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  1. "Before time began, there was Ritma. We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create worlds and fill them with life. That was how our universe was born. For a time, we lived in harmony, but like all great power, some wanted it for good, others for evil. And so began the war - a war that ravaged our planet until it was consumed by death, and the Ritma abused by the far reaches of space. We scattered across the galaxy, hoping to find peace and rebuild our home, searching every star, every world. And just when all hope seemed lost, message of a new discovery drew us to an unknown planet called... Earth. But we were already too late. War having crashed down upon this planet. Beliefs colliding upon the battlefields before they gained a standstill." - A Ritma Elder


    Hi everyone, Lock here. And I am here to show you all the first entry in the Crashing Down series, yes this is an rp series. Not a single rp, but a series. When this rp is over and done with, a continuation will be made. This means that if you fail to join the rp with it being in full swing, you can just wait for another chance in the continuation. This rp will be a mixture of genres to cater for most people's individual needs. As you can see from the title, it is a PG-13 rp, so violence, mild language and *Ehem* "Sensual fade outs" are allowed. Within reason. No point in having a black out every five seconds. A thing of note is that this rp will start in a highschool setting, when a certain point is reached, AKA graduation, there will be a time skip of a few years, bringing our characters into adulthood. That is where the real meat of the plot kicks in. It will also feature a beastiary, which contains info on all Beastkin and Ritma types discovered so far. This will hopefully be updated frequently by my good friend TheRandomFox and will be posted below this particular post, a link to it will be placed in my signature to read at your leisure. Seeing as the rp is music based, I will be putting together a soundtrack, posting a song at the top of my post when the event it belongs to occurs. And without further adieu, the two signup sheets.

    Pre Time Skip

    Race: (Human or Beastkin, if Beastkin, what type?)

    Post Time Skip

    Name: (The same, unless they get it changed)
    Age: (It's a time skip of 10 years, use your math skills)
    Gender: (Again, the same)
    Ritma Type: (Please contact TheRandomFox on Ritma details as just picking red or blue is not enough, we need you to have some reasons. You must also choose what genre of music your Ritma is based on.)

    Pre Time Skip

    Name: Kura Lockhart
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Race: Spei Fugatur: Cat Beastkin
    Kura looks pretty much like this picture, only her fur is a rather bleak and boring grey, and of course she wears clothes, usually only seen in her school uniform as she generally stays in her house.
    Personality: Kura is a shy girl who generally goes out of her way to not be noticed, and thanks to her bleak looking fur colour, she tends to have no problem with this. Due to her shy nature, she has trouble making friends and being in social situations. But despite this she is an all around nice girl and wouldn't do a thing to harm anyone. She is often picked on for her quiet nature.
    History: Kura never knew her parents, the closest thing she knew to them was her uncle, Greg. He was assigned to be her legal guardian. Where are her parents? No-one knows, they are presumed dead. It was this reason she became the shy little girl she is right now. Her first moments in high school were complete hell for her, she hardly knew anyone and was too shy to make any new friends. She was frequently picked on until someone stood up for her.

    Name: Kura Lockhart
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Race: Spei Fugatur: Cat Beastkin
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Having undergone a huge personality change, Kura is now the exact opposite of what she was in high school, she's confident, outgoing, and sometimes a little fierce and spiteful. But she remains a nice person who tries to avoid conflict, but won't shy away from a fight if one starts.
    History: After graduating high school, Kura got a part time job at a music store, still trying to keep in touch with her friends from school. All except for Silver, whom she missed greatly, but held back her depression following his absence. Following this, she went on to open a rave club known as "Kura's Place".
    Ritma Type: Pink Techno
    Ritma Development Cycle: Blue -> Red -> Light Red -> Pink

