    Tail Fucking

    Ones I Hate

    Hardcore Sex
    Hair Pulling
    Being Cummed On
    Deep Throating
    Rough Sex
    Heavy Bondage
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  2. Okay with everything on that list except the molestation. Definitely want in on this! Perhaps some sort of furry/tentacle/alien?
  3. Sent me a pm and maybe we can talk about it
  4. I don't know what i want to do with your character, but i know i will find out. Any preferred timeline you would like to play in? Oh and except for non-human cocks and tail fucking, i may be able to grand you all of these listed kinks.
    And if allowed: How are hard sex, and heavy bondage exactly defined for you?
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  5. bump bump, many many bumps...

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