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  1. Guten Tag!! Hyuge here! Just found this site last night while looking for a new place to roleplay. This is definitely different. I've been on other sites with Xenforo for quite awhile and I've never seen one with this many add - ons. The site is also significantly smaller member - wise, but the actual community seems like it's larger. My other site as 54k + members but only about 100 actual active ones. This will take some getting used too. I already posted an RP, feel free to check it out. It's a remake of an old one I had.
    I guess I'll see ya around the forum...
  2. Should we all just kind of . . . post in this thread to say hi, or what. idk about wasting a whole thread for people not to post in it when I can remain comfortably here, with frens.

    Hi. I'm Saxima. You can call me Saxima.
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  3. Hmm... I guess we should all post in this thread. Make the most use out of it. Not to mention she's the one who brought us here to begin with.

    Yo, everyone~! The name is Bite the Dust, though BtD will suffice. I'll be roving around here just because. Totally not because of the smut.

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  4. Greetings, I am Turkie, a master Turkeyologist and philosopher on all things killer turkeys. I am am also an exceptional weatherman as well as a shark biologist...you'd be surprised at how those two jobs connect to each other. Pleasure to meet you all.
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  5. [rainbow]Hello everybody, my name is Skyheart...or as I've so oddly spelled it here SkaiHart....[/rainbow][rainbow]Honestly there's no beating the turkeologist when it comes to grand scale intro posts so let's just stick to rainbows...[/rainbow][rainbow]because they are so easy to make on this site.[/rainbow]
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  6. This is Moksha here. Out of sheer curiosity I've decided to join this site. Yeah, that all I have to say.

    P.S I hope you guys are happy.
  7. Well, this is . . . cool, I guess. I'm not sure if I was expecting more of a turnout for us, or whatever. My hubae still has to post here, too.
  8. Yeah. It's pretty disappointing. I was expecting more of a turnout for our grand entrance. I mean, I made a fucking tidal wave to present us. Hurk. Maybe we'll be acknowledged after everyone posts. ... maybe.
  9. I'm here! I'm late... as usual...

    Hi, I'm cstar! and err... well... that's all I've got I hope you weren't expecting a grandiose intro...
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  10. Would you look at that, we still haven't been greeted by anyone from this site. No staff, no current members. How disappointing. Maybe we should go home guys. They would have greeted us there ...
  11. -would have greeted, but was spending all day friday the 13th in a job interview, and otherwise busy with work this week- =w= Hurro, folks. It seems that the arrivals forum has died out just a little. Normally, people are trolling around here trying to find new partners, and replies come relatively quickly. So, all that being said, I do hope you find people to play with, and enjoy your time with us. :3
  12. HELLO GUYS :DDDDDD (Yes, I have multiple jaws. Sosjfoahekbdw whagstdfatwvs?)
    I'm kinda new here too, but having posted about fifty times in this site I guess I somewhat count as a proper member... Or, you know, whatever.
    Welcome to Iwaku! Hope you find guys to play with and be friends with and find happiness with and make love with. Actually, maybe scratch out that last one. Unless you're really here for that. That is, that done outside of the mature roleplays section. Which I promise you, I rarely frequent. Rarely. But then again, what do you need that information for?
    So... yeah. There you go, you're all acknowledged (again, I might add). Try joining/creating roleplays, maybe you'll get acknowledged more if you did that.

    P.S.: @hyuge: Lovely roleplay, I passed an application whatjimacalit, hope to start playing soon! But I don't think this should be here... oh, whatever. As if this whole post is meant to be perfect. Though, considering the faSTAHP
  13. It is most likely you did not get a bunch of greetings because you all shared a post and everyone assumed that lots of posts = people have been welcome already!

    Of course, I'm sure you're not getting greeted now because people are afraid to talk to anyone who fuss-pots about not getting greeted! I certainly feel very uncomfortable, guilt tripped, accused, and put out. >:[

    Ignoring first impressions, I hope you guys have found a nice new place to play! We put a looooot of work in to the site and the community. <3
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  14. Oh dear, sorry I didn't welcome all of you sooner. (I've been sleeping for the 12 hours that I wasn't on Iwaku)
    My name is Krystal, It's a a pleasure to meet all of you <3
    I hope you all find this site very exciting and the community here to be awesome and helpful.
    I'll give your thread a look and see if it's possible for me to join it today ^^ And if any of you want to start a one x one rp with me I'd be delighted to do so ^^ Just pm me whenever you feel like it. Especially if you have any questions. I'll be here to help in any way I can ^.~