Crashing On Altenous

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  1. The ship Winter's Decit and it's daring... possibly foolish... captian ended up flying directly into a storm. Even with the best attempts of it's outstanding crew it couldn't steer it's way through and crashed onto an island in the middle of the ocean. No-clue where they are, the crew exits the ship to look for fresh water and food.
    The original animorphic residents of the island however, may have something to say about that.
    (Winter's Decit before it crashed)
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  2. Haritna watches the ship from the cliff. It had wrecked yesterday morning during the seasonal storm and it had only stopped burning hours ago. Men and women, humans and cyborgs, ran about to repair as much as possible. Their yells could be heard up from a miles away. The elders would not be happy with this. Right now they were dragging there dead onto the sand and burning them. Such weird customs. Were all human's like these, or just there sky-sailors?
  3. [Stygian Jett] "You need to see this. I've never seen anything like it! I bet they're pirates!" I said excitedly, running my hand through my thick brown hair before beckoning to my friend behind me. I smiled hugely, trying to lean around the leaves of a tree to see the newcomers better.
    "Stygian, if this is another one of your fuzzy caterpillars-" A higher-pitched but distinctly masculine voice answered me. Forrest put a hand on my shoulder and cut off his words when he saw what I did. He let out a low whistle. "Pirates? Mmm.. I wish, but I doubt it. I've never seen humans and their metal friends before!" I glanced back at him. His blue eyes were intently focused, his bright orange hair swept to the side of his face neatly like always.
    "They are so pirates, and if they really have a plank, I'm walking off it first." I grinned, looking back to the humans.


    [Trinity Thorn] Without looking, I pulled the Chef's apprentice's body over onto the growing pile. I couldn't stand dead people, or animals for what it's worth. Still, I was stuck with this job. Also without looking, I lit the bodies on fire and walked away quickly. That'll do until we find more people who hadn't survived the crash. I regretted ever stepping onto that ship, even if it was going to be a 'once in a lifetime opportinity'. My father was part of the crew, and although he survived fine, he had broken an arm and a foot and wasn't much use. He was expected to survive just fine. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, resting under a tree. I walked over to my father.
    "Hi, Dad." I said, sitting down next to him under the shade of the tree. I had more work to do, but I think the stress was getting to me. I was breaking out into a cold sweat, and it wasn't from the physical activity. We chatted for a bit, before I told him my uneasiness about where we had crashed. Earlier today, I sworn I'd seen something in the bushes, but no one listened to me. Of course, neither did Dad, and before long I was working to salvage anything I could from the wreck, forgetting my worries in my hunt for anything from barrels to blankets.
  4. Haritna ran back through the forest, running into Stygian and Forrest on the way back to the village. "Did you see the humans? Aren't they funny looking?" She smiles and jumps around. "Some of them are all made of metal and stuff!" Her black hair was shiny and straight except for bright green curls at the bottom that bounced as she ran about. Purple eyes shone with curiousity. "Should we go tell the Elder's they seem to be staying for awile?