    I now hand the baton over to Fox. Be kind to the fellow.
  2. Ritma - Rhythm
    Show Spoiler
    a energy naturally white in color but upon contacting with even the smallest of objects it alignment can rapidly change and modify.
    The many color spectrums are easily distinguished by combining the three base colors in our color spectrum
    Green standing for the natural balance in nature and the power to cause things to grow rapidly.
    Ritma that is colored green is mostly seen in natural music that can be played with instruments instead of technological additions
    Red standing for an overpowering sound that is capable of spreading like a wildfire and damaging all that it holds dear.
    This Ritma is mostly found in instruments that are loud or can be damaging when you listen to them for too long, one should be carefull near red ritma.
    The red Ritma can easily overtake you and destroy your sense off hearing and sometimes even make you lose the capability off using this kind of magic
    Blue standing for calmth and a beat that never stops or wants to end.
    Trying to create a flow that continiously repeats it self, overtaking the opponent by wittling it down bit by bit like a endless stream.
    With Red ritma being from Loud and unnatural sources and the green from natural and serene sources.
    The Blue ritma can mostly be seen as a basic way of learning to be able to use it.
    Many people step into the art of manipulating ritma but dont get past the first hurdle off the splitting into the other two categories.
    There are exceptions that some species start in the Red or Green standard, which can be a disaster when handled in a careless manner.
    Music is not a tool, it is a extension off our emotions and with a single wrong choice it could consume or destroy us.

    - Examples -
    Show Spoiler
    Green - Anything that uses an instrument without modification or the human voice
    Red - This genre requires the assistance off multiple technological adjustments to the music to form the genres fitting this ritma
    Blue - Both the Red and Green music genres can be assigned to the blue line

    We know that green stands for the natural order and as such, many destruction orientated attacks are weakened.
    It is strongly hinted at that many green ritma users are used in the backlines to decrease the opponents skill or cure their allies.
    Some even say that they can remove the ritma out off the opponents system for a short while, a devastating attack that could kill yourself.
    Do not think that this green ritma is all friendly, many off its spells are carefully excecuted and will easily vanish upon breaching its limits.
    This is a devious ritma, it works with three systems, only three as a price for its enormous power supply.
    Every spell consumes enormous amounts off ritma, destroying your body partly which is seen as the equal exchange route.
    Mostly a last minute sacrificial way to stop the enemy from getting into areas they shouldn't and when its worth risking your life for.
    Many heroes have ended their legacy by going too far in the art of Red Ritma and only the equal exchange route is publicly known.
    The other two arts are unknown to most species, only a select few possesing this.
    It is the art of driving your red ritma upon Negative And Positive ritma, or using the crystalized version off ritma to be used as a price for the spells.
    With many tries, species stopped trying to find the real way to get this to work, as it would kill them too quickly.
    The Reds can easily destroy cities when used correctly, vanquishing evil with just a spell or three.
    But do not forget the backlash, everything in this world comes with a price.
    The Blue Ritma can be seen as a way off learning what path would associate with the user.
    Teaching him how complex the green is and how dangerous the red is.
    Many people just stay with the blue for a non risk way off fighting off any dangers yet having enough strenght to show them that they are not on the
    bottom of the food chain.
    The blue can use small healing spells and basic enpowering spells upon themselves, the weakening spells are high class for the blue users.
    Those spells must be handled with care while the damaging spells can be easily tossed around like candy on a halloween night.
    But do not forget, Ritma requires you to have an association to the rhythm you are using the ritma off, without the correct music you cannot use its powers.
    As the colors develop more and more, we have a special color here.
    The ritma we will be talking about today is Pink.
    A color that is only used by true men but slowly died out thanks to its high price.
    It is a ritma that develops inside the person's body and grants him powers fitting his fighting style.
    Many fighters using this style have said to be using powers beyond the normal color spectrum.
    But mostly it uses the white and red color spectrums.
    The white base off this color, the color off the first goddess, destroyer of all.
    It gives the user a rather powerfull set of moves, wiping out anything in its path only to be supported by even more strenght from the red aspect.
    Yet what is the counter argument for this strenght?
    It is reasoning, if the user does not truely believe its fighting a enemy.
    Then you will be fighting with only the red element and its effects.
    But when you think its a ally, your attacks will rebound.
    Reasoning can be affected in many way's and as such the teaching off the pink ritma granted their users another system.
    Looking upon their comrades and using their safety as the reasoning behind these moves.
    Well, they found a way to use the power, but sadly the rebound was too much for them.
    Ripping off flesh and organs before blood spurts out in large quantities...
    Upon now.
    Only one student off the pink ritma developed a new interesting way off fighting.
    Capable of fighting using a neutral opinion against allies and when its faced against enemies the true powers appear.
    With all this complimenting its strong powers and diversity.
    What is its weakness? these moves require strong concetration, a solid beat and will easily outburn the user.
    Causing them to be unable to use ritma for a couple seconds after each attack.
    It is a fun aspect to play with and to learn it you shall have to find one off its legendary trainers.

