crash landing

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  1. the sky is dark purple many strange trees souround the cruiser class star ship. a lake of some strange pink liquid stands before you full of fish. when darkness falls they come
  2. James slowly crawls from the wreckage wishing he hadnt taken that last shot of vodka. As he reaches the lake he sits and waits for the other survivors.
  3. (Sounds interesting)

    Xen's eyes flew open and she looked around. Rubble of metal and the stench of smoke was the first thing she took in. What had happened? She'd gone to sleep only an hour ago, and now the ship lay in ruins around her. It was a miracle she had even survived the crash, considering she had been at the front of the ship at the time, and it had probably been the first to make impact. Xen sat up than cried out in pain, looking down at her right leg to see a singed medal rod had gone through the skin, and came out the other side. She needed to stop the bleeding, or the miracle of her surviving the cash would be pointless. Xen rolled onto her back and started crawling army style towards an opening in the hull of the ship. When she made it out of the ship, she winced and covered her eyes at the harsh sunlight, whimpering at the pain in her leg.

    She saw someone sitting by a strangely colored lake and cried out for help, shifting so she was back on her back looking up at the sky in pain. She only needed someone to get the medal rod out of her leg, and she would take care of the rest.
  4. A cry for help that means hes not alone. James ran as quickly as his legs would allow. when he got to the woman he saw why she called for help. "O God" he said to himself. "Close your eyes you wont feel a thing" "1..2..3" he yanked the metal rod out of her leg with some trouble
  5. Xen let out a string of colorful curses, than bit her bottom lip to dull some of the pain. She rolled onto her side with a groan, than onto her other, clutching her leg where the rod had been. Her eyes were watering in pain, but that would have to wait, now she needed a tourniquet or she was going to bleed out, she also needed to find alcohol to clean the wound or it was going to become infected. She stood up and yelped when she put weight on her leg. She looked at the man who had helped her, stumbling back to the ground. "I....I Need you to find me some kind of tourniquet, alcohol, and a bandage." She said, counting the items off on her fingers, her eyes pinched closed in pain.
  6. great she was still alive thats good he thought to himself. " Here take me flask there aint much left in it but its alcohol." he said. James took off his shirt and ripped it up to use a bandages and took of hi belt for a tourniquet. "Here you go lassie" he said handing her the things
  7. "That was a lot faster than expected, thanks." She took everything from him and began working on her wound. She first tied the tourniquet around her leg, just above her leg, than she slowly dumped the alcohol over the wound with more cursing, and tied it off with the bandage. "I'm Xen, anyone else make it out of the crash?" She asked, leaning back on her elbows and looking up at the man.
  8. "Not any that I know of no, and the name James." he told her. "Im gonna go look around the area you stay here" he said as he slowly walked away from the wreckage "Oh yeah one more thing dont die while im gone would ya" he called smiling.
  9. "No promises..." She muttered as he walked away from her. She finally focused on her surroundings and her jaw dropped. Where were they? Everything about the place was completely off, even the color of the sky. If Xen knew anything about alien planets, it was that nothing good ever came of them....Ever. She looked around, her eyes narrowed, holding no ounce of humor. She had a queasy feeling in her gut, telling her something bad was going to happen.
  10. It was a few minutes after he left he had mandged to get a few branches for a fire the trees here were suprisingly rubbery. He decided he better get going since the sun was setting. he was almost out the forest when the creatures came the were a horrie shade of red an they only had one eye. they all came after him slowly. thank god james thought with his limp he wasent gonna move very fast. he broke into slow jog and rushed toward camp followed by six of the beasts.