Crashing Tides, Rising Skies (A Steven Universe RP)

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  1. [​IMG]


    To the gems hailing from Homeworld, it's the planet they had the most trouble with. The Gem rebellion that split this tiny colony from the rest of the Great Diamond Authority, a ragtag group of gems that rebelled managed to defeat a Gem Warship, caused a Peridot to defect, and managed to cause a Jasper to go missing in action. To some, this was an embarrassing defeat. Disaster strikes all around the Great Diamond Authority. A mere Peridot kindergartner spoke back against a Diamond -- causing all eyes to be on Yellow Diamond, as well as the other Diamonds to be shifty of the embarrassment this caused.

    News of this spread like wildfire. Even noble gems have thought about rebelling, staging their own rebellions on other planets and colonies. Earth was the spark -- and the Great Diamond Authority was now wrapped around it's grip, and the likes of Rose Quartz and the so called 'Crystal Gems' are snuffing out the flames of the Great Diamond Authority's power.

    A show of force was necessary. To quell this invasion, they had to start by proving to the rest of these so called 'rebels' that the Great Diamond Authority is not to be trifled with. The local planet 'Saturn', part of the Solarum System in which Earth was located, had the audacity to declare themselves independent -- by a rogue Sapphire gem. Diplomats were driven away, and warships were already aiming their weapons at the colony in a show of force. They fought back, and a battle that cost many gems waged among the rings of Saturn.

    A specialized Gem taskforce was hand picked by none other than Yellow Diamond. Featuring gems that were trained in the act of espionage, their skill weaponry, their tactics in the field, their strength and agility, and now -- the Great Diamond Authority's newfound knowledge on cross-gem Fusion -- they have picked these gems because they had the skills, the ability, and that Yellow Diamond was desperate to prove themselves.

    Desperate enough not to realize that their loyalties might be at stake.

    Will these brave gems be blinded by propaganda and be pawns for Yellow Diamond's game? Or will these 'gems' grow compassionate, willing to look past the blindness of their fellow gems, and fight for what is morally right?


    As you can see, this is a roleplay far from where Steven and the Crystal Gems are, making this a roleplay that will involve zero, or a bare minimum appearance. Set after the events of Peridot's betrayal.

    Here's some very important...
    1. The obvious no godmodding, no controlling of other people's characters unless they want to, no ultra-powered giga God gems or what have you, and all that stuff. Unfortunately, this means a restriction on gems who are 'Sapphires', due to their Future Vision being completely overpowered, as well as any fusions with Sapphires.

    2. I will not allow people to play pre-existing characters, unless those are me and whoever will be my co-GM.

    3. Only one gem character per person.

    4. Combat will be win/lose through the GM/Co-GM's discretion -- and I will consult the Co-GM over who wins what.

    5. Quality writing please. Paragraphs are very much appreciated, and one-liners are a massive no-no.

    6. Injuries and 'gems breaking' will be rectified or said characters will come back via the GM/Co-GM's discretion. Again, I will consult the Co-GM so that I'll have a second pair of eyes on the situation.

    7. Accepting around 3-5 people. Thanks!
    This is my first GM thing, so I guess things will have to start somewhere. If you have experience as a GM and wish to be my Co-GM, please ask me via PM. Comments, suggestions, interests -- please express your thoughts regarding this below. Thank you!
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  2. I'm interested, i have a gem character I wrote a while ago i've never been able to use, i'll have to tweak her a tad but she'll work
  3. Sounds great. If you would prefer to post it here or send it to me via PM, I'd be glad to give my opinion on it.
  4. Well like I said i'll need to rewrite her history to fit the rp but she's Blue Topaz, scientist, always calm and always planning some experiment or invention, frequently manipulates others to be part of her experiments, she's very cautious, her gem is on her hip and her weapon is a katana (so she draws as if from a sheath) i used to have a picture someone on deviantart did for me but I somehow lost the file and will have to find it again
  5. Alright. Keep me posted.
  6. I am soooo interested! :D
  7. Great! Have a character in mind?
  8. An acrobatic gem named Aventurine, who uses brass knuckles to fight. She's a talkative gem, who likes to chat up her opponents before fighting them. If possible, she prefers to try and talk them into surrendering, to avoid bloodshed. She's pretty playful too and can make a game out of anything or mundane daily occurrence.
  9. I prefer character sheets, if ever, and an appearance.
  10. O.o But you asked if I had something in mind...not for a character sheet. I mean I have no problem doing them in fact I love them. Do you have a sheet you'd prefer?
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  11. Name:

    [This includes, aside from the job, is her talents and whatnot]


    [Picture here and some text description if you may]


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  12. haven't yet put together my gem's rewritten story i'm afraid, having some writer's block... >.<
  13. [​IMG]

    [If I had my scanner, I would draw my own T.T in the SU art style]
    Art Credit - [url-]GDBee Arts[/url]
    Sex: Appears Female

    [This includes, aside from the job, is her talents and whatnot]


    [Picture here and some text description if you may]




  14. Name:
    Blue Topaz
    Stands 5'8

    Blue Topaz was a scientist on Homeworld of high enough ability and social class that she had little trouble with resources or her superiors. However she had grown rather bored at home with her work and sought a change of pace, so she got herself transferred to a colony world of another system, Saturn. Years later when the colony broke itself away from the authority of Homeworld, Blue Topaz went along with it partly because she considered the Diamonds' authority inefficient but primarily because she considered the use of Kindergarten's to produce gems a horrible waste of potential resources.

    Blue Topaz remains a scientist still, having little other skills outside of battle, though now her time is more directed toward her random (and often dangerous) inventions though she does put some time into ideas for defending the colony though she considers such endeavors largely a waste of time due to the threat Homeworld poses if they decide to attack in force.

    Blue Topaz is a very calm gem, she dislikes letting emotion make much of an impact in how she acts, and has never been seen without a level head. Blue Topaz is also very scientific, frequently researching and experimenting on various inventions, devices, and ideas both strange and extraordinary (and usually dangerous), she tends to seem rather reckless during said experiments but she is actually far more careful than she might seem. She is in fact very cautious and dislikes not being aware of her surroundings, as well as disliking making decisions without having as much information about potential choices as possible. When it comes to her work space, she is extremely meticulous, everything having its own place in a system that seems to make no sense to anyone but her. Though she prefers to avoid violence she does not shy away from it. She treats battle rather nonchalantly, calmly observing her opponent, never being reckless, and never hesitating to finish her enemy. She doesn't take action unless she thinks it will work, if she intends to take a swing but believes her target will block it, she simply won't swing.

    Blue Topaz's weapon is a katana, the hilt is gray with small hexagonal blue topaz gems on either side, a hexagonal guard, and a crystalline blade of blue topaz. The blade is extremely sharp and capable of cutting metal with relative ease.

    Intelligence- Blue Topaz is extremely intelligent as her (former) position on Homeworld showed. She is masterful with machines of all kinds and is capable of easily understanding how they work and it takes her little time to figure out how to work unfamiliar things.
    Observant- Blue Topaz has a keen eye and is extremely aware of her surroundings at all times. It bothers her immensely if she isn't able to accurately inspect her environment.
    Caution- Despite how she often seems with her less than safe inventions and research, she is very cautious, and never takes a risk without a plan (often more than one) of action if something goes wrong.
    Emotional control- Absolutely nothing seems to truly upset Blue Topaz, while some things notably annoy her such as someone messing with her work space, she never loses her temper and never seems bothered for more than a brief period.
    Energy absorption- One of Blue Topaz's two unique abilities. She can absorb and redirect raw energy (fire, electricity, radiation, etc.) in various ways, however she cannot produce said energy on her own and she can only absorb a single type of energy at a time (i.e. if she has absorbed electricity she cannot absorb anything but electricity until she discharges everything she has).
    Emotional Sight- Blue Topaz's other unique ability, she is able to see the emotional state of living creatures as a colored aura around them. The larger and brighter the aura the stronger the emotion.