    The Catkin
    Show Spoiler
    - Human information -
    Family off the Maine Coon Cat
    Common Name - Party Cat
    True Name - Cat spei fugatur
    Human Name - Colorful Cat of hope

    Show Spoiler
    The Cat's strength is found in its tail and legs, having weak to mediocre arm strenght.
    The legs and tail used to the cat are a way of grappling and swinging around its targets, breaking their bones with powerfull leg kicks.
    Their average arms may be weak but they are trained to instantly take out any prey that gets near them.
    Having learned from their parents the common way's of fighting for them are by snapping the opponents neck or ripping out the nerves around the neck to paralyze the opponent.
    The Cat is the enemy of the Dreag, a large creature roaming the lands, see the chapter about monsters to find more information.
    They consume the flesh off the dreag to feed themselves while growing tough vegetables near their camp hidden in their habitat
    With their grey color and sense of concealment, the cat starts small and nimble to gain enough expierience in the hunt.
    The personality off the cat radically changes upon reaching adulthood.
    By the loss of its taste for the hunt, they rapidly develop a sense off pride and habit off abandoning the hunt for harvesting and farming.
    Creating a underling cycle off feeding the children with the fruits off the land grown by the adults while the children hunt, learning how tough the world is.
    Another fact about the Cat Spei Fugatur is their fur color, upon the last steps to adulthood they start gaining a sense of disgust to their own greyish color.
    Starting to color it with natural supplies around the person to fit its personality, charming the males that are near their living areas.
    Many exceptions to the above statement have been found with these cats, the leaders are chosen by having their natural fur color change into a golden tint.
    Yet, the color is also a curse to them as every year the holders off the coloured fur have to fight each other.
    It is because of the threat of the greed that the cat give birth to this violent exposure towards each other, unable to stand each other.
    The Golden Cat Spei Fugatur will alway's fight each other.
    These animals also have a natural defensive system in their body, developing between the growth period from hunter to farmer.
    As a defensive system against attackers with their bodies building up rust.
    Cat Spei Fugatur's can use their blood as a toxin against their opponents, paralyzing the opponent before urging them to follow the cat their commands.
    Sadly the commanding part only works on the beasts they use as mating material to fill in this empty place that men are supposed to fill.
    Having no men in their entire camp, they are a order held together without tension, capable of telling each other everything and forming a powerfull community
    Their bodies are closest to humans, only small diffrences can be noted.
    Their bones in the legs are more powerfull along with the muscles having sharp edges for self defence, while the arms are slim and sharp, capable of rending through skin.
    This species can also be reconized upon the greyish/white color that they refuse to cover on their belly, hands, nose and feet.
    A small symbolic puft of hair is mostly seen on the chest as a symbol of rank in the own homeworld.
    These cats are also called one off the great four, one off the first 4 cat species to roam their planet and slowly mingling with other races, forming more diverse races.
    Weak against heat they like to hide in cold areas, although after years they developed a immunity to this too.
    They have a habit of chasing after shiny things while normal cat logic applies to their weaknesses, making their ears a arguiable weakness.
    Some die by having water enter it, some lose balance and some actually concetrate better by doing this.
    In the planet where they live, they are mostly found on the northern and western part off the world.
    This planet orbitted by 4 poles, north, east, south and west pole, freezing temperatures making it a dangerous yet beautifull area
    The Cat Spei Fugatur is known to be scared off the Rexil Mi Cara, a large thunder bird, capable of blasting its opponents with lightning by the sound of thunder.
    With this powerfull lightning being powerfull against most living beings, the cats are easily outpowered with electric moves, burning through their nerves