    Sebastien Roussel sighed. It was a massive wreck. Lives and supplies lost. His own apprentice had been killed. They had only just gotten the fires put out after the boilers went off. The whirling gears of his left arm tried to cool off the overheating metal. It was chaos but as things slowly calmed down, the dead were counted. There wasn't time for that though. Sebastien looked into the forest. He could see fruit trees farther up the moutains. It would take awhile but he could probably get there if he set out now. With a quick word to the captain, Monsieur Roussels left the destroyed ship and wandered into the tropical forest of the isolated island.
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  5. Louis Ashenbert walked his way around the wreckage, and near the edge of the trees, slowly starting to grip and climb the rough but hard to hold trunk. His arm hissed and whirred as it firmly dug it's bronze fingers into the bark for a better grip, his small and nimble body easily pulled up onto one of the highest branches. He could see the ship far below him and all the dead passengers as well as the injured lying around. "Tsk." He sneered. Why'd they have to crash? He knew going into that storm was a bad idea but no one ever listens to a kid even if they were born and raised on the ship. Looking the other way he thought he saw something moving around in the underbrush. Animals?
  6. [Stygian Jett] I jumped slightly at the sound of someone approaching. Turning, I recognized Haritna and waved her over to sit next to us. "I bet they're pirates." I said, looking back at the crash site. "Probably use pirate magic to reincarnate their dead into robot bodies, and the crash destroyed their magic pirate things they use to do so." I reckoned. Forrest rolled his eyes, but he didn't have any better explanation.
    "Elders? Nawww. You know, I'd hate to get the facts wrong and all... We better just go say 'hi' ourselves!" I hopped up onto my feet and immediately ran down the mountain, crashing through the undergrowth with the grace of a rabid antelope.
    "Stygian!" Forrest cried, and I glanced over my shoulder to see him nimbly running after me. "Get back here! You don't even know if they're friendly!"


    [Trinity Thorn] After me and a couple of others had cleared out the only accessible rooms of the destroyed airship, we conferred with the Captain, and upon his instructions began to construct small lean-to shelters. As we worked, I started chatting with the crew. Some of them figured that they'd be off the island before long, and others were clearly fighting off despair and worried we'd never be able to leave.
    Before long, I noticed that the island wasn't barren and lifeless. Besides your typical birds chirping and bugs buzzing around, every now and then I saw what looked like humanoid shapes jumping between the trees in the distance. Whatever lived here was pretty elusive, as I couldn't get a good look at anything. It made me uneasy, like we were being watched.. And maybe even hunted.
  7. Hartina laughed and jumped after Stygian. "Forrest, we'll be fine! It's not like they're stronger then us~" she sings. Instead of running through the underbrush like Stygian though, she swung from tree branch to tree branch like a small monkey. The birds screeched as she pulled on their perches. "Sorry!" Hartina calls to them as the group of 3 moves down the mountain.


    Sebastien wandered back out of the forest after awhile. The fruit trees were farther up then expected and he wasn't strong enough to climb them. Then he sees something and gets an idea. "Oh, Louis!" he calls out when he spots the nimble Ship Rat high in the canopy of the trees. No-one could climb better then those raised to repair the outer damages of ships like the Winter's Deceit. "I need you to go into the forest and get fruit supplies," he yells up, leaving a machete embedded in the tree for Louis to use.
  8. Louis looked down at Sebastien and let out a sigh. "Alright." He shouted down at him. "But i won't be needing the machete!" The young boy smirked down at the older man and held up is whirring arm which a hand part quickly switched out into a blade. "It shouldn't take long." Louis stood up and stretched, looking over the tree tops, sighing. He quickly got a running start and jumped into the next tree and started to cut off fruit and put it in his satchel.
  9. Sebastian shakes his head at the little brat. He's lucky he didn't die in the crash. A lot of the other Ship Rat's were killed during the explosions that went off near the younger children's bunking quarters. Louis just "happened" to be in the observation decks. Probably watching the storm. With a glance at Louis disappearing into the forest, Sebastian turned back towards the ship. The young boy's ash-mauve eyes reminded him of a pretty young wench he used to see back at Brithil Dock, when the crew would drink at the Dog Days tavern. Must be a coincide, even with such a rare color.... I wonder what happened to her, I heard she got better job and had a kidSebastian doesn't think twice of it before looking through salvaged supplies to see what would spoil the fastest. That would be tonights dinner and as the cook he had to make it as appetizing yet rationed as possible.
  10. "Hello, pirates! We come in peace!" I sang quietly as he got to the bottom of the hill, then spun and pressed my back against a tree to remain hidden (Although it was a terrible place to hide). "We must be very careful, or they'll never share the hidden treasures with us. It's important to keep in mind that they probably have a map of our island and all it's hidden treasures already, and securing it for ourselves-even if it means we need to utilize my highly honed pick pocketing skills, risking the fragile truce the Pirates of the Skies and us Islanders share. If it means finding old valuable things, I think it's worth it. We can commandeer their ship and take off if things get too ugly." I whispered, talking so quick I almost didn't understand myself.
    "Stygian, hold on-There isn't a truce, we've never even seen humans before, and you suck at pick pocketing. Remember when you tried to steal the banana I had last week? You tackled me to the ground and accidentally got mashed up banana all over both of us!" Forrest growled, crouching down in some nearby bushes after silently sliding down from the hill.
    "I was trying to save you from the banana's mind control powers. They are pure evil, and have already conquered the weak minded like you. Don't worry, mate, there's still hope." I comforted him. I leaned my head out from behind the tree, scouting out which dirty pirate to contact first. My plan of action was simple: Blow their minds with our impressive presence alone and proceed to befriend them and learn their pirate secrets, maybe even get our own talking parrots like I've heard about. I'm not well known for being rational, I've always been the reckless and idiotic one. It spices things up every now and then.
  11. Even Hartina rolls her eyes at him now but freezes. "Listen!" she whisper/yell. There was movement ahead. Looking through the trees she sees a child with a mechanical arm. "There's one of them!" Now she glares at Stygian. "You won't show him what we can do, right?" Before waiting for an answer from her two friends she glanced back at the little human machine think wearily. It was a young and small version of the humans, with pretty eyes and messy hair. He must be out getting supplies, she thought as the kid cuts down fruit from the tree.