    (not entirely happy with that short backstory, I never have anything that short, but best I could manage for this with the bout of writer's block i'm dealing with... >.<)
  15. Spinel
    (Facet-3A16B Cut-3CE)

    Age: One Thousand Two Hundred Earth Years

    Sex: Appears Female

    Occupation: Commanding Officer of Task Force Yellow, "Yellow Diamond's Fist"

    - Intricate knowledge and skill on certain bladed weapons, such as her dual-edged dagger, hand-to-hand combat experience, and skilled in tactical decisions in the field of battle. Veteran of the Gem Rebellion, before being forced to return after Blue Diamond's attempted assassination at the hands of Rose Quartz.

    - Along with her skill in her weapons, she maintains a very impressive feat of acrobatics, stamina and endurance, despite not being built in such a way like a normal Amethyst or Jasper gem would.

    - While lacking in her ability to perform charge attacks as proficiently, or any attacks that involve range, she may rapidly throw several of her daggers in an arc.

    - Her abilities are mostly combat related, as her speed and agility -- combined with her endurance and her skill in her own weaponry.

    -Her gem eye acts as binoculars, acts as 'night vision' in low level conditions. Her eye also acts as a 'laser cutter' of sorts, but too weak to be used as a viable weapon.

    [Art Credit: Spinel]

    - Long, styled, wavy creamy white hair, her gem on her left eye and her right eye colored similarly red. A sharp chin, attached earlobes, thin eyebrows, short eyelashes, a small nose, thin lips, and light red skin.

    - Her outfit on all occasions is the standard Spinel Officer Uniform, with a bit of modifications. Light red, heeled boots she managed to procure in exchange for her leg enhancers, cuffs from a torn shirt hailing from Earth and a scarf that she grabbed while surveying Earth in search of the missing Peridot. Despite being a Homeworld Gem, she wears all these -- possibly to show that she was truly a veteran of the battles that waged there.


    - Tactical, efficient, although not with a bit of personality to her. While she is willing to listen to her team, she takes control when absolutely necessary. Her abilities to command the field of battle are 'supposedly' far beyond Rose Quartz, but that remains to be seen as during her battles against Rose Quartz, she inevitably lost a few key battles that lead to the Homeworld Gems retreating.

    - She can be very stubborn at times, but she has 'promised to change' after a few high ranking officials pointed that out to her. She can be emotional at times, but only when she feels the pressure on her. She is also very fixated on the Homeworld social hierarchy, causing her to look down on certain gems such as Pearls, and etc.

    - She does not prioritize logic, but reason is one of her main emotions. While some Homeworld Gems might think of talking enemies out of situations, if she knows that it will never work, she will not hesitate to command her forces, and herself -- to lash out with violence.


    - Created in the Beta Kindergarten on an undisclosed planet within the Milky Way Galaxy, she showed her abilities and showcased herself as a capable gem. While other smaller, more insignificant insurrections around the Great Diamond Authority's colonies popped up, she and a small task force were sent to eliminate the key leaders, causing their underlings to scatter. She soon gained the approval of a certain Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and she earned her respect through the multiple missions accomplished.

    - Yellow Diamond has seen that her repeated attempts to break the Crystal Gems by attempting to destroy Rose Quartz was thwarted by a seemingly suicidal Pearl. Upon hearing this news, Yellow Diamond temporarily placed her in stasis, and sent a Jasper gem along with a Peridot -- and upon that failure, many nobles began to doubt Yellow Diamond, as well as Spinel herself.

    - In a last ditch effort to regain her pride and loyalty within her own court, she tasked Spinel with another task force, with desperation clear within her choice of task force members. Who knew these gems would even be loyal? Even their commander had second thoughts -- but if it meant that she would have a Yellow Diamond indebted to her, she decided to give it a shot.​
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  16. Well @Thingtastic, will you get your character sheet ready soon?
  17. Oh sorry, I'm going to have to drop out.
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