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  1. Name: Tansy Poole
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Tansy has worked as a nail artist in her local Chicago salon for three years now, and she loves it. She had a part time job working as a sales assistant before that, but it wasn't her cup of tea.
    Personality: Tansy is mainly tomboyish, but she has an eye for beauty, and that's what makes her a great nail artist.

    She'll develop herself as she goes along :)

    We could either make this a femslash or a straight one, depending on what you want.
  2. sounds good. doesn't matter what kind of romance this is. I'm fine with both types :)
  3. Could we do a femslash? I don't do enough of those.
  4. Sure, I have no problem doing that :)
  5. Ok, do you want to just start? Or do you want to do a character profile first/?
  6. we need the setting and plot first. Then we can do bios if you want then make a title then we can start.
  7. My plot idea was that your character is homeless, and usually just hangs around the nail salon in her town, because there is the gorgeous nail artist (my character) who works there that your character is crushing on. They eventually become friends somehow, and then romance blossoms?
  8. oooo we can do that :)
  9. As for setting, could we set it in Chicago? I have a craving to do it in Chicago.....
  10. Yay!

    Well, I did my character bio in the first post of this thread, so you just need to make yours.
  11. I'll set the thread up when I can. Have you any ideas on a title?
  12. ok. um... no sry :/
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