Crack the Case ♦ A Race Against Time [Iwaku Style]

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Elspeth slapped the yellow folder onto the table and glared at Xavier. He'd gone ahead and read the case already. She was so annoyed. He was always getting ahead of himself! Did he ever use that brain of his? He made her so mad!

"Xavier, since you already read the case, why don't YOU tell us about it?" she hissed, hands on her hips.

The folder was on the center of the main table now, the seal on the envelope broken. Elspeth glanced at the paper. She couldn't help herself. They were all together after such a long time and she really wanted it all to go well.

She slipped into the chair behind the desk and sighed, putting her elbow on the table and resting her head in her hand. She looked around the room at the others. They were quiet, still. She decided to glare at Xavier, "Well?" she raised an eyebrow.



Xανıεя Dεвσпcσεя

He stared at her and rolled his eyes. Sometimes, Elspeth was such a handful. "Listen, Elsp--"
"Lucy!" she spat, throwing her hands into the air, "Is it so hard to remember?!"
With a shrug, he continued, "I was here first so I read it." He walked over to the main desk where Elspeth had seated herself and pulled the file out of the large yellow envelope. There were copies of the case for each member. He passed them around. This was Iwaku's only investigator group so naturally all the mysteries came directly to them.

"The case is called: DEATH BEGINS AT FORTY..." Xavier read slowly, as if it would make it more ominous. He glanced over at Elspeth, she was reading the rest of the case, extra carefully. No one was really paying much attention to him.

"So yeah," he mumbled, "Just read it, okay?"

It was hard enough that they were an odd group, but Xavier would've rather liked some exciting conversation. He set himself into one of the empty plush chairs and stared at the case file. He knew he could count on his team when they were ready so he'd just wait until they'd read the file.



The Case:.

Mr. Torsty dies on his 40th birthday shortly after receiving a gift.
He was a partner in a small, very lucrative oil business.
The company was made up of four partners: Mr. Torsty, Ms. Ampoule, Mr. Palonis, and Mr. Kestral.
The company has "survivor rights," which means that all the partners will inherit Torsty's share.

Suggested places to investigate:
- Mr. Tortsy's workplace
-Mr. Torty's home

James ran one of his hands through his hair as he looked at the case. "This is really all they gave us? What was the cause of death? Was he poisoned? Where was this, his house, his office, or somewhere else? What was the present? When is his birthday?" His questions trailed off as he started getting stared at. "Fine, I guess I'll head to the guy's house."

James went over to the coat hanger and grabbed off his jacket, sliding it on. He then went to wait by the door, "Well, let's do this if we're going to do it." He said a bit impatiently.