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  1. Eiko Hughes was the best mechanic that the space exploration organization had, ever. Well, she liked to think that at least. It helped keep her self-esteem up, as well as her self-confidence, so as long as she didn't say it to the faces of her fellow mechanics, she assumed it was just fine to go on thinking like such. Besides, she seemed to gain a surplus of missions, so that fueled her thoughts on being the best. After all, the others got one or two every month; she had gotten three in this past month. Whether it was because the organization owner liked her personality or her skills, she didn't know, but as far as she was concerned, it didn't matter. As long as they liked something about her, she would be fine.

    Which, they appeared to now, since they had called a meeting with a few other workers she had never met, to send to them on a trip to a unexplored galaxy, and, specifically, an unexplored planet. Which was cool, she could probably see if from the window when they landed. She wouldn't be going outside, of course, that wasn't her job, but she was perfectly content with that. After all, there were probably dangerous animals out there or something of the like.

    She entered the meeting room, wearing simple clothing which consisted of a t-shirt and jean shorts, and took a seat, prepared to hear what this was all about. She was also excited to meet the crew members going with her on the trip. It was always nice to meet new people, and she was sure she didn't know these. Most of the time, she had a specific set of people she went with. None of those people had been walking in this direction, so it was safe to assume she wasn't working with them this time around.
  2. Hayley Mae Evans, the youngest captain of the Lumina Terminal, walked through the halls, oozing the confidence that she was so greatly known for. Many know the story of her rise to such a high position in such little time. It wasn't just her hard work that got her to where she is today. She was—is scarily intelligent. To the point that she was allowed to skip at least one grade in elementary, and graduated early in high school. By the time that she went through college, she was only the ripe age of nineteen. She was the quintessence of the phrase "The world is your oyster". Many wanted her as an employee, but she already had her heart set at working at Lumina Terminal. For as long as she could remember, she was always obsessed with space, and she wanted to be able to explore it herself. With this in mind, she worked as hard as she could to get where she is now.

    Speaking of her job, the young woman was called earlier that morning about a meeting that was whipped up. A new mission had popped up and she was picked for it with a few other of her colleagues. Unfortunately, she was slightly cranky since it was so early, but she had a cup of Starbucks™ coffee to help calm her fraying nerves. Honestly, why is the meeting this early?!, she thought, letting a heavy sigh fall from her lips. At least she didn't have to worry about people being in her way. They instantly move upon catching a glimpse of her, accompanied with a salute that she responded with a simple nod and a 'Good Morning'. Apparently, the mission was to send out a crew to explore a new galaxy and a specific new planet. Taking another sip of her coffee, Hayley turned a corner, walked a bit more, before entering the meeting room.

    Wearing an outfit that was casual, yet portrayed her well, Hayley sat in the first empty seat that she set her eyes on, gracefully landing in it. Immediately, her legs were crossed and she was looking expectantly at the Directors, who sat across from where she was located. She hoped that the meeting would go by quickly. By the time that she was done with her coffee, the meeting should be over. I probably should've bought another one. This might drag on, she thought with a frown that was hidden by her drink. She had yet to take notice of her colleagues; too engrossed in her own thoughts.

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    Oh. Someone else had finally arrived. Eiko sighed with relief as they entered, as she had been afraid she had entered the wrong room. Thankfully, she seemed to be fine, though. It would probably be best, at this point, to introduce herself to the newcomer. To the room, at least.

    She smiled a bit "Hello! Ah, are you here for the mission?" She asked, before pausing, and correcting herself swiftly afterward "Well, I'm guessing you are, since you're here. I'm the mechanic. Eiko Hughes. Who are you?" She hoped that was a decent introduction; getting off on the wrong foot with the person she was working with would be a awful idea.
  4. So this was to be the mechanic for the mission. Hayley was sure that she saw the other woman around before. Deciding that she should make a good first impression, despite how cranky she was, she put on a smile that came off as polite, and not forced. "It's nice to meet you, Eiko," she said. "My name's Hayley Evans, and I'm the captain of this mission." Reaching out a hand, she let it hang in the air, waiting for her new partner to shake it. "Do you mind if I call you Eiko, by the way? If so, just tell me whatever makes you feel comfortable and I'll go by that. You can call me Hayley, but it's Captain Evans during the mission," she stated in a slightly stern voice. She happens to make a big deal out of being called Captain Evans during missions. Outside of missions, her names range from Evans to Hails. As long as the nickname didn't disrespect her in anyway, she was fine with it.
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    "Feel free to call me Eiko!" The mechanic replied, shrugging with a small smile "After all, I'm just the mechanic, no one important. You're the captain, formalities are needed." After taking a moment to shake the other woman's hand, she leaned back in her chair, going on to speak more "Do you know how many others are going on the mission? I wasn't really told. Just that I needed to be here and be ready for something, and that that something was a space exploration job." She rubbed the back of her head sheepishly "Though, I may have forgotten, I don't know."

    Eiko was a rather forgetful person, so she wouldn't be entirely surprised if she did. It was the reason she left notes everywhere for herself, so that she could easily see where she had to be at what times, and information she needed to remember for future moments as such. Obviously, either they hadn't told her about it, or she simply forgot to right it down. It would be a bit funny if she forgot to write something down to help her memory, she'd admit. But, she would be the type of person to do that.
  6. Hayley frown slightly at Eiko's response. Before she could respond though, the mechanic was shaking her hand and speaking once more. Blinking owlishly, the young captain sipped at her coffee as she scoured her mind for the answer to Eiko's question. "That's quite a good question. I think... maybe two more? I believe one is a Pilot and the other is an electrical technician? Uh, there might have been talk about a medic as well, but I'm unsure on that one," she responded after a moment of contemplation. There was silence before the brunette made a noise that sounded inhuman. "Oh! I also think that an engineer is joining us, too," she added with a slight nod. She believed that that was their crew for the upcoming mission. She didn't catch any of their names, or she didn't remember them. She briefly wondered where they could be before pushing it away and gingerly sipping at her coffee once more.


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    Eiko was about to say something else, but was interrupted by a decidedly not human figure entering the room in a manner that right away seemed to indicate that it was full of itself. Just looking at it, one would not be able to tell what it was. Though, that tended to go for most alien creatures; it wasn't as if they showed up too often, even in the space exploration side of things. However, they did show up once in a while, and this was proof of that.

    The person took a seat, and glanced at them, before seemingly grinning- if you could call it that -at them as well. It raised a hand, waving, but didn't seem to even try to greet them in any other way. This may be because it couldn't, but it also might be because it just didn't want to. Both were likely choices.
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