Crafty Crafters, an Interest Check

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Would you join this group?

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  1. Hello~

    I noticed today that we don't seem to have a group for Crafty Crafters! I know there's the Knitty Knotty - focused on sewing, knitting, crochet, and other textiles, and also the Iwaku Artists, which welcomes all mediums but has a definitive focus on drawing/painting, but I wish there were a group specifically for CRAFTERS

    A Crafter, to me, is
    • A person who loves turning junk and scraps into works of art
    • A DIY-er
    • A person whose interest in Art does not focus on any one area such as drawing, painting, sewing, or carving, but is varied among all of them
    • People whose interest is caught more by pictures like this, this, and this, than by this, this, or this
    • A person who hoards cardboard, bottles, milk cartons, scrap fabric and scrap paper because they see the potential in them

    If people are interested, I'll create this group; it would include

    • Regularly posted tutorials on simple DIY crafts
    • Showcases for people to display their own crafts
    • Help threads for those who are stuck
    • Pictures of incredible crafts for inspiration!
    • Craftiness of ALL KINDS (so crafts that involve sewing or drawing are welcome as well, but the group is not ABOUT sewing or drawing in particular)
    The group would obviously be of all ages, and be characterized to those of us who choose glue and cardboard before needle and thread or brush and canvas! All skill levels would be welcome
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  2. Aw yeah I'd be in on this! Just yesterday I made socks into mittens.
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  3. I'd join. I love crafting. I used to, anyway. I haven't crafted in forever. ;__; Maybe in the group, we can have weekly or monthly challenges that involve certain supplies or themes? It would totally help give me the kick in the pants I need to reignite my crafty spark~

    Just in time for the holidays, too! I want to make some affordable, thoughtful, beautiful little projects as gifts this year. :3 Particularly using baby food jars, 'cause I have tons of those laying around.
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  4. Regular challenges are a great idea!
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  5. Not interested because I'm terrible with making anything crafty.

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  6. I love it!
  7. Crafty Crafters is a thing now! Already have a challenge up for the holidays :3