    (because the native's are animorphic xD)
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  12. Louis continues cutting fruit, muttering under his breath about Sebastian and his odd personality when all of the sudden he hears a noise below him and sees some movement. "Wha-" He leans out to get a better look and slips, falling out of the tree. "Ah!!" Landing on his back Louis lets out a moan and stares straight up, the trees blurring in and out of vision.
  13. [Stygian Jett] "No, we won't.. Stygian." Forrest answered, giving me a fierce look. I clicked my tongue and quickly ran my hand through my hair, careful to keep it in it's shark fin-like shape. "So he can be a robot, but I have to be human?" I protested. "Hardly fair at all! If 'hello' comes to 'die, land lover scum', I am morphing and kicking Pirate-" I cut off as I heard the sound of the boy.. Robot.. Human fall from the tree, landing on his back. Excitedly, I got to my feet and sprinted over, circling to be on the other side of him. His eyes looked unfocused, and I wondered how many of me he was seeing.
    Forrest ran after me, grabbed me by the shoulder, and pulled me back. "Smart, Stygian! You're going to get everyone here killed one day!" He hissed. I gave him an offended look, placing a hand on my chest dramatically. "I'm just an innocent island boy!" I retorted, then looked back to the human/robot. "HELLO? Can you hear me?" I asked, speaking loudly and clearly enunciating every sound.


    [Trinity Wing] "Did you hear that?" I asked, glancing over to the forest. It sounded like someone with a familiar voice had yelled. "No, what was it?" A crew member asked, giving me a curious look. "It sounded like someone was hurt..." I trailed off, trying to see through the undergrowth and trees. "I'm going to go check it out." I gently set down the blanket I was carrying, and hurried off towards the woods.
    As soon as I stepped over the first bush, I realized I wasn't exactly sure where the voice had come from. Wary of what I'd seen earlier in the forest, I simply tried to keep my eyes peeled and search the general area. The longer I headed through the forest, the more I wished I'd brought a machete or some other form of weaponry.
  14. Hartina laughs at Stygian and Forrest, walking over to poke the boy with her bare foot. "Did we break him or something?" Her hair hangs in her face as she looks at him with wide eyes. "I don't know how to fix metal MEN," she exclaims to herself before turning her head to the side, listening. There's another person in the woods, wandering weaponless to the left, she gathered from the enviroment before snapping back. "Hey guys, there's more people out here."