    In this section we will discuss four topics.
    These four areas are mostly the same between all Cat Spei Fugatur's
    The body may vary in height and shapes quite big, but alas, that is with all animals
    The ears are capable of growing up to 7in/ 18Cm, the biggest ever seen are 14in/ 36cm
    The torso Mostly consists off a small puff of hair on and between the breasts off the Cat Spei Fugatur, the color being white directly down from the breasts or gray,
    which they kept for unknown reasons
    The legs have a rounding at the knee with a strange shape in the middle, which upon kicking impact can cut open your skin,
    the same can be said for the top off the feet and the heel
    The tail can be up to the body size but not beyond, as you can see how potent a Cat Spei Fugatur's children are from the mother her tail
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  3. Pre Time Skip

    Name:Silver Blackwood
    Race:Human, People, Humans cannot learn ritma types! they need beasts for that info


    Silver is a simple boy that grew up to fight for everything he liked.
    Showing his emotions quite rapidly, finding it hard to ignore everything he is faced with.
    There are many cases upon which silver just casually shouts at the opponent because he gets frustrated.
    but never did he give up, he always fought till the end.

    Silver comes from a family which can be kindly seen as a functional dysfunctional family.
    If there came a message saying "Hey we are partying! We have booze!" his parents would lock the door.
    Why? they instantly dashed out to chase after the skirts and drinks.
    He had to learn rapidly how to survive on his own, finding life a hassle before noticing a small neko like girl.
    giving her a necklace that was the shape off a blade.
    Telling her with a large smile, showing his version, capable of sheating the blade that she wore.
    "If you ever need me, give me a shout...i will be there for you i promise..."
    Seven weeks later, he vanished, his house burned down and the necklace laying in the rubble...

    Post Time Skip

    Name: Silver Blackwood
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male

    Appearance:His clothes got messier, and his hair is now to his hips.
    refusing to wear a shirt in mid-winter since he cannot handle itchy materials he just walks around.
    Wandering the lands.

    His fiery personality is now doused drastically with a more calm and serene look upon the world.
    putting his time into choosing what would be the wisest decision for this situation...
    atleast that was what we thought before he smashed somebody's face into kura's door and dragged him across the bloody street for a couple hours, after he punched her nearly.

    After 10 years he suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
    His body and face having aged beyond what his age would show.
    Yet carrying this strange book he spoke "im home~" before the story began

    Ritma Type:Red
    Music Type:Rock

    Development Form
    None -> Hazel -> Red
  4. Name::Skye Winters





    Personality::Skye is calm and collected. He tries his best to stay out of trouble. He's not one for violence and would rather talk it out than fight it out. He's quite shy around strangers, but he doesn't show it. Skye is a loyal person who would stand by his friends' sides to the bitter end.

    History::Skye hasn't had a terrible history. He was raised by his loving family along with his other two siblings. They had moved out as soon as they could, wanting to be independent, leaving Skye the only kid in the house. It was nice to have all the attention on him, but he did miss his siblings.

    Name::Skye Winters





    Personality::Skye isn't as calm and collected as he was 10 years ago. As those ten years went by, he had gotten short tempered, more fiesty. He's still the loyal person he was before. He's not as shy anymore.

    History::As the ten years went by, Skye began to loose his patience. He started to get annoyed more easily and was more likely to snap nowadays. His parents think that it was because of school and it was. Skye was always stressed and was getting sick of seeing people picking on others. So, one day, he snapped and got into his first fight. Since then, he's been nothing like the calm boy he once was.

    Ritma Type::Purple (???)
    Music::Pop Punk

    Developmental Form::None~Green~Turquoise~Purple
  5. Kitsune, player of Skye Winters. You my friend are accepted. The actual rp will start as soon as more people post their characters.
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