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  1. I love crack videos they are the funniest shit on earth!!!!!!
  2. I thought this was about an entirely different kind of crack. >:[

    Then I watched the video and realized maybe not so different after all. O_____O

    There is a ton of shirtless men in there, what is that anime?!
  3. The anime is called Free! >.>

    It's about a swim team xD
  4. Look up crack videos on youtube there's tons for different fandoms and shows.
  5. Not my cup of tea at all.

  6. Don't you mean snort?
  7. What sort of barbarian do you take me for?

    -siiiiip- Plebeians..
  8. You sip your cocaine? Eew.
  9. I don't like needles, shush.
  10. You don't even inject cocaine (well, sometimes you do, but that's not really very common); you snort it. :P (You can never sip it, though)
  11. Focusing straight on the important...bits...aren't you, Diana?
  12. Shirtless men are very important. >:[ VERY.
  13. When did this become about shirtless men? I thought it was about these weird videos. So confused!
  14. It became about shirtless men because it's hot as hell do look at bodies like that.
    Mm mm mmmm
  15. But seriously they are funny for all of those who watch once upon a time here you go!
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  16. and this one couldn't decide.
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  17. Avenger fans Im sorry but it is too funny not to share!
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  18. What's this, I beat Alice to one? Yep!
  19. OMG I love it!!